MIS Pink Oct | 粉红丝带飘进曼校 公益种子撒进孩子心田
2023-10-29 16:29:00


⬆️ MIS in the shape of a Pink Ribbon ⬆️

In the autumn of orange, yellow, and green, a touch of pink has been added to the MIS campus predominantly adorned with blue.

October is "Breast Cancer Prevention Month," also known as the "Pink Ribbon October.” On October 26, a "Pink Ribbon" charity event organized by MIS (MISPA, Parent Association) took place on the campus.

⬆️ Head of Seniors Mark ⬆️

⬆️ Secretary of MISPA Vicky ⬆️

At the event, students with a strong sense of social responsibility and a mission formed a large “pink ribbon" pattern, made and distributed red ribbons, and promoted awareness of breast health. They advocated for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, early prevention, early detection, and early treatment.

⬆️ MIS students in pink dress ⬆️

A single ribbon not only demonstrates the unity of MIS students' aspirations and pursuit of health and beauty but also serves as a vivid example of MIS's ongoing commitment to holistic education.

⬆️ MIS students and teachers ⬆️

As an important extracurricular activity, charity work has always been actively encouraged at MIS to help guide students in understanding society and serving it. Student volunteers will also learn to pay attention to social welfare, develop a sense of social responsibility, and enhance their civic awareness through various charity activities organized by the school.

As the future members of society, students have a responsibility to cultivate healthy lifestyle principles and civic awareness from a young age. They aim to spread knowledge and ideas for breast cancer prevention and create a positive atmosphere for breast cancer prevention, as mentioned by MISPA Secretary, Vicky.

⬆️ 曼校师生摆出“红丝带”图案 ⬆️



⬆️ 中学校长Mark开场介绍 ⬆️

⬆️ 家委会秘书长Vicky介绍粉红十月活动 ⬆️

现场,深具社会责任感和使命感的学生们通过摆出大型“红丝带”图案,制作发放红丝带等形式,宣传关注乳腺健康,倡议大家保持健康的生活方式, 及早预防,及早发现,及早治疗。

⬆️ 曼校学子们粉红装扮 ⬆️


⬆️ 曼校师生积极参与互动 ⬆️

公益作为课外活动的重要课程,曼校一直积极鼓励学生参与其中, 以此帮助引导学生们认识社会、服务社会。学生志们也将在学校组织的各类公益活动中,学会关注社会民生,培养社会责任感,提升公民意识。



图片 文章 Yafei Zhao & Devin Deng