《闪闪发光的少年》第一期 在全人教育中唤醒孩子合作的种子
2023-10-13 19:48:00





“Collaborative,” “Enquiring,” "Internationally Minded”… At MIS, you can find vivid and rich value posters everywhere, infusing the entire campus with a strong cultural atmosphere. Serving as the guiding principles of character education, the ten core values of MIS are passed down from generation to generation, guiding students' learning, thinking, and decision-making day by day.

In the teaching process, MIS actively promotes these values and seamlessly integrates them into the curriculum to achieve a nurturing and subtle influence. This fulfills MIS's commitment to every student: "to cultivate outstanding global citizens with a healthy physique and a wholesome character."

"After winning, I want to tell my mom first, hoping she can reward me with a toy gun as a gift." "Collaborative" as the theme value of MIS in September, in this week's "MIS Value Monthly Star" recognition ceremony, year seven Kyran demonstrated the trait of quickly building trust and cooperation with classmates, earning the honor of "MIS Value Monthly Star." When talking about the award, Kyran's excitement is evident.

"With excellent interpersonal skills, Kyran can effectively empathize and understand classmates' viewpoints and reach cooperative agreements. He communicates effectively and remains flexible in problem-solving. When conveying group activity goals, Kyran can successfully unite everyone to achieve these goals and maintain the team's positivity, ensuring the task is completed smoothly. His enthusiasm for learning and collaboration, as well as his ability to listen and compromise, have earned him recognition for the 'Collaborative' value." When presenting the "MIS Value Monthly Star" award, Teacher Kita said.

"Since coming to MIS, I've learned how to communicate and cooperate. Teachers guide us to unleash our natural abilities through various activities, awakening and inspiring our talents, encouraging us to continuously break through in self-expression, and harness the power of teamwork and collaboration." Nurtured by MIS's holistic education, the cheerful and lively Kyran is not only a helpful assistant to teachers but also a warm-hearted companion to his classmates. He loves sports and is a vibrant and sunny young man in his daily life, always willing to help those around him with whatever he can.

During a school basketball game, due to a lack of cooperation among teammates, the match was at a standstill. As the team captain, Kyran realized that without unity, the team would undoubtedly lose. So Kyran began to encourage and motivate his teammates, acting as the team's glue, establishing clear tactical goals for his teammates, making everyone understand the importance of cooperation. Under Kyran's leadership, the team unleashed formidable fighting spirit and emerged victorious.

As practitioners of British-style holistic education and cultivators of global citizens, MIS is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive campus environment. They nurture each child's nature with care and love, helping every child grow into a better version of themselves. In the future, MIS will continue to recognize the most beautiful practitioners of these values, allowing these shining young individuals to bloom the seeds of their dreams under the nourishment of holistic education and achieve abundant lives.









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