MISsive 2022-23 | 曼校双周刊 第十一期
2023-04-03 10:59:00


MISsive No. 11

From Juniors School

During the past two weeks we have had the pleasure of welcoming our Junior parents into our classrooms for them to enjoy and join their children while they learn. 

Our Come Learn With Me – Maths allowed our parents to see first hand how their children learn through active learning and using different strategies for problem solving. It was also an opportunity for our students to share a moment with their parents and show them how they are progressing in their learning. 

Similarly we have opened our doors for our external CCAs and parents were invited to school so that they could have an insight to all the amazing activities the children engage into in the afternoons. There were opportunities for parents to join Spanish, Debating, Ukelele, International Chess, Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis, Equestrianism, Bouldering and STEM. These activities foster confidence and independence as well as the development of a variety of skills that support the social and emotional development of our learners. 

In addition, our Year 4, 5 and 6 students had a fabulous Wednesday morning out of school, at the Sand River Golf Course, where they had an opportunity to develop and practice their golfing skills, while having fun with their friends and teachers. 

During the final week of Term 2 our Junior class teachers have met with parents to provide feedback on how their children are performing and progressing towards achieving their targets for this term. It is always rewarding to have an opportunity to involve parents in their children’s progress and we are grateful of now having a chance to meet them face-to-face. 

Our MIS Junior and Senior Leadership team, with the support of the English department also had the privilege to share with our Year 5, 6, 7 and 8 parents and MISPA members some of the updates to the English curriculum in Senior school and how we at MIS will be able to better facilitate a smoother transition from Junior to Senior school. 

We would also like this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Ms. Neil for all her dedication to the Junior school and wish her nothing but success at MIS Shekou! We are looking forward to collaboration between both campuses. 

We are all looking forward to the Spring Break and hoping to welcome everyone with renewed energy for Term 3! 


Teaching and learning – Milepost 1 

The past 2 weeks, Early Years been learning about shooting stars and asteroids in IPC. They have also completed their own poem writing in English and learning about whole and half objects in Maths. More recently, Early Years have been learning about aliens in IPC, practicing phonics and sentence writing in English and learning to extend patterns, sequences and drawing block diagrams in Maths! 

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Year One

The previous 2 weeks, Year 1 have been focusing on sorting and grouping items, in Maths and identifying patterns and graphs. In IPC lesson, Year 1 are exploring two senses; hearing and tasting. They listened to sounds and differentiated the 4 types of taste. In English, Year 1 have written their hot task on Diary entry using time connective words, our adjectives, using because and but and ensuring that they wrote their diary entries correctly. This week they have been writing a diary entry about what they had done over the weekend using all of what they have learnt in class.

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Year Two

The past 2 week Maths, Year 2 have been looking at pictograms and bar charts and explaining half and quarter amounts. More recently we have been looking at line graphs and making our own data. In English, Year 2 have finished their HOT task newspaper, where they wrote about a mode of transport in the past tense, third person. More recently, Year 2 having been reading transport poems and how to write their own. In IPC, children are learning about the forces push and pull, gears, levers and pully's and have been investigating these forces further through experiments.

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From Seniors School

Firstly, I want to wish everyone a very happy Easter break. 

We've sprinted into the end of term with an array of activities and a lot of hard work.  Throughout the past two weeks, there have been further practice examinations for all exam year-groups in preparation for their summer assessments.  Everyone is focused on identifying targets for their next revision session.  Please also note that holiday homework has been set in every subject, with an expectation that it will be due for submission of the first lesson back after the break. 

We continue to have excellent musical performances at Buskers corner, every Friday (and also our morning soloist for assemblies too), but we were also rewarded with an additional treat this term by the Drama students in key-stage 3; on Wednesday, they put on an outstanding Shakespeare production for everyone at the end of the day. As if that wasn't enough, many of the art and design students went on a trip to Hong Kong for the Art Basel event on Thursday, where they saw pieces from a huge range of international artists. 

The start of term 3 promises to be similarly packed - I look forward to seeing you all then! 

Seniors Science Class

As part of the physics IGCSE curriculum “Astrophysics” has given our Year 10 groups the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of life beyond planet Earth. They have been putting their research skills and understanding of using authoritative websites and scientific journals to gather information related to the different components that make up our universe. The Year 10 students delivered confident presentations to their peers using scientific terminology. They also discussed the importance of peer review and sharing knowledge within the scientific community and with the rest of the world.

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Seniors Mathematics 

End-of-Year Award

Last Wednesday Period 4, we give students Maths Excellence certificates to encourage students to continue working hard in the next school year. (Academic excellence and effort).

Seniors Clan 

Maths Competition

One of the best ways to encourage aspiring mathematicians is to participate in Math competitions. Math competitions teach extensive critical thinking and problem-solving skills, by exposing students to topics outside of the school curriculum. Competition problems stretch our seniors and continually push them to think in new ways—even under pressure.

Last week, maths department ran a competition with engaged with all seniors. There are three rounds in this competition. The first round was compulsory questions, second round was the lighting/tie-breaker questions, and third round was the challenging questions.

The winner is Nevis. Well done, everyone!

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Seniors Geography & History Field Trip

Dameisha Beach and Dapeng Fortress

On Tuesday 14 March, the Year 10 to 12 Geography and History students went on a field trip which was highly anticipated after many months of trips being impossible. Ms Lisa Lin with the help of Ms Ruth Mulqueeny, planned the trip to promote global citizenship and perspectives as well as practice skills that are always taught in class but are not often practiced.

The Geography students embarked on a practical data collection task measuring the length of waves during the tides. They also did research into the tourist interests and activities at the Dapeng Fortress.

History students put their research skills to the test without the aid of the internet and were tasked with discovering more about the local history of Dapeng through field work and investigation.

The students and accompanying staff had a most enjoyable day also enjoying some games on the beach, exploring the local history and learning something new.

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Whole School Art Competition

Spring in the Picture

As Spring is fast approaching, students from the Juniors and Seniors School were invited by the Creative Arts Department to portray the new season, in a personal artwork. Freedom of expression, form and materials resulted in a wide variety of high-quality artworks being produced. Students used photography, still life, animation, watercolor, collage and other styles to produce their work. As a reward, students who participate will have their works exhibited, and art prizes will be awarded. The judging panel will consist of our art teachers, Ms. Yifan, Ms. Jello and Ms. Huang, who will no doubt, have difficult decisions.

I sincerely hope that the competition will inspire students to show their voice in art, and that they will feel empowered to become the artist of their dreams.

Below is a picture of one of the prizes with one of our Year 4 students. A formal announcement of winners will be made after Easter Break.

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Shakespeare Festival  

On Wednesday 22nd March, MIS hosted its annual Shakespeare Festival for Seniors Students at the Castle Hall. Led by the marvelous guidance of Drama Teacher (and Drama Expert) Ms. Poppy Stevens, students from Key Stage 3, performed a range of scenes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet. The audience was treated to acting and performance of the highest caliber. As with any theater or acting, the students have rehearsed their parts for months, memorizing lines, gestures, analyzing performances and stage moves to perfection. It is well known that studying Drama, improves students English but equally their public speaking skills, teamwork and attention to detail. We are pleased to be offering Drama as a GCSE option, and I am confident that students who take up this option will see the benefits of Ms. Poppy’s outstanding mentorship. 

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 Curriculum in KS3  

On Tuesday the 21st of March, MIS held the first in a series of 3 Parent Information Sessions on the changes to the year 7,8 and 9 curriculum with the move to offering the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum. 

Each of the three sessions centres on a subject area and the focus of this session was on English. 

The information session began with a brief overview of the MIS school curriculum from Early years to Year 13. 

Following this was a presentation on how our Juniors curriculum successfully prepares students for education in the Senior School and this was then followed by the main focus of the session how English would be delivered in years 7,8 and 9 via the Cambridge Lower Secondary by the Head of English Mr Tim Hayes. 

During this section the dual English first and second language pathways were laid out, as was the mechanism for progressing from on to the other and how these courses led into the IGCSE and A level course offered in years 10 and beyond. 

The final part of the presentation drew the current strands together showing how the Cambridge Curriculum supported all stages of the school and how this curriculum was in turn supported by the schools pastoral and other support structures. 

The meeting was very well received by our parents and we very much look forward to delivering the 2 following sessions: 

Mathematics and Science in years 7,8 and 9 

The Arts, Humanities and Physical Education in years 7,8 and 9 

Dates to be released after the holiday. 

We do hope that you have a very enjoyable holiday and very much look forward to seeing at the events next term. 

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Juniors Reporters CCA

This week in the Junior Reporters CCA with Miss Chalmers, children have been practicing their news reports by sitting at their desk and delivering their news. This footage will be turned into the ‘news’ and be posted to dojo and shown in assembly next term. Look our for ‘chocolate rain’ and ‘alien invasion’ and lots more news!

Paper Quilling CCA

As it comes to the end of the term, all students from Ms Rose's Paper Quilling CCA got their fantastic work displayed for an art gallery. Some of the students are new to the quilling techniques, they have tried their very best to come up with splendid Paper Quilling art works. I hope you are proud of them for their patience, efforts and final products as much as we do. We are so sure that you will be pleased to see their work as listed below.

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U14 Boys and Girls VS SOIS 

On Thursday 16th March, MIS hosted the under 14 volleyball fixture against SOIS as part of the ISL league. This was the third match both the boys and girls have played this season, which did not disappoint as their usual high energy, great attitude and performance was evident. 

First to play were the girls, who started well, securing the first game with a lead of 4 points. As the second set progressed SOIS found a second gear and a string of serves that MIS were not able to deal with, the second set went to SOIS.

The third and final set which is only played to 15 points was a nail-biting set for both the girls and home crowd, MIS unfortunately were not able to clinch the final points but did manage to keep the score close throughout.

The boys were next up to play, suffering from a loss earlier in the week the boys were keen to get themselves back on a winning streak again. With fantastic focus and communication, the boys very quickly secured the first game by a 10 point lead.

The second game saw SOIS change tactic and attacking shots were more evident, however MIS answered with great defensive play allowing the boys to set up some quality spikes. Fortunately for MIS their strength was undeniable and they secured the second set easily with an 11 point lead.

As always both teams conducted themselves in a sportsman like manner, all students were a credit to the school. Congratulations boys and better luck next time girls!

Staff in the Spotlight

This week we would like to introduce you a lovely couple member of staff who have newly joined us in term 2. Both of them are year 7 form tutors and take a teaching role in our Seniors. They are Y7A form tutor and History teacher Ms Ruth Mulqueeny and Y7B form tutor and English teacher Mr Cole Mulqueeny. Mr Cole Mulqueeny is also going to be the Psychology teacher for our Year 12 next year. Psychology is a new course that we are going to introduce next year for our A Level options and it is a worldwide hot subject. The current Year 11 students will have the opportunity to experience the first-hand insight on the course. Mr Mulqueeny is very excited to deliver this new course in MIS and looking forward to start the new journey and explore the very popular course with our Year 11s.   

Firstly we’d like you to meet with Ms Ruth Mulqueeny who is a Post Graduate in Education major and has extensive experience in the History department. Ms Ruth has worked across South Africa as well as in Thailand before deciding to explore China where she has moved with her husband. Ms Ruth has a great deal of working experience in international schools and has been the Head of History Department for the last 5 years. Ruth is excited to develop students’ historical and language skills needed to excel in History as well as create interesting and exciting subject lessons. Let’s find more about her by our interview.

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Where else in the world have you lived?

I have lived and taught in many parts of South Africa and I also taught for some time in Bangkok, Thailand.

How do you find China is different from where you have lived?

In China the streets are very clean and there is very cheap public transport. In my home country we do not have public transport, only private cars.

What’s your favourite weekend activity in Shenzhen?

I like to go and explore the parks and hikes around the city, or walk along the coast from Shekou to the Harbour..

Did you always want to be a teacher?

Originally I wanted to be a psychologist, but during my studies I realized I would like to be more directly involved in helping and teaching students practical skills.

Tell us about a hidden talent or a top secret that no-one would know about you.

I love to cook and am very good at it. I like to cook different cuisines and experiment with spices. I can made delicious butter chicken and curry which is inspired by my home city.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?

Nelson Mandela

Winston Churchill

Jordan Peterson

Chinua Achebe

What does a typical day at MIS look like for you?

First thing I have to do is make a cup of coffee in the morning. Then I like to prepare my classroom for the day. Form class always starts with a riddle or a fable for the day. I really enjoy my classes where I can discuss historical events and help build students writing skills.

Do you have a motto or saying that really resonates with you?

One of my favourite quotes comes from Nelson Mandela’s book, Long Walk to Freedom where he writes “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Do you have a most memorable teacher moment?

My favourite moment as a teacher was when my class decided to organise a ‘Heritage Day’ in our lesson. They wanted to each research more about the many different cultures we have in South Africa. We all dressed up in traditional clothing to represent the different cultures and everyone was assigned different food to bring that represented a specific culture. It was so memorable because my students used their skills and planned the whole event which then went on to become an annual, school event.

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Where else in the world have you lived?

Ningbo, China

Durban, South Africa

How do you find China is different from where you have lived?

Where I’m from is a lot greener and more filled with trees, plants and animals. There is a lot more open space.

China seems to be a lot more organized and safer than South Africa.

What’s your favourite weekend activity in Shenzhen?

Taking a trip to Shekou, hanging out with friends, finding a place to have a great dinner , exploring new areas.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

I didn’t always want to be a teacher. It only started a few years ago.

Tell us about a hidden talent or a top secret that no-one would know about you.

I really can’t think of any hidden talent that sticks out. But I am quite good at cooking, always good enough at sports and never bad, and finally I think I have a very good way with talking to people and getting them through issues.

Which five people would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?

Ricky Gervais, Stan Lee, Kendrick Lamar, Christopher Nolan and Leonidas I.

My wife would help me host. If she wasn’t helping me host, then I would have to kick out one of the people so she could be a guest.

What does a typical day at MIS look like for you?

The days at the moment tend to be quite long. Teaching some students who really want to try and better themselves, which is always a good thing. Working with a great group of colleagues who can switch between being diligently serious and having a laugh, depending on what the situation requires.

Do you have a motto or saying that really resonates with you?

I have two:

Nobody gives it to you; you have to take it.&Hakuna Matata

Do you have a most memorable teacher moment?

In my last year of teaching there were a few occasions where students naturally got into constructive debates with one another. With the topic closely aligned to what work we were learning at the time, showing that they had grown a genuine interest in the subject. Any of these moments are probably my most memorable.

Thank you for taking your time reading our MISsive and see you after Easter! Hope you will have a wonderful and relaxing break! We look forward to seeing all of our students on campus on Monday 10 April 2023 and a quick reminder that the boarders are due to return on Sunday 09 April.

MISsive No. 11






在第二学期的最后一周里,小学部开展了一对一的家长会,老师向家长反馈了孩子本学期的表现及他们在本学期中学习目标达成的进展情况。在孩子的学习旅程中,让家长积极地参与进来是非常有益的,疫情结束能够与家长有这样面对面交流的机会, 我们甚感欣慰。


同时,我还希望借此机会向Ms Sabrina Neil对曼校小学部龙华校区的卓越贡献表达我们最衷心的感谢,祝愿她将带领着蛇口校区取得更大的成功!我们期待着未来两个校区之间的合作,强强联合,在大湾区乃至全中国打造一张闪亮的曼校名片。






























3月14日星期二,10至12年级选修地理和历史的学生前往大梅沙和大鹏所城进行了一次实地考察,计划之初无法确定本次实地考察最终能否成行,老师和学生都有点忐忑,经过几个月的准备和不懈努力,当得知本次考察将在三月如期进行之后,学生和老师们都倍感激动并充满了期待。地理老师Ms Lisa Lin和历史老师Ms Ruth Mulqueeny共同策划了这次考察之旅,活动初衷是为了促进学生全球公民意识和价值观的养成,同时,为孩子们提供一些在课堂上学习到但无法实践的技能。







生机勃勃的春天悄然来临,创意艺术组邀请含小学和中学部全体学生用自己的艺术作品展示充满希冀的春天。展示方式、形式和材料均不限制,学生们可使用摄影、静物图画、动画、水彩笔、拼贴画和其他任何风格来创作自己的参赛作品。作为奖励,参赛的学生将获得展出作品的机会,优秀的作品还将获得丰富的奖品。评审团由我校艺术老师Ms Yifan, Ms Jello Li,Ms Angela Huang组成,以我校学生超高的艺术素养和能力,相信届时她们将面临艰难的抉择!





3月22日星期三,我校在城堡大厅举办了一年一度的中学部莎士比亚节。在我校戏剧老师Ms Poppy Stevens的悉心指导下,关键第3阶段的学生们表演了莎士比亚名作《暴风雨》、《仲夏夜之梦》和《哈姆雷特》中的一系列场景。在场的观众有幸观赏了最高水平的表演和演绎。和任何戏剧或表演一样,学生们为了今天的表演已经排练了好几个月,背诵台词、钻研手势、分析表演和舞台动作,不断地反复练习力求完美。众所周知,学习戏剧可以提高学生的英语水平,还可以提高他们的公共演讲技能、团队合作和精益求精的精神与毅力。我们很高兴能够在下学年将戏剧这门学科,加入我们IGCSE阶段的选修课之一,让更多有天赋和表演能力的学生,领略舞台和戏剧的魅力,相信选修IGCSE戏剧的学生,将能够在Ms Stevens的带领下,取得长足的进步!期待选修戏剧的您,黑匣子剧场见!




根据曼校的实际情况,我们对关键第三阶段的课程进行了优化,我们将于2023-24学年在7-9年级启用剑桥初中课程。 为了让家长更好地了解新课程的优势以及我们对课程进行优化的初衷,我们将举办系列讲座向家长做详细的介绍。英语教学在曼校尤为重要,因此,我们在3月21日率先举办了英语课程介绍会。

讲座一开始,我校学术总监Mr Paul Joseph先向各位家长介绍了曼校整体(学前教育班至13年级)的课程框架,如下图:

随后,小学校长Ms Sabrina Neil向家长介绍了小学的教学如何为学生进入中学的学习打好基础。

中学部英语&EAL学科负责人Mr Tim Hayes介绍了本场讲座的主题:7-9年级的英语教学计划。

Mr Hayes提到,曼校的英语教学充分考虑到了学生英文基础和水平的差异化,因此,我们为学生提供多元的英语学习路径:英语为母语及英语为第二语言两种路径。以及这样的教学,如何为学生进入IGCSE和A Level阶段的学习打好基础,虽然在场的都是5-8年级的学生家长,但是Mr Hayes还介绍了IGCSE及A Level的英语教学策略和计划,让家长提前对中学的英语教学有更全面的了解,知晓他们的孩子在完成关键第三阶段的学习之后,英语学习的大体路径和方向。他还指出,我们将持续对英语教学策略进行优化,以最大限度地支持我们的学生取得持续的进步!

讲座最后,中学校长Mr Mark Bridgeman和小学校长Ms Priscila Perdomo介绍了剑桥课程如何强有力地支持曼校各个学段的教学工作,也介绍了学校德育等其他支持机制,如何反向地加持了剑桥课程在曼校的实施和推进。全方位地确保教学目标的完成,高质量地支持学生取得学业成功。



· 7-9年级数学及科学课程介绍

· 7-9年级艺术、人文和体育课程介绍




本周,在Ms Chalmers带领的小学记者CCA课堂里,孩子们坐在用办公桌模拟的新闻播报台上,练习新闻报道。拍摄的视频将被制作为“新闻”,发布到Class Dojo中,这些新闻片段将在下学期的集会中展示。敬请期待我们的 “巧克力雨”和“外星人入侵”等更多精彩新闻!


本学期的衍纸CCA结束了,到了孩子们展示成果的时候了!Ms Rose衍纸CCA班上的孩子们在本学期最后一周时,将他们所有的作品展出,给曼校全体教职工带来了一场美轮美奂的视觉盛宴!普通的彩纸,在孩子们的手里,幻化为各种各样的艺术品。班里有些孩子甚至是初次接触衍纸艺术,但是经过不断的琢磨和练习,最后的作品让老师惊喜万分。希望您能够如我们一样,为孩子们的耐心和努力感到自豪,汗水终究没有白费,孩子们的作品,受到了很多学生与教职工的驻足欣赏,您一定也迫不及待想要一睹为快了吧!





男生队随后上场,本周早些时候他们遭遇了一场失利,本场比赛男生对球员们势在必得。凭借出色的专注力和团队协作,男孩们很快就以10分的领先优势赢得了第一场比赛。随后即使城市绿洲在第二场比赛中改变了战术,进攻射门更加强势,但是男生们以出色的防守出色应对,打出了高质量的扣球。 最终,男生队以11分的领先优势赢得本场比赛!



本周我们将向大家介绍一对很可爱的加入我们不久的夫妻档老师。两位老师都是中学部的老师,同时,还是7年级的班主任。Ms Ruth Mulqueeny是7A班的班主任,她的丈夫Mr Cole Mulqueeny是7B班的班主任。同时,下学年Mr Cole Mulqueeny还将担任曼校新开设的心理学课程的授课老师。现11年级的学生在下学年进入A Level阶段的学习之后,将有机会学习这个在当今社会非常热门的学科。Mr Mulqueeny非常激动和期待在曼校开展这门新的课程,与下学年的12年级学生一起开启这段心理学的奇妙之旅。   

首先,一起来认识下Ms Ruth Mulqueeny吧!Ms Ruth拥有教学硕士学位,在历史学科有着丰富的教学经验。她曾在南非各地以及泰国工作过,随后决定与丈夫一起来到中国。Ruth有丰富的国际学校的经验,在过去的5年里,她一直担任历史学科负责人一职。Ms Ruth热衷于培养学生的历史和语言技能,她还非常关注为学生创造趣味十足让学生产生浓厚兴趣的学习氛围,助力他们在历史科目中取得优异的成绩。


















纳尔逊·曼德拉、温斯顿·丘吉尔、乔丹·彼得森、奇努亚·阿切贝、我的丈夫Cole Mulqueeny,这样他也能认识这些人了。










接下来请跟随着"记者们"的采访,来认识下Mrs Ruth Mulqueeny的丈夫Mr Cole Mulqueeny吧!Mr Cole Mulqueeny来自南非沿海城市德班。Mr Cole毕业于夸祖鲁-纳塔尔大学并取得了心理学的荣誉学位。2018年他进入南非大学攻读教育学硕士。Mr Cole此前曾在南非和中国担任过英语教师。在南非工作时,他先后担任过学科主管、德育主任和心理咨询师等重要职位。Mr Cole还曾经在宁波工作过,他很喜欢在中国生活。业余时间Mr Cole会听听音乐、踢足球和打网球等。作为心理学荣誉硕士,他还非常喜欢与周围的人进行深度交谈,很热心地帮助他人克服各种心理障碍。


















我有两句我非常喜欢的座右铭想与大家分享:第一句是:天上不会掉馅饼,喜欢的东西你必须踮起脚跟自己去争取。第二句是狮子王中的插曲Hakuna Matata,意为无忧无虑。





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