MIS Year 13 Graduation Ceremony丨这批被世界前三十名校录取的曼校学子毕业了
2021-09-08 14:42:59


MIS’s Year 13 A Level cohort will say goodbye to school and embark on their next journey, life at university. 


Graduation Ceremony


Even though current gathering restrictions were in place, MIS was able to hold a small Graduation Ceremony to celebrate these outstanding young adults and bid farewell.

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Offers & Achievements


Having experienced a year full of uncertainties and challenges the Year 13 students still achieved amazing results.

This year due to changes in the international situation, overseas applications for universities in the UK and Hong Kong have increased rapidly.  Our Year 13 students were up against some tough competition for these prestigious universities.

Universities had to reduce their enrollment quota due to the global impact of COVID-19, and A Level exams were cancelled. This therefore meant that students who were accepted for September 2020 had deferred and reapplied for 2021. We couldn’t be more proud of what the Year 13's have achieved in this highly competitive market.  Our Year 13 students successfully received offers from the world’s top 30 universities despite this difficult year.

Our experienced University Counsellors Ms Elsa Jian and Ms Marion supported and guided all our students through the stringent application processes. Our students received university guidance courses weekly with Ms Elsa tracking their application process and guiding them accordingly to achieve maximum potential.

Unfortunately two students Keshwa and Shubh were unable to return to Shenzhen.  However MIS ensured that online learning and support was delivered equally to ensure that they too could finish their A Levels.  Ms Elsa and Ms Marion again supported their applications in all aspects including university choices, personal statement guidance, interview practice and of course the their exam arrangements.

Today was the last A Level exam and all of our Year 13 students have made their final university decision. We are looking forward to publishing their results when they arrive. Ready Ay Ready!




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Mr Hilton

Head of Seniors

“Congratulations to Year 13 on your graduation. Life is what you make it...so make it count. Only you can be the author of the story you are destined to tell.”

Ms Buchan

Regional Director of Admissions, Communications & Marketing

“It has been a pleasure getting to know you and see you grow over the years, may you go onto excel in everything that you do. Follow your dreams and aim for the stars!”

Mr Copley

Head of Maths (Seniors)

“Good luck to the MIS class of 2021, you have dealt with the most difficult of times over the course of your A-Level studies and it is testament to you all that you will head off to Universities around the globe next year fully equipped for whatever life throws at you next! Well done and keep pushing forward.”

Ms McLaughlin

Director of Visual Arts, Display & Installation

“Year 13 you have shown such resilience, focus and commitment to your chosen paths. We are all in awe of you studying and achieving in a second language, everyday is a stretch and everyday you have risen to this incredible challenge. You are an inspiration to the whole MIS community, and have led the way with your impressive achievements. I have to say a special congratulations to LokMei and Linda, you are two of the most talented creative art students I have ever had the privilege to teach and I want to say thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas, and allowing me to push you into new areas of art. Year 13 YOU HAVE DONE IT!! enjoy a well deserved break the best is yet to come!”

Mr Nowak

Director of Sport & PE

“A huge congratulations to you all in completing your time at MIS, under the toughest of circumstances. You have shown grit, determination and resilience, and you have become stronger and more able as you move forward and on to the next chapter of your lives. Thanks for your efforts in PE and I hope that you remember what you have learned so that you can live happy and healthy lives. Good luck!”


Words of Wisdom


Mr Smith

Head of Boarding & Pastoral Care

Congratulations Class of 2021. You are now very nearly Old Merchistonians. In the year that many of you were born China joined the WTO and opened its trade to the world, mobile phone cameras were an outstanding 1MP, the average house cost per metre squared in Shenzhen was 4000 Yuan, music was supplied to listeners via the compact disc (CD) and the shopping habits of the Chinese switched from markets and streets to online and I,  like you,  was starting an important period in my life. I was about to embark on becoming a Father to my second child.

The sad truth is, I don't even remember who the speaker was at my graduation let alone what he/she talked about but I do remember squinting alot and having a  vague sense that I would never again be around so many attractive, available young people in my life. It is my solemn duty to inform you that that fear may be well founded.

As you can appreciate some things have changed a lot since you were born (and I became a father) and often, I can tell you, these changes creep up on you unnoticed through the course of your life and often there is little significant influence you can have on them. What I would like to talk to you about today as you leave us and move onto the next stage of your life, is how you can make a difference to your life no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, whether you’re brainy, sporty, nerdy, crazy, some or all of the above. 

My advice to you today on how to live full and successful lives is built on ideas. Don’t confuse my ideas with knowledge. Knowledge is only a click away. Ideas are flames of the imagination. Ideas are the things that can change your world.

Here are seven ideas that I believe in and would like to pass on to you:

The new economy of which you are part of is about emotion travelling through screens, about a movement not a market, about return on involvement not a return on investment.

I see a lot of bright futures out there. You’ve got the world at your finger tips, or at your thumbtips in this "age of Apple", so no excuses!

So ...there are times when you are going to do well, and times when you're going to fail. But neither the doing well, nor the failure is the measure of success. The measure of success is what you think about what you've done. Let me put that another way: The way to be happy is to like yourself and the way to like yourself is to do only things that make you proud.

So as you leave us now an embark on your new journey my wish is that you find something in your lives that fulfils you and keeps you happy and that allows you to experience success on your own terms and finally, on whatever scale, try really hard to make a positive difference to something or someone in your lives.

Speaking on behalf of the staff; you go with our love and best wishes.



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Offers & Achievements




与此同时,由于疫情影响,去年A Level考试的取消,导致2020年度大学入学学生规模扩大,也有不少拥有A Level成绩的学生选择重新加入2021年度申请季,直接促使大学在今年的应届生招生指标上进行进一步缩紧。曼校的毕业生们在这样的竞争环境下,仍然能够取得如此优异的升学成绩实属不易,我们对他们取得的成就感到无比自豪。尽管今年困难重重,但是我们13年级毕业生还是成功收到了世界30强名校的offer。


遗憾的是,Keshwa 和 Shubh 两名印度籍学生由于疫情原因无法返回深圳,老师们为他们开启了专属的在线教学,升学指导老师Ms Elsa Jian在Ms Marion的指导下,全程在线对学生们的申请进行指导,每周和学生都保持沟通,从选校到文书修改到面试培训再到最终对他们的考试安排都一一跟进,跟各个高校沟通学生情况,不落下每一个细节。

今天是最后一次A Level考试,我们所有的毕业生已经确认了毕业去向。期待他们都取得好成绩。为未来而来!




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Mr Hilton



Ms Buchan



Mr Copley


“祝贺2021届毕业生,你们已经度过了A Level阶段最艰难的时刻,相信这段经历帮你提前演练了未来的大学生活:无论生活给你怎样的机遇,你都做好了万全的准备。干得漂亮,继续加油!

Ms McLaughlin



Mr Nowak

Direcotor of Sport & PE



Words of Wisdom


Mr Simth

Head of Boarding & Pastoral Care












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