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2023-03-17 17:36:00


MIS was delighted by the excellent results achieved by students in January's A-Level exams and we were privileged to witness and celebrate the success of our students. Due to the pandemic, many students faced and overcame a number of challenges; demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability in preparing for these important examinations. It is admirable that they quickly adapted to the policy adjustment and greeted the examination period with determination, positivity and purpose. This celebration is a recognition of the student's success and a tribute to their hard work and tenacity.

The outstanding results of our students demonstrate their exceptional talent and drive, which in turn is a testament to the high teaching quality and learning environment of MIS. The fact that many students achieved full marks in the recent A-Level examinations and many more achieved A grades in all subjects is testament to the exceptional performance of our students.

Although A Levels are very challenging, our students generally perform to an excellent standard. As the final examination draws near, our students of Year 13 are performing better and better. They are about to enter the crucial period which commences with university life and with continued application, excellent grades are just around the corner.

🔼Part of Y13 students are taking Chemistry🔼

Congratulations to the following Year 13 students who achieved excellent results in the January examination:

Eric Business A

Kevin Two Maths Subjects A

Betty Further Maths Full Mark A

Andy Chen Maths A

Meimei Maths A

Henry Maths and Further Maths A

Daniel Lyu Maths A

Emily Business A

Noah Maths and Further Maths A

We would also like to congratulate the following Year 12 students for their excellent results:

Max Three full marks in Maths A

Jacky Full marks in Maths A

Alan Two full marks in Maths A

Rachel Three Maths Subjects A

Summer Maths A

Emily Two Maths Subjects A

Esther Maths A

Daniel Tung Maths A

Riemann Two full marks in Maths A

Andy Zhang Maths A

Roger Maths A

Simon Maths A

Bowe Two full marks in Maths A

This summer all the major exam registration work has been completed in MIS. Just after the New Year in February, all the students in Years 11-13 completed the mock examinations. They combine their results with the teachers of each subject to make up for any gaps of knowledge or understanding. The preparation work for the major exam at MIS is constructed in an orderly and methodical manner.

The review of the examinations has also entered the crucial stage. We took this to interview Betty from Year 13 to share the examination and assessment with you. Betty has already achieved awe-inspiring results in the AS stage and is on track to achieve 4 A* grades in the next A-level sprint stage. Let's have a look at the experience that she shared with you.

🔼Betty is discussing Chemistry with the teacher🔼


What is your major in college, and why?

I chose Chemistry as my major in college because I wanted to gain professional knowledge in this area. I was interested in the formation and conversion of chemical substances and decided to continue my study. People's life quality is gradually improving and they pay more and more attention to health and safety so the vibrant health industry may be a wise choice. Meanwhile, employment opportunities such as medicine and cosmetics are closely related to chemistry; therefore, there may be many choices in the future.


Do you find the chemistry of A level complex? How to learn chemistry?

The global A* rate is sometimes less than 10%, so it's impossible to say that it is easy, but it is also not hard to learn. If you want to choose Chemistry, you need to have some sense of Mathematics because there are some calculations of enthalpy change and entropy change and you also need to have a good memory because there are a lot of conditions to remember in organic chemistry. Most things in Chemistry are related to natural life, so you can associate relevant knowledge with the items in daily life. Before the exam, students can review to find more examples of the past or try to explain to their classmates to consolidate their knowledge. When you tackle the problems, you can attempt more complex but fascinating problems; it doesn't have to be precisely the same as the textbook syllabus. You can also make small cards to record the meaning of substances or theorems, which will help you remember them more quickly and firmly.


What is your advice on course selection/study to lower grade students?

A-level course selection is mainly based on their interest because interests can provide motivation. Having a more accurate plan for the future is advisable, as some majors fall into designated disciplines. In addition, try not to switch back and forth once you make the decision. At the same time, you can also communicate with teachers and listen to suggestions from students, teachers, and parents.

曼校在今年一月的A Level考试中为许多学生取得的优异成绩感到开心,我们有幸目睹并参与庆祝这些学生的成功。尽管考试期间因为新冠疫情原因,学生们遇到了很多挑战,但他们表现出了非常强的韧性和适应能力。他们快速适应政策的调整,并以饱满的姿态迎接考试,这是令人钦佩的。这次庆祝不仅仅是对学生们成绩的认可,也是对他们所付出的努力和顽强精神的赞扬。

我们学生的出色成绩展现了他们卓越的才能和自我驱动力,也证明了我们学校具备高质量的教学能力和学习氛围。在最近的A Level考试中,许多学生获得了满分,更多的学生在所有科目中获得了A的成绩,这足以证明我们学生的优异表现。

虽然A Level考试具有很大的挑战性,但我们的学生普遍表现出色。随着期末考试的日益临近,我们的十三年级学生整体表现越来越好。他们即将步入大学生活的关键时期,取得优异成绩已经指日可待。




Eric 商务科目A

Kevin 数学科目两个A

Betty 进阶数学科目满分A

Andy Chen数学科目A

Meimei 数学科目A


Daniel Lyu数学科目A

Emily 商务科目A

Noah 数学和进阶数学两个A




Jacky 数学科目满分A

Alan 数学科目两个满分A

Rachel 数学科目三个A


Emily 数学科目两个A


Daniel Tung数学科目A

Riemann 数学科目两个满分A

Andy Zhang数学科目A

















我认为A Level选课主要还是看自己兴趣,因为兴趣能提供动力。建议先对未来有一个稍微准确的规划,因为有些专业有怼应到指定学科,并在决定好之后尽量不要再换来换去。同时也可以多跟科任老师沟通交流,听取包括同学、老师和家长等多方面建议。


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