MISsive 2022-23 | 曼校双周刊 第九期
2023-03-05 22:36:00


MISsive No. 9

Message from 

the Head of MIS

Dear MIS community,

As we approach the halfway point of the academic year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible progress we have made as a community. Despite the challenges we have faced, our students, faculty, and staff have shown remarkable resilience and dedication to achieving their goals. Also, we have several excellent teaching staff and senior leaders joined the MIS in Term 2. They will be aligned with MIS ethos and continue to maintain MIS high academic standards as well as well-rounded educational support to our pupils.

I am inspired by the passion and commitment that I see every day in our classrooms and corridors. Our students are pushing themselves to new heights, taking on new challenges and exploring new interests. Our faculty and staff are working tirelessly to provide the best possible education and support to our students.

As we move forward into the second half of the academic year, I want to encourage everyone to continue pushing themselves to be their best selves. Let's continue to work together to create a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone feels valued and supported.

Thank you for your continued dedication to our school community. I look forward to all that we will achieve together in the coming months.


Kate Cui

Executive Head of MIS

From Juniors School

The Juniors has been a hive of activity, over the past two weeks, and we are delighted that our school is growing with new students and staff.

We have welcomed the following students and staff:

Rui Hang - Year 4

Victor – Year 3

Adrian – Year 3

Jayden - Year 1

Landy - Early Years

Ms. Sandra Lin - Teaching Assistant

Mr. Kyle Fountain - Class Teacher

Ms. Priscila Perdomo - Head of Juniors

We have had two extra special assemblies led by our Year 5 students and our MISPA parents.

Our talented Year 5 students shared their IPC learning about tourism and travel. The students wrote, filmed and edited travel shows about visiting famous landmarks in China and North America. We were so impressed with the students geographical and historical knowledge, their articulate spoken English and their fantastic demonstrations of collaboration, expression, confidence and responsible attitude towards their learning.

Our MISPA parents led an assembly presentation about how they demonstrate our MIS value 'Principled' and virtue 'Responsibility' in their daily lives and work experiences. The staff and students were so inspired by Dr. Bo, Dr. Jo and Ms. Vicky's wonderful presentation and we feel very fortunate to have such responsible and principled parents in our Juniors School community!

Additionally, our students have been assessed on the curriculum learning objectives that have been taught so far in Term 2. We regularly assess our students to ensure that we are closely monitoring their academic attainment, progress and addressing any gaps in learning. We look forward to sharing your child’s results and targets at the Parent & Teacher meetings, March 20th – 24th.

To celebrate the end of this assessment period, our students and staff are encouraged to come to school and learn wearing their favourite pajamas on Friday 24th March 2023. Photos will be shared on Class Dojo!

Best wishes,

Ms. Neil

Head of Juniors

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IPC Class -Chocolate

During our IPC lessons chocolate has become so much more that just a delicious treat. We have learnt about the origin story of chocolate. How Chocolate has traveled around the world and change forms over the years.

We learnt about where cacao trees are found and the factors affecting the growth of cacao trees. We also zoned in on the importance of fairtrade, what are fairtrade products and held a class debate discussing how children could affect fairtrade.

We also conducted a number of experiments related to making predictions and observations. Students have collected data related to their own chocolate consumption. 

We are still looking forward to learning about the ingredients added to chocolate and how they can affect our bodies.

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MISPA Representatives in Class

Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 have been having lots of visitors in class over the past few weeks. We thank our MISPA representatives for coming in to help us with our learning in Maths classes, English and IPC.

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Junior Reporters Newspaper

The Junior Reporters CCA, led by Miss Chalmers, have published their third edition of their newspaper, which features crosswords and good work from classes throughout the Junior school. Please find below copies from the pages of the newspaper, published on Monday 13th February.

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Juniors Tennis CCA

Tennis greatly benefits children's health, adaptability, coordination and psychology. We usually do a warm-up before we do practice, students are all very active in all the practices including forehand, backhand, accuracy drill and passing exchange drill, in the end of class, we will do stretching exercises so everyone can relax their muscles. A special mention to Eddie and Pino who are extremely amazing in the class, and well done to Victor, Eddie, Amelia, Victor, Jayden!

Fine Art CCA

In our fine art courses, we aim to enable students to:

  • Investigate past, present, and emerging forms of visual arts and engage in producing, appreciating and evaluating these.

  • Develop an understanding of visual arts from a local, national and international perspective.

  • Build confidence in responding visually and creatively to personal and cultural experiences.

  • Develop skills in, and sensibility to, the creation of works that reflect active and individual involvement.

  • Developing artistic expression via, emotive color, deliberate imagination, and applied and varied creative process and conceptions.

Students are now drawing and painting the house and as well as in the garden. They understand the difference between the nature all around it, and the shapes and textures of what is built by human people. The others go deeper in the expressive way to render the waves of the sea using different colors and spontaneous brush strokes. The students will continue drawing and painting improving their skills through a deeper knowledge of what they see and how they can show it with painting.

Well done everyone!

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In the 5th lesson of our STEM unit "The Power of the Sun", we aim to design a window and skylight system for a music classroom so as to use as much natural light as possible. To undertake the unfinished production project of the previous lesson, The children quickly entered the role of "engineers" and perfected their works. Finally, the two teams came to the stage and introduced their works, their design ideas, and their respective division of labor in the team. Then we entered the next stage STEM unit learning, this time the topic is "Innovation and Creation", in the last 4 lessons, children will learn about inventions and insects, they will use the engineering design process to invent their own devices to discover unfamiliar insect species.

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From Seniors School

It’s been a typically busy term so far in Seniors. Those students in years 11 to 13 have now completed all of their mock exams; they are now busy going through their results with their teachers and identifying the most appropriate strategies for their revision. This is always a challenging time for students where they may feel both far away and too close!  We have worked hard with students over the past few months to make sure they are ready, even tweaking and rearranging their subjects to help them maximize their chances; doubtless, there are still tweaks to be made in the next few months but everyone is starting to look more and more ready to meet the challenge.

In years 7-8, students have started studying IT (computer and software) skills.  As well as learning a useful subject, they will be developing the software skills that support their future study in all other subjects. A phrase that I learned a while ago “21st century children are digital natives but not digital experts”

For those students with an eye on joining Seniors in August, we recently held one of our transition events; students in year 6 joined the Seniors science team and investigated creating electrical circuits for the home.  We plan to have more such events in the near future in order to give students in year 6 an easier transition into the Senior school next year.

Looking forward to the term ahead of us and as restrictions have eased, it is possible to travel again with students; accordingly, we are now beginning to see again a slew of trips appearing on the horizon. Some as simple as our sports teams being able to attend away fixtures (and championship finals!).  Others are in development with staff now busy submitting paperwork for a string of educational trips that we’re all keen on ensuring materialize.

KS3 English - Shakespeare

KS3 students have started learning about the world of Shakespeare in their English classes at MIS. They've been diving into "The Tempest" in Year 7, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Year 8, and "Hamlet" in Year 9. Shakespeare's works are important; studying them helps students better understand literature and culture.

Students are currently making progress reading, annotating and understanding the different aspects of these plays and producing fantastic work showcasing their understanding. As part of our ongoing effort to make learning engaging and exciting in the English department, students will participate in a fun and creative project-based learning task that will allow them to showcase what they have learned about Shakespeare's plays.

Using their knowledge of "The Tempest" in Year 7, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Year 8, and "Hamlet" in Year 9, our students will be creating a game that highlights key themes, characters, and events from each play. This task will enable them to demonstrate their learning and encourage them to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We are excited to see what our students will come up with and can't wait to share their unique creations with you. This task will deepen their understanding of Shakespeare and help them develop essential skills that will serve them well.

Year 8 Physics Class

Year 8 students have been doing practices on electrical circuits this week. Students learned how to connect circuit to light up different numbers of bulbs with different structures of circuit setups. Students also investigated the relationship between brightness of light bulbs, voltage and current. Voltmeters and ammeters as measuring apparatuses have been introduced in the experiments, which allows students to see the change of voltage and current in different circuits.

Year 9 Geography Class

Students Undertake Environmental Project

Over the past three weeks, students in the Year 9 geography class have been hard at work on a project focused on promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. The project allowed students to explore various ways to protect the planet and create a more sustainable future.

As part of the project, students created recycled art and posters advocating for green living, showcasing their creativity and ingenuity in finding new ways to repurpose waste. The artwork ranged from intricate sculptures made of recycled materials to colorful posters urging people to reduce their carbon footprint and recycle.

In addition to the visual creations, students also gave presentation on the importance of environmental conservation, discussing the impact of pollution on the planet and outlining specific steps that individuals can take to reduce their impact on the environment.

It is hoped that the project will inspire students to continue to think creatively about environmental issues and to take steps towards a more sustainable future.

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Year 9 Parents’ Evening

This week also saw parents of students in year 9 invited on-site to meet with their teachers.  We discussed their preparations for joining year 10 and embarking on GCSE courses.  Even at this stage of their education, it is important to discuss plans and ambitions so that we can provide the best advice and the right courses so that those ambitions can be realized.  For those of you with children in year 9, please remember, as we discussed on Tuesday, that our University counsellors (and indeed, teachers) are available to help advise you and your child should you wish to discuss options choices further. An appointment can be made by contacting us through the Seniors Office by email: seniors.office@merchiston.cn

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U19 Girl’s Basketball Final

MIS 25 v SCIE 23

The U19 girls' basketball team travelled to VMA for an action-packed afternoon of basketball. All the hard work and effort shown through the season came down to a final showdown with SCIE, who we had very recently clinched victory over. The victors would leave with a 3rd place medal, and the vanquished would go empty-handed. The girls really wanted that medal. This was the last game for the Year 13 Ena. It was a joy to watch them play, not just because of their impressive skills but also their teamwork and camaraderie. They played with an extra level of motivation and determination. Their support for each other was evident throughout the game, and their encouragement and positivity on the court were infectious. The first half of the game was quite tense as both teams played aggressively and tried to gain the upper hand. However, the girls' team was able to take the lead by the end of the second quarter thanks to their confident and creative play. The second half of the game saw the girls' team go from strength to strength as they built on their lead and maintained their dominance on the court. It was clear that their hard work and dedication throughout the season had paid off. Substitutions made throughout the game allowed all team members to participate and contribute to the team's success. There was a great show of inclusivity, and it was heartening to see all players get a chance to play and make a difference. Although the final minute was a tense affair, with the girls only ahead by 2 points, they dug deep and won the game.

U19 Boy’s Basketball Final

MIS 27 v SCIE 55

The boys' basketball team entered the finals tournament with high hopes of replicating the success of the girls' team. Their game was against a bigger, stronger, and fit squad, but the boys were undaunted. Competing for first or second place, they knew they had a tough challenge.

Right from the tip-off, the boys' team put up an excellent defensive display, denying their opponents any easy baskets. Despite the other team's size advantage, the boys could hold their own and keep the score close. Their fast-break offence and accurate shooting kept the game within reach, but there was some work to be done.

In the second half, the boys' kept the intensity high and were spurred on by the encouragement of the girl's team and some former MIS students that had come to support the boys. Their defensive work was exceptional, forcing a turnover. However, this VMA team trained every day, and their pinpoint shooting meant that the gap between the two teams began to widen.

Despite a valiant effort, the boys' basketball team ultimately lost their game in the final, scoring 27-55. However, this score does not accurately reflect the dedication and hard work the boys had put in leading up to the game.

The boys' team had made history this season by winning their first-ever game in the U19 basketball competition, and making it all the way to the finals was a considerable achievement. They had faced tough competition and challenging opponents throughout the season and never played a single home game.

Baking CCA Offers Sweet 

Treats and Skills to Students

In the Baking CCA led by Ms. Lisa every Wednesday, students can learn the art of Baking and create delicious treats. So far, we have made cheesecake, butter biscuits, and dumplings, and the menu is constantly expanding.

Baking isn't just simply putting ingredients into an oven. It is an activity passed on from generation, engaging people of the present with a common practice from the past. It spreads positivity throughout the soul, bringing about a feeling of satisfaction while calming it. Baking creates a sense of unity amongst people through teamwork and shared feelings of happiness. Those who bake embark on an adventure, exploring the world of sweet and savoury while battling difficulties challenging their accuracy, time management, creativity, and collaboration skills. It provides an opportunity for people to discover how different combinations of simple ingredients can result in such a diverse and complex array of flavours and textures, and it is a brilliant activity for people who want to experience fun or simply relax their minds.

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Library Special Activity

Story in a Bag

图书馆特色活动| 袋子里的故事

This activity will provide the opportunities for students to exercise students' skills in the oral expression, reaction, thinking while reading and improve their reading ability.


  • Have students take out 3 to 5 items out of a bag which are full of random objects or images.

  • Have students come up with a story that is completely made up on the spot. The story must include a beginning, story details and an end.

  • After they are done with the story- students will fill in the story map briefly or tell what the moral or conclusion of their stores are about. There is no standard answer for There is no wrong or right answer to this.

  • Students who participate in the activity will get awarded by a wee gift.

Library| Thank-you to Y5MJA Ryan for the Book DonationsOn 13 February, MIS library received a collection of book donations from Y5MJA Ryan Tam and please find below the list of books, these books are quite interesting and attractive for our Juniors students, welcome to MIS Library and enjoy a fun reading journey!

Staff in the Spotlight

This week we are delighted to introduce two new staff that have joined us recently to you. The first is Mr. Paul Joseph, our Director of Studies; Mr. Joseph joined us after Spring Festival. Please follow us to find out more about him.

Where else in the world have you lived?

I have been very fortunate to live and work in several countries, including The United Kingdom (Cardiff and London), Qatar (Al Khor), South Korea (Seoul), Egypt (Cairo), Thailand (Bangkok), and of course China (Ningbo and now Shenzhen).

How do you find China is different from where you have lived?

One of the many reasons my wife and I are thrilled to work for Merchiston International School is how much we enjoyed living and working in China the last time we were here. I love to explore China with its combination of historic locations, new exciting attractions, ease of travel (via its excellent network of high-speed rail and regional airports), and of course, the warm welcome we always receive from the people of China makes this an ideal location.

What's your favorite weekend activity in Shenzhen?

My wife and I have just spent our first weekend in Shenzhen. We decided to book two nights at the Hilton Shekou to explore the city center. I have to say that we were very impressed by Shenzhen, especially its shops and restaurants, and so we very much look forward to exploring more of this great city.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

Whether as a Senior Research Technician teaching undergraduates how to use a Gas Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometer, as an Army Signaler teaching recruits how to use a field radio, or as a Retail manager teaching staff how to use equipment safely, I have always enjoyed teaching and coaching, as there is nothing quite like the sense of achievement you feel when the trainees/students say, "Ah I get it!" Therefore, it was only natural for me to sign up for teacher training once the British government made grants available for graduates in high-demand subjects. I have to say that proposing to my wife is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Tell us about a hidden talent or a top secret that no one would know about you.

My wife and I were married at the Floating Island" in Seoul, which is one of the central locations where the blockbuster Marvel movie "Avengers Age of Ultron" was filmed,

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?

I like a good debate, so I would invite: Milton Freidman, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Mahatma Gandhi, and Winston Churchill.

What does a typical day at MIS look like for you?

I usually wake up around 5. am and get ready by checking over the tasks for the day. I then have breakfast with my wife and the boarders at 7. I then start my day properly, working closely with students, teachers, support staff, and managers to raise teaching and learning throughout the school. My school day ends around 18:00, when I have dinner with my wife and boarders before going home to read or watch a good documentary.

Do you have a motto or saying that resonates with you?

The regimental motto of my regiment, The Royal Regiment of Wales, is "ICH DEIN," which is the German for "I serve."

Do you have a most memorable teacher moment?

I have many memorable moments, such as: Establishing the first interschool rugby competition, coaching the Qatari national robotics team at the world robotic Olympiad, and preparing students for their Duke of Edinburgh's International Award expedition, etc. but I have to say that the most memorable is always graduation day when I meet up with the students I have seen in my lessons grow and develop into fine young men and women ready to face the world.

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We'd also like to introduce our Y4 class teacher Ms. Fay Sayed Year 4, who joined us at the beginning of Term 2. Let's find out more about her.

Where else in the world have you lived?

After graduating, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel quite extensively. I spent some time in Italy and then lived in the USA (New York) with family for a few months. I spent time traveling through South Asia and almost decided on Turkey as my home away from home. After visiting China for the third time, it felt like the right decision to "stay a little longer" 8 years later, and I think I will stay a little longer.

What's your favourite weekend activity in Shenzhen?

I have three young kids, so a typical weekend activity usually involves spending time outdoors in one of the many beautiful parks around Shenzhen.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

I am most comfortable when I am in the company of children. Their exciting and unusual views of the world are delightful to witness. One of my best teachers was my History teacher in high school. I preferred creative subjects, but she could see past the dates and facts and make the issue come to life. She inspired me and strived to bring the same innovative techniques to my classroom.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?

Art history and the science behind it has always been a fascination of mine, so it would have to be Neil Degrasse Tyson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, James Payne (Curator)

What does a typical day at MIS look like for you?

My day begins at 5:30, getting ready and then making sure everyone else at home is prepared to start their day. Out the door and at school, usually around 7:30 am. A little morning chat with the lovely Miss. Vivien, we then prepare to welcome our students. Our mornings are used to share information and exciting stories. Before you know it, it's 3:30 pm, which is usually when I dash around the school for a quick catch-up with other teachers and colleagues.

Do you have a motto or saying that resonates with you?

I love this quote from Nelson Mandela: "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

Do you have a most memorable teacher moment?

At the end of a school year, I often have students write letters to the following year's class. One student wrote, "Ms. Fay will never let you fail."

Do you have a motto or saying that really resonates with you?

I love this quote from Nelson Mandela: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Do you have a most memorable teacher moment?

At the end of a school year, I often have students write letters to the following year’s class. One student wrote, “Ms Fay will never, ever let you fail.” 

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Thank you for taking the time to read our MISsive, and see you next time!

MISsive No. 9








Kate Cui




4年级新生Rui Hang

3年级新生Victor – Year 3

3年级新生Adrian – Year 3

1年级新生Jayden - Year 1

学前教育班新生Landy - Early Years

助教Ms. Sandra Lin - Teaching Assistant

班主任Mr. Kyle Fountain

小学校长Ms. Priscila Perdomo

















Miss Chalmers带领的小学部小记者们,发布了他们第三期的报纸。报纸的内容展示了小学部学生们优秀的作业集锦和数学课上的数字迷宫。敬请欣赏孩子们在2月13日发布的报纸吧!



网球运动有助于改善孩子的健康、锻炼抗挫折能力并提高身体的协调性。开课前,我们会引导学生做一些热身运动,学生在本期的正手、后手、准确度和传球交换练习中表现很棒,课程结束后,我们引导学生进行了拉伸练习,放松肌肉。 Eddie和Pino在网球课上技能与专注力都很好,Victor、Eddie、Amelia、Victor和Jayden表现都很不错,继续努力哦网球少年们!



  • 了解过去、现在和新兴的视觉艺术形式,并参与制作、欣赏和评估这些形式。

  • 从自己生活所在地、国家和国际的角度了解视觉艺术。

  • 建立对个人和文化体验做出视觉与创造性反应的信心。

  • 培养能够反应创作者积极性和参与度的作品创作技能和敏感性。

  • 通过情感色彩、刻意畅想、应用和使用多样的创作过程和概念加强个人艺术表达能力。














学生的英语课堂 – 莎士比亚














2月21日星期二,我校顺利召开了9年级的家长会。在家长会正式开始前的信息分享环节,学术副校长Mr Harbinson向家长介绍了他们的孩子即将在下学年进入IGCSE阶段的学习。虽然距离进入10年级还有一段时间,但是现阶段的思考和准备工作也非常重要,希望孩子和家长们都能够认真审视和思考自己的兴趣及实际情况,确定自己的IGCSE阶段的选课,我校也会为学生提供切实的建议和适合的课程,以助力学生实现自己的学业抱负。如果您正在阅读本篇周报且您的孩子正好是9年级的学生,请记住还是如我在家长会上提到的,如果您希望就您孩子的选课寻求更多的支持,我校升学指导老师(或者任何老师)都可以给到您建议。您可以通过邮件联系中学办公室与老师或者升学指导团队预约会议seniors.office@merchiston.cn。



曼校25 VS 深国交23喜获胜







(作者:Kaman Y10)

在每周三由Ms Lisa带领的烘焙CCA中,学生们有很多机会学习烘焙艺术并制作美味的小甜点。到目前为止,我们制作了芝士蛋糕、黄油饼干和饺子,而且菜单品类还在不断丰富中。







5年级学生们,表现不错,再接再厉!也希望家长们也和我们一样对他们的表现感到无比的自豪! 我们将在Class Dojo 上分享5年级集会的精彩视频!


EY: Gua gua & Phoebie

Y1: Felix

Y2: Pino

Y3: Tangguoer

Y4: Celine

Y5: Manfred

Y6: William H

Pringle: Samson & Michael



Nevis: 363

Edinburgh: 332

Balmoral: 310

Lomond: 293

本周积分最多的部落荣归Nevis,漂亮! 但是这还不是最后的结果,每个部落都有赶超的机会!学生可以通过参加每周的数学及写作挑战、学期内的部落活动,来为自己所属的部落赢得积分!


最后,Mr. Mikey将曼校小狮奖励给了6ABR班,因为他们本周Class Dojo得分最高!他大声朗读了我们的学生写的善言善语,让所有人都感受到当天是无比温暖的一天! .



小学校长Ms. Neil


图书馆特色活动| 袋子里的故事



  • 让学生从装满小物品的袋子里拿出3到5件物品。

  • 学生需当场讲述一个有关物品的故事,故事必须有开头、经过和结尾。

  • 讲完故事后,需简单填写故事地图或者告知故事的寓意与结论。对此没有标准答案的约束,孩子们可自由发挥创想力。

  • 参与活动即可获得小奖品。


本周,我们有幸邀请到了两位曼校新员工,第一位是新任曼校学习总监Mr Paul Joseph。他于春节假期后的第一天(1月30日)正式入职曼校。 跟着我们的采访,一起来了解下这位学术总监吧!








无论是作为一名高级研究技术员教本科生如何使用气相色谱仪-质谱仪,还是作为一名陆军信号员教新兵如何使用战场无线电,或作为一名零售经理教员工如何安全使用设备,我一直都很享受教学和指导,因为听到学生或学员说 “哦,我明白了!”时,这种无法言喻的成就感给我带来了无法比拟的快乐。因此,当英国政府为高需求学科的毕业生提供助学金时,我自然而然地报名参加了教师培训。我不得不说,除了向妻子求婚,这是我做过的最好的人生决定之一。




我想一场辩论式的晚宴应该会精彩纷呈, 因此我会邀请:米尔顿·弗里德曼、卡尔·马克思、亚当·史密斯、圣雄.甘地和温斯顿·丘吉尔。




我所在的威尔士皇家军团的团训是“ICH DEIN”,这是德语中“我为……服务”的意思




小学部新入了一位美丽活泼的班主任,她就是4年级的班主任Ms Fay Sayed!Ms Sayed于第二学期伊始加入了我们。一起来了解下她吧!








艺术科学史一直是我所迷恋的,所以必须是尼尔·德格拉斯·泰森(Neil Degrasse Tyson)、吉恩·米歇尔·巴斯奎特(Jean-Michel Basquiat)、文森特·梵高(Vincent Van Gogh)、莱昂纳多·达·芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)、詹姆斯·佩恩(James Payne)(博物馆馆长)


我的一天从5:30开始,然后确保家里其他人也为他们美好的一天做好了准备。我通常在早上7:30左右到达学校。早上和可爱的Ms Vivien聊会儿天,然后我们就会一起准备迎接我们的学生。早晨点名时间,我们会用来共享信息和趣事。第六节下课(3:30pm)时,我会在校园里跟其他老师或者同事做分享一天的工作,互相学习。


我喜欢纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)的一句话:“用他人能理解的语言与之交谈,入脑;用他人自己的语言与之交谈,入心。”


学年结束时,我通常会让学生写下对我所教授的下个班的孩子们写一段寄语,我记得有一位学生写道:“Ms Fay一定不会让你失败。”