MIS Student Council | 接过青春接力棒 曼校新一届学生会出炉
2023-10-22 17:11:00


In the British education system, the annual selection of a new Student Council is a long-standing school tradition. They not only represent the department and the school's image, participating in important activities both inside and outside the school, such as external promotion, guest interactions, and showcasing their charisma, but also taking on the role of Student Council President to develop their "leadership" and "cooperation" skills, fostering their abilities in self-management within this joyful and mission-driven campus.

Being elected as the Student Council President also reflects their honest and kind character traits as students, as well as the sense of responsibility they demonstrate when faced with challenges. This showcases the spirit of MIS students, who continually strive for excellence.

This week, we are pleased to announce that students have independently voted to elect the Head Girl and Head Boy of the primary school. They will serve as bridges and connections between the school and the students, using their talents and charm to benefit both the students and the school.

Tidus, who has grown alongside MIS from Singapore, has witnessed many memorable moments. As the new Head Boy of the primary school, you can always spot his active presence in campus sports competitions, class activities, and extracurricular events. In daily learning, Tidus patiently listens to his classmates' requests and provides help whenever possible, infecting everyone around him with his positive, cheerful, and sincere personality.

"I feel extremely proud to have been elected as Head Boy. I hope to make our students' lives more diverse through my efforts and attract more friends to join the MIS, this friendly and harmonious family," said Tidus with determination when discussing how he plans to fulfill his responsibilities as Head Boy in the future. "Although it's filled with challenges, I am sure I won't let my classmates down and will create miracles that belong to all of us."

在英式教育体系中,每年评选新一届Student Council是一个悠久的学校传统。他们不仅将代表着学部、学校的形象,参与到对外推介、嘉宾互动、风采展示等重要的校内外活动,同时担任学生会主席也将锻炼他们“领导力”、“合作”等自主管理能力,在这个快乐而充满使命感的校园中贡献自己的力量。


 本周,我们很高兴的向大家宣布,学生们自主投票选举出了小学部的Head Girl和Head Boy。他们将作为学校与学生之间的桥梁和纽带,运用自己的才华和魅力,为学生和学校服务。

来自新加坡的Tidus与曼校共同成长的岁月里见证了许多精彩的时刻。作为小学部新一届的Head Boy,无论是在校园体育比赛、班级活动、课外活动,总能看到他活跃的身影,在日常学习中,Tidus总能像大哥哥一样耐心倾听同学们的诉求并尽可能地提供帮助,积极乐观、真诚开朗的性格感染了每一位身边的人。

“能竞选成为Head Boy我感觉非常骄傲,我希望通过我的努力让我们的学生生活更加丰富多样,吸引更多小伙伴加入到曼校这个友爱和谐的大家庭。”采访中,谈起未来如何履行Head Boy责任,Tidus语气充满了坚定,“虽然充满挑战,但我肯定不会辜负同学们的信任,创造属于大家的奇迹。”


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