MIS 2021 Scholarship Programme丨新鲜出炉,曼校奖学金开放申请!
2021-02-01 08:27:00


MIS 2021-2022 Scholarship Programme is now open for applications. 

Scholarship Benefits

Some might say the financial benefit is the most rewarding part of a scholars time at school, however, students who have embarked on a school scholarship are recognised as having “something special”. 

Universities look upon scholars as being accomplished and gifted, prepared and ahead of the game! 

Being awarded a scholarship is a big deal! Most colleges are looking to add students who will be positive contributors to their student body. A merit scholarship confirms that you are a capable student who would be a great addition to their school. 

Of course, nobody can deny a scholarship has financial benefits, some high achieving young learners may miss out on international schooling due to the private tuition fee costs.    

MIS offers two scholarship programmes IGCSE and A Level. 

What do MIS Scholarship Students feel about their journey here?

Peter Kang

2018-2020 A Level Student

2020 Year 13 Graduate

A Level Results: A* A* A* A (AS Futher Maths)

University Destinations: Unconditional at UCL

Albeit short, my time as an A Level scholarship student in Merchiston International School was simply priceless in all aspects. Under the skillful teaching staff, all my fellow peers and I have successfully paved the way to academic proficiency while receiving countless support to keep ourselves motivated. 

Whilst outstanding grade improvements are impressive enough, the Merchiston virtuse holds much more than just answering exam questions; there were no sides to our wellbeing and potentials that was overlooked. All parts of our school life constantly inspired us about our future careers and respective dreams, and we were consistently encouraged to think creatively and critically. 

Merchiston had everything for us to improve and develop ourselves. We were free to conduct all sorts of scientific and social experiments, attend wellbeing sessions to socialise and take part in sports events to relieve stress. Extensive sets of equipment and outstanding facilities was a nice boost to our morale as well. 

When I left Merchiston to reach out higher, I was certainly much more confident, independent, and inspired. Now I am studying at UCL with a major in PPE, and there is no doubt that my experience in Merchiston will be a great personal asset for whatever lies ahead.  

Lina Soliman

2018-2020 A Level Student

2020 Year 13 Graduate

A Level Results: A B B

University Destinations: University of Fudan

As an MIS scholarship student for the last two years of my school life, I had the privilege of being taught by some of the most experienced and kindest teachers during this unforgettable period. 

I have discovered new personal strengths, learnt how to work on my weaknesses, followed a detailed plan to achieve my goals. I also received all-round, constant guidance especially during the university application process. My personal statement couldn’t have turned out better. 

As a result of this experience, MIS has taken me a long way. Both my personality and academic performance have improved, I have learnt more about British and Chinese cultures - the list is endless. 

The various opportunities and interactions that stem from being an active MIS community member further increased my knowledge and experience beyond school walls. I felt well prepared for my next stage in life and proud of who I’ve become.  

I am currently studying medicine and surgery at Fudan University, haven’t looked back since! 

Tommy Kang

Year 12 current A Level Student


I am Tommy in Y12, and I used to study in Green Oasis School. Now I am a part of MIS, Merchiston International School. I applied to study in MIS mainly because of two reasons: the scholarship programme and the exciting school life full of opportunities here in MIS. If it wasn’t for the scholarship programme they offer, I would not have been able to study in MIS with its excellent facilities and passionate teachers. The MIS scholarship programme allows students to reach their maximum potential, alongside other enthusiastic fellow classmates. The school also gives students many opportunities to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. I have participated in many of these activities, such as those relating to music, sports, or student leadership bodies. Along with fellow students in December 2020 we entered the CSSC National Debate. I along with a classmate won the competition out of 800 plus entries going 6 rounds. My journey here in MIS has been amazing so far, thanks to the great learning environment the school provides for students. 

Harry Pan

Year 13 current A Level Student

Offers:  Imperial College London, University of Manchester, University of Southampton


I am Harry a Year 13 student at MIS, prior to joining MIS I studied at ULC, Guangzhou. I chose MIS for my final two years of school for many reasons. Firstly, all the MIS teachers have advanced degrees, which greatly assists my study. The boarding house set up is excellent because we have single rooms, which allows me to focus on my work without distraction. In my opinion, scholarship means not only a good academic performance, but also a motivation for me to make further progress. I chose five A Level subjects in Year 12, which was a difficult challenge for me, but with the teachers help and the school’s excellent learning environment, I achieved top grades in the exams. I am part of the school band and have performed in many events. Recently during my university applications the MIS teachers offered substantial help in achieving my acceptance for my dream university. I highly appreciated by their work and their skills. 

Crystal Fong

Year 13current A Level Student

Offers: University of Manchester, University of York


I am Crystal, currently studying in MIS Year 13. Before joining MIS I studied in Green Oasis School.  The reason why I chose MIS is mostly because of the expert teachers which have all kinds of experience both international and in China.   My peers also provide me with immense help in my studies. I regard the scholarship as an important motivation in my school life at MIS. Because of this, I work hard in all my subjects and try to manage my time suitably as MIS is also a boarding school. Whenever I have any confusion, I engage with my subject teachers and with their advice and support I am able to have a deeper understanding of the contents. 

During  Year 12, I was selected as Head Girl to represents the school and fellow students. Being Head Girl, I gained the key ability of communication,. This was driven by being the voice for other students and collecting their suggestions and listening to their opinions on matters that were important to them and meeting with key leadership staff to find a common ground.  Many ideas were implemented to which I am happy and thrilled to see the school's positive development.  

As a sports fan, I joined the school A-team. In this team, I made a lot of friend with the same interests and I got to know the responsible PE teachers. I have participated in numerous tournaments and competitions allowing me to go out of school and meeting people with different ages and backgrounds. 

The work I have done and success I have achieved would not be possible without the school. MIS provided me with many great opportunities to achieve my future goal and has planned a better route for me when I graduate. 

A Level & IGCSE Scholarship Programme 2021-2022

Various scholarships 

(academic, music & sports) on offer

At Merchiston International School we believe in providing deserving students with the opportunity to experience the best British international education in a culturally diverse environment. We also believe that excellence is achievable through hard work and dedication. Thus, as part of the MIS Scholarship Programme, we are now accepting applications for A Level and IGCSE scholarships for 2021-2022.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students entering Year 12 (A Level) & Year 10 (IGCSE)

● Students holding foreign identification

● Students with demonstrated high academic / music / sports achievement and English fluency

● Students with good communication skills and leadership attributes

● Students with active participation in co-curricular activities including sports, performing arts and other events

Award amount

● The various scholarship amounts may vary, but will include highly discounted places.  Scholarships will be awarded for the duration of the student’s education at MIS, providing the student fulfills the requirements to maintain scholarship as outlined in the “Expectations to maintain scholarship”

 Students are eligible for only one scholarship 

How to apply

Step 1 – Contact MIS for the application form and gather the necessary documentation.  Before you begin to complete the application, make sure to prepare the following documents which you will submit in the first section of the application form.

Required Documents:

●  2 Years of School Reports  

 Personal Statement – a 300-word essay

●  Standardised Testing Results if any  

●  Copies of any awards received  

 Official Transcript   

●  Recommendation forms from English and Maths Teacher 

●  Student and Parents ID  

●  Passport size photo  

●  Application Fee   

Step 2 – Write your personal statement, a 300-word essay:” The Merchiston motto is “Ready Ay Ready”. What does this mean to you?”

Step 3 – Complete the application form and attach your personal statement as a PDF file.

Step 4 – FOR SHORTLISTED APPLICANTS ONLY – Shortlisted applicants will be invited to visit MIS to sit the scholarship assessment and attend an individual and family interview.

When should I apply?

26 February: 

All completed applications must be submitted by Friday 26 February 2021.

5 March:

Shortlisted candidates will be informed of date for interview.

11/12 March:  

Candidates to sit scholarship assessments and attend an individual and family interview.

19 March:       

Candidates will be notified of the status of their scholarship application.

26 March:  

Successful scholarship awardees and their families will sign a letter of acceptance.

Selection Process

MIS is looking for academically strong students who are well rounded and who will contribute positively to the school community.  Candidates are evaluated based on their past academic performance, awards received, participation in leadership and extracurricular activities and their personal statement. Final scholarship award decisions will also take into consideration the results of the candidate’s assessments and interview.  All applicants will be notified of their scholarship status and those students who do not receive a MIS scholarship may elect to apply for admission without a scholarship award.  The scholarship award decision made by the school is final and may not be appealed.

Number of available scholarships

The number of scholarships that will be awarded will vary from year to year taking into consideration the number of available places in that year group, the quality of applications received and the funding available to support scholarships.

Expectations to maintain scholarships

Scholarship awards are intended for the duration of a student’s Year 12 to Year 13 and Year 10 to Year 13 school attendance at MIS. Students must meet the following conditions in order to continue receiving the scholarship: 

●  Student must maintain a high academic standing

 Student must consistently demonstrate a positive attitude and maximum effort in their learning

 Student must participate in the full school programme including school trips and after school activities

 Student must show exemplary personal behaviour and appropriately represent the school’s image

 Student must meet the school ‘s attendance requirements, not missing more than 10% of school days

●  Parents or guardians are expected to be positive school community members

Defferring the scholarship

The scholarship is non-transferrable and the term of study cannot be deferred.  Should a student withdraw, the scholarship will be terminated and cashing out for the remaining value of the scholarship is not permitted.

For further queries please contact Admissions:  sonia.buchan@merchiston.cn  or by phone 400 867 0177.




当在申请大学的时候,学校往往会更看重在IGCSE和A Level阶段的奖学金获得者,因为这些人往往是有过人成就、拥有过人才能的。



曼校现为IGCSE 和 A Level 阶段学生提供相应的奖学金计划。


Peter Kang

2018-2020 A Level 学生

2020 年13年级毕业生

A Level 成绩 A* A* A* A (AS 进阶数学)






Lina Soliman

2018-2020 A Level 学生

2020 年13年级毕业生

A Level成绩:A B B


作为曼校A Level阶段的奖学金获得者,我有幸在这两年的时间内在曼校度过。





Tommy Kang

12 年级学生


我是12年级的Tommy, 我曾在城市绿洲读书。现在,我成为曼校的一名学生。我之所以申请曼校,主要有两个原因:曼校的奖学金计划以及曼校充满机遇和令人兴奋的学校生活。如果没有曼校提供的奖学金,我将无法享受曼校一流的设施和接受高水平的曼校教师的培养。曼校还为学生提供了很多课外学习的机会,我也参加了很多这样的活动,例如音乐类、体育类和学生会的相关活动。2020年12月,我们与同学们一起参加了粤港澳大湾区全国青少年辩论赛。历经六轮比赛,我和队友们从800多个赛队里脱颖而出,赢得了冠军。到目前为止,由于学校为学生提供了良好的学习环境,因此我在曼校的生活十分开心。

Harry Pan




我在十二年级选择了五门A Level科目,真的对我来说是一个艰巨的挑战,但是曼校良好的学校氛围下,在老师的悉心指导下,我在考试中取得了最高分。


Crystal Fong


已获得offer:曼彻斯特大学, 约克大学






2021-2022 A Level & IGCSE奖学金开放申请


深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校致力于为优秀的学生提供享受一流英式国际教育的机会,让莘莘学子在多元化的文化背景中接受全人教育。我们深信学生们努力参与校内外课程项目、钻研学术,终将成为优秀的全球公民。为了实现这一理念,深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校现开放2021-2022年A Level(英国普通中等教育证书考试高级水平课程) & IGCSE(英国普通中等教育证书考试高级水平课程)奖学金申请。


● 申请就读曼校12或10年级的A Level(英国普通中等教育证书考试高级水平课程) /IGCSE(英国普通中等教育证书考试高级水平课程)学生。

● 持有合法境外身份的学生。

● 具有较高学术/音乐/体育成就和英语水平的学生。

● 沟通能力和领导能力突出的学生。

● 积极参与各类兴趣活动的学生,比如在体育,表演艺术或其他方面有特长的学生。


● 各类奖学金额度不等,入选奖学金计划的学生均可获得大幅度学费折扣作为奖励。入选奖学金计划的学子在曼校就读期间,如能达到学校对续读奖学金申请项目的要求,学生可以持续地享受奖学金奖励直至毕业,具体请见下文明细。

● 每位学生只能入选一类奖学金项目计划。




●  两年学校评估报告 


●  标准化考试成绩单(如有) 

●  获奖证书复印件 


●  英语或数学老师的推荐表 

●  学生和家长身份证 

●  护照大小照片 

●  申请费 


题目:“深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校的校训是“Ready Ay Ready”(为未来而来),你对这个校训是如何理解的?”




















● 学生需维持高水平的学术成绩。

● 学生需有积极的学术态度和学习劲头。

● 学生需积极参加所有学校活动,包括一切校外研学和CCA活动。

● 学生需言谈举止得体,呈现良好的个人形象,展示曼校素质培养成果。

● 学生的出勤率需达标,在校日的缺勤率不高于10%。

● 家长或监护人积极地为学校发展献出一份力。




邮箱地址mis_admissions@merchiston.cn 或电话400 867 0177。



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E: mis_admissions@merchiston.cn 

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