1. Operations Manager

Line manager: Director of Business

Salary Range: 15000-20000 RMB/month

How to Apply-email:

Application Deadline: 28 July 2019


Job description:   

Providing effective and high-quality service and support on campus, ensuring the smooth operation of the campus on a daily basis (24 hours). General services including budget planning and execution, school bus operation, laundry, cleaning of boarding, security and landscape vendor management, logistic and campus event support.


1 Manage, cooperate and communicate with the Property Management company, making sure the teaching building is clean and tidy and in order. Act as a bridge between teachers and suppliers to make sure the requests made are satisfactory and that teaching activities are well supported.

2 Manage, cooperate and communicate with the school bus supplier, to arrange the daily school bus runs for students and make sure that the operation is carried out safely and in a timely manner. When required, communicate with parents to resolve complaints and ensure parent satisfaction. Responsible for the management of school contracted drivers, make sure the staff shuttle bus runs on time and is secure. Support school events or activities as requested.

3 Responsible for the cleaning of the boarding houses and laundry management. Line manage the boarding cleaning and laundry team, ensuring boarding houses are cleaned on a daily basis. Communicate and work with the boarding staff, to ensure the students uniform and bedding is collected, washed and returned as required.

4 Work together with the Facility Manager to ensure that the school and facilities meet the highest standards of hygiene, health and safety; Work together with Food Safety manager to ensure the smooth operation of the Dining Hall;

5 Develop and maintain good relations with local government and neighbouring businesses.

6 Assist the Director of Business in developing operation annual budget, operation policies, procedures and plans to achieve the above.

7 Other tasks assigned by the Director of Business and other managers.



1 Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration, Property Management or related areas

2 Fluency in spoken and written English and Chinese

3 Excellent organisational and communication skills, including prioritisation of work and time management

4 Experience in the management of property service and estate management is preferred

5 Minimum three years proven Administration and Property Management and client relationship management experience or equivalent

6 Sound understanding of Health & Safety regulations and practise is preferred


Benefits: Lunch provided at school, shuttle bus from Hongshan, use of gym and swimming pool and extra paid annual leave

2. Administrative Receptionist

Line SuperiorDirector of Marketing and Admissions

Salary Range: 6000-9000 RMB/month

How to Apply-email:

Application Deadline: 28 July 2019



1 Greet visitors, and direct them to appropriate areas of the school.

2 Handle all reasonable requests from members of staff, intended for official school affairs

3 Identify and report any possible security concerns

4 Ensure the reception area is clean and tidy at all times

5 Ensure that all telephone/office hardware is appropriately maintained and repaired

6 Ensure that all relevant documents, forms, information materials, relating to the job of the front desk, are appropriately filed and organised

7 Manage lost property and direct parents/students to named collecting area for lost properties

8 Answer all calls in an appropriate manner, talking messages where necessary or transferring the caller appropriately.

9 Handle all email communications directed to the reception

10 Collect and distribute the school's delivery

11 Provide administrative support to academic team



1 College’s degree or above

2 Good command of oral and written English and Chinese

3 Familiar with office software

4 Good at communication; excellent time management and organisation skills

5 Team player, self-motivated, flexible and adaptable to different tasks at hand

6 Responsible and able to use initiative as a must.


Benefits: Lunch provided at school, shuttle bus from Hongshan, use of gym and swimming pool and extra paid annual leave

3. Music Teacher for Reception (Part-time)

Report to: Head of Juniors

Salary Range: 250 RMB/hour

How to Apply-email:

Application Deadline: 28 July 2019


Job description:   

The position is a part time position and involves being at school around 10 hours a week.    

The Music Teacher in preschool will be responsible for teaching students in reception mainly around four years old. The successful candidate will have experience in working in an early childhood environment that nurtures students’ love for music through performances and developmentally appropriate curriculum and instruction.  




1 Promote and advance the cognitive, emotional, social and physical well-being of the students during music

2 Preparing and teaching music for Preschool

3 Maintaining the classroom in a clean, attractive and functional manner

4 Purchasing music equipment for the program and managing the music budget

5 Being available, if necessary, to discuss the music program or student’s needs with parents

6  Participate in the school’s evaluation process by developing goals and self-assessing




1  Bachelor's degree or above, major in music preferred

2   Appropriate teaching certification


Preferred Skills and Experience  


1  A dynamic educator with a willingness to innovate and inspire

2  Experience in an international school is preferred

3 Strong classroom management skills, appropriate for early childhood age students

4  Able to communicate well with school students, staff and parents

5 Understand the curriculum and able to use initiative to plan instruction and assess learning outcomes using standards and benchmarks

6  Positive attitude and is committed to collaborating with others

7 Knowledgeable on current research, curriculum and pedagogy related to early childhood music instruction

4. IT Support Technician

Line manager: Director of IT

Salary Range: 8000-12000 RMB/month

How to Apply-email:

Application Deadline: 28 July 2019


Job Responsibilities:

As a member of the ICT Team, the job holder will be responsible for maintaining and updating school information and technology systems, mainly focusing on, Key responsibilities including but not limited to:

1 Assist setting up the school network system, ensure the web can fulfill the needs of both the teaching and admin teams

2 Support the Marketing and Admission team, build up the school website as well as social media systems, help to solve the technical problems, maintain and update the websites

3 Maintain and update school software and hardware relating to both teaching and administration, ensuring the stability of the systems

4 Daily operation management of the IT system, including but not limited to computers, drama equipment, network, servers, electronic whiteboards, projectors, and office systems, etc

5 ICT service and support: technical support, training of teaching system and office system, especially in the student management systems, use of electronic whiteboards, information management systems, use of Microsoft applications, etc.

6 IT Helpdesk assistance



1 Bachelor’s degree or above, major in computer, information system management, or other related professional.  

2 Has a keen enthusiasm in the Education industry.

3 Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English & Chinese.  

4 Self-motivated, high sense of responsibility.

5 Acceptable high-pressure work.

Benefits: Lunch provided at school, shuttle bus from Hongshan, use of gym and swimming pool and extra paid annual leave