MIS HOSA Gold Award | 喜报 曼校学子获HOSA2023全国金奖
2023-04-29 15:45:00


HOSA Nationals Award

Recently MIS student Alex from Y12 received HOSA nationals CPR & AED gold award and successfully progressed to the international final with an outstanding third place in the country.

HOSA (HOSA-Future Health Professionals, abbreviated as HOSA) is the world's most influential platform for biological and health medical student activities, officially certified by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Department of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). It aims to cultivate future industry leaders in the health and medical field. HOSA has a history of over 40 years since its establishment and has influenced over 2.5 million students worldwide. The competition is known as the cradle of elite leaders in the U.S. health industry.

HOSA has scientifically designed more than 60 competition projects around different majors and professional fields in the biological and health medical fields. The competition covers various subdivisions of the health and medical industry, including nutrition, psychology, pathology, anatomy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and first aid, providing a platform for students with different interests and expertise to learn and demonstrate relevant academic knowledge.

Every year, students from all over the world compete and advance through multiple rounds to reach the top three of each competition project and advance to the ILC (International Leadership Conference) global finals, with an advancement rate of about 5%.

In this high-quality and high-standard competition, top students from prestigious schools across the country gather together. Alex, who was able to stand out from the competition and achieve this excellent result, could not have done it without his usual study accumulation and his love for biology.

Alex aspires to study biopharmaceuticals and hopes to conquer the difficult problem of cancer in the future, helping humanity achieve a healthy and high-quality life.

Here is the interview of Alex

How do you learn Biology? What’s your trick?

 Everyone has their most optimal way to study, I don’t believe that I’ve mastered effective studying nor am I the best at Biology, but personally I like to make mind-maps to visualize the concepts  learnt, flash cards can be useful for memorization but most importantly don’t be afraid to ask questions and have humility. You will fail plenty of times before you truly succeed at something, we’re only human after all. And finally, be sure to turn in your homework, it doesn’t sound important but it really does help prepare you for exams.

Any advice for MIS students?

I truly think that my cram style of studying style isn’t healthy for anyone to replicate, so I strongly suggest everyone try methods until they find what works for them. I’ve only recently started using mind maps despite being an infamous over-thinker, so be sure to adapt and experiment since notes and textbooks don’t work for everyone. Take care of your health, it is tempting sometimes to pull all nighters and skip leg day for an exam, but the results won’t be nearly as satisfactory as getting a good night’s rest. Eat healthy, sleep and take care of your mental health. Exam stress is real and so are panic attacks, however with the right stress management methods and healthy coping mechanisms these small hurdles won’t stand in the way of your success. Lastly believe in yourself, I used to doubt myself until my biology teacher (Ms.Gloria) started to say she believed in me. From that point onward I stopped giving up on myself and believed that I had the power to change my fate, so now instead of drowning in self-hatred, I strive to live up to my potential and I hope you can too.

MIS is a pure British boarding school that inherits the century-old tradition of its Scottish mother school and is committed to providing students with a comprehensive education. The school focuses on cultivating students' academic literacy and comprehensive quality, encourages and supports students to participate in various academic competitions to improve their academic level. Through this education model, MIS lays a solid foundation for students' future success and equips them with the necessary qualities and abilities. It is believed that under the cultivation of MIS, students will become a group of outstanding leaders with international vision and make positive contributions to the world's development and progress.



HOSA( HOSA-Future Health Professionals,简称HOSA )是美国教育部及职业教育发展协会健康科学部官方认证的全球最具影响力的生物与健康医疗学生活动平台,旨在培养健康医疗领域的未来行业领袖。HOSA自成立至今已有超过40年历史,累计影响全球超过250万名学生。该竞赛被誉为美国大健康行业领袖精英的摇篮。


每年来自世界各地的学子们通过层层选拔,最终以每个竞赛项目的前三名晋级ILC全球总决选( International Leadership Conference),晋级率约为5%。










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