MIS Summer School Intensive English Course | 曼校夏校英语强化课程
2023-06-18 10:00:00


The Intensive English Course is targeted at students who are entering MIS with significant gaps in their learning. The English course across Years 7 – 9 is tailored toward intensive support of students who struggle with the basic mastery of English concepts. The team works closely with classroom teachers to identify underachieving students and those who are experiencing learning and organisational difficulties. The provision of one-on-one study skills and other support contributes to the improvement of literacy standards across the broader school community.

Hightlight of Course

The contents of Summer Intensive English Programme are student-centred and focus on a combination of teaching and practice. The course incorporates check-in/check-out quiz and post-course feedback to maximise the mastery of the knowledge and skills.

Check-in/Check-out quiz: The quiz is an essential part of our course, which creates a small win in their learning, and students can therefore build up their confidence in English learning. The check-in quiz enables students to preview the upcoming lesson, whereas the check-out quiz allows them to review and reflect on what they have learnt in class, thereby making improvements. Students who do not pass the quiz can understand that success is not achieved overnight.

Post-course feedback: Our courses place a high value on post-lesson monitoring and feedback. Each unit, which includes the contents, the students’ performance, the results of each quiz and the completion of the homework, is recorded by the teacher. These records give teachers a clear picture of each student's progress, in order to feedback and give suggestions for improvement. The pace of the lesson can also be adjusted according to the students’ progress.

Vocabulary games: On a regular basis, vocabulary games are introduced to help students activate the vocabulary they have learnt. At the same time, students` motivation can be improved in a fun, collaborative way. 


Course Arrangement&Tuition Fee

Camp Date:2023.7.03-7.21 First

                    2023.7.24-8.11 Second

                    Weekends are not included

Year Group:   Year 7 - 9


MIS Entrance Test PTE


Merchiston International School

Camp Price: 

RMB 11940 per person per unit, 

Three weeks per unit

Textbook fee not included

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Teaching Team

Dong Lyu

Director of Students Success Center, Deputy Dean of Greater Bay Area Education Research Institute

Work Experience: Master's degree in Child Learning Disorders from Northwestern University in the United States, with a living and working experience of 10 years in the United States. Mr. Lyu's professional goal is to utilize the achievements of modern education and psychological science to promote children's autonomous and effective acquisition of language and mathematical abilities, thus preparing them for future academic and career success.

Brian Sha

EAL Center Teacher

Work Experience: Brian holds a qualification as a senior high school English subject teacher and is a registered high school teacher in Australia. With 13 years of teaching experience, he is adept at understanding the needs of English learners of different ages and levels and devising effective learning plans to help them achieve their goals. He has served as the subject head for a listed teaching institution and a university in Beijing, organizing teaching research and student assessments, and has served as the chief editor for books on IELTS writing and speaking.

Jenny Cui

EAL Center Teacher

Work Experience: Jenny currently teaches IELTS-related courses and Cambridge English Level examinations at an IELTS center. Previously, she worked in Beijing and Merchiston Songshanhu Academy, with years of experience in helping students prepare for international English exams such as IELTS, IGCESL ESL, O-level ESL, etc. Her most outstanding student achieved a perfect score in the IELTS listening and reading sections.

Yang Lisha

EAL Center Teacher

Work Experience: Graduated from the University of Edinburgh in the UK with a Master's degree in TESOL for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, with an English Proficiency Level 8 and CATTI Level 3 translation qualification. She has several years of experience in teaching IELTS and IG ESL, and holds the American TESOL International Advanced English Teacher Certificate and a high school English teacher qualification.











营期时间:2023.7.03-7.21 第一期

                 2023.7.24-8.11 第二期


招募年级:   7 - 9年级






每期11940元/人 一期三周







Brian Sha



Jenny Cui


工作经历:Jenny目前在雅思中心教授雅思相关课程和剑桥英语等级考试课程。此前,她曾在北京和曼彻斯通松山湖书院工作,有着多年帮助学生进行国际英语备考经验,如雅思,IGCESL ESL, O-level ESL等。她最出色的学生曾在雅思考试中取得听力和阅读满分。



工作经历:毕业于英国爱丁堡大学TESOL对外英语教学硕士,英语专业八级、CATTI三级翻译,有多年雅思及IG ESL教学经历,持有美国TESOL国际高级英语教师资格证、高中英语教师资格证。