MIS Teachers' Day | 声声祝福献师长“花式”创意庆祝节日
2023-09-10 12:03:00


Teachers' Day


To you

Thanks for your teaching

"Teacher, you've worked hard, wish you a happy holiday!" "Teacher, I hope that when I grow up, I can also become a person like you"... With the arrival of Teachers' Day, the MIS campus is filled with a strong festive atmosphere. Welcoming Teachers' Day with colorful yet simple and warm-hearted forms, sending the most sincere gratitude and heartfelt holiday blessings to the teaching staff.

Remember the source

when drinking water

MIS graduates from all around the world have also sent their heartfelt holiday greetings to the teachers through videos and letters, crossing mountains and oceans.

Tommy, a graduate currently studying at Imperial College London, representing the graduates, said in a carefully recorded blessing video: "Looking back on the time of studying together with MIS, the teachers at MIS taught me to constantly pursue excellence and to find a lifelong passion. Wishing the teachers at my alma mater a happy holiday, and also wishing MIS continued prosperity and flourishing."

The sense of ceremony filled the air, immersing the teachers in the festive atmosphere. Sincere blessings moved the teachers deeply.

"Seeing the heartfelt blessings from the children, I am very touched. As a teacher, I have witnessed their growth under the educational philosophy of MIS, and I am proud and gratified for their achievements. It is also they who have made me understand the value and significance of this profession of teaching," said Teacher Bonnie.













图片 Yafei Zhao

文章 Tao Deng 

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