MIS Graduation | 致即将走向世界舞台的曼校毕业生
2023-06-30 21:26:00




Midsummer cicadas chirp, phoenix flowers bloom, songs resound—it is once again the time for the graduates of MIS to embark on a new journey filled with achievements. The Class of 2023 welcomed their graduation ceremony. Although the meeting is brief, the farewell is not hasty. Through nearly two months of careful preparation, MIS has arranged a carnival event full of ceremony for the graduates, leaving an extraordinary mark on their youth.

At 2:30 pm, dressed in graduation gowns, the graduates walked through the archway, accompanied by applause and blessings from teachers and parents. They gracefully ascended the stage one by one to receive the tassel-cutting ceremony and the presentation of their graduation certificates by school leaders, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Meanwhile, MIS customized pens with individual signatures for each graduate and prepared graduation gifts that carry exclusive memories of their time at the school.

Subsequently, head of school Marion extended heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates for successfully completing their studies and obtaining admission offers from top universities worldwide. As they embark on their new journey, Principal Marion encouraged them to persevere and pursue excellence. Brave, resilient, and confident, they are ready to embrace the endless challenges of life.

As the representative of the graduates, Alexander and Anesidora from Y13 took the stage to deliver their graduation speeches. They expressed their gratitude, stating, "We have spent the best years of our youth at MIS, not only making progress academically but also forming deep friendships. Looking to the future, facing new challenges and opportunities, we will actively embrace the future with the qualities and skills instilled in us by the school."

"Riding the waves and breaking through, setting sail at the right time." May the graduates of the Class of 2023 always uphold the spirit of pursuing excellence instilled by MIS, strive relentlessly, and grow into world citizens with an international perspective. May they shine on the world stage, realizing a fulfilling life.






作为毕业生代表,13年级的Alexander 和Anesidora上台发表了毕业感言,“在MIS我们度过了人生最为美好的青春时光,不仅学业取得了进步,在这儿也结交了许多深厚的友谊。展望未来,面对新的挑战和机遇,我们将带着学校教会的品质和技能,积极的迎接未来挑战。”

“乘风破浪潮头立 扬帆起航正当时。”愿2023届的毕业生们始终秉持着追求卓越的曼校精神,不断拼搏进取,努力成长为一个具有国际视野的世界公民,在世界的舞台上绽放属于自己的光彩,实现丰沛人生。