Prize Giving 2021丨曼校年终颁奖礼
2021-09-08 14:43:51


As we come to the end of a very busy academic year. MIS has much to celebrate.   The last week of term at MIS has been exceptionally busy with Prize Giving Ceremonies held for Juniors, Seniors and Sports.

Juniors Awards Ceremony


Ms Brookes our Head of Juniors: “Well done to everyone who received a Class or Boarding Contribution Award. These students were selected on the basis that they have consistently tried to embody the MIS values and are excellent role models to their peers. It was very difficult to choose and I would like to congratulate all Juniors students for their efforts over the year.

Well done to:

Juniors Awards

Class Contribution Award

EY: Albert

Year 1: Sugar

Year 2: Ding Ding and Chloe

Year 3: Manyan and Louis

Year 4: Mike and Bella

Year 5: Peter and Amy

Year 6: Summer and Sophia

Boarding Contribution Award

Henry and Amy Year 6

Seniors Awards Ceremony


The Prize Giving Ceremonies were hosted by Dr Tod our Head of School to all our Seniors students from Monday to Friday in small daily ceremonies.

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One of the most disappointing elements of Covid-19 is that larger events, or gatherings, are prohibited by authorities in every country. That applies not only in China but also in the UK too, and throughout the world.

And it is a real shame that school communities cannot gather at the end of the Academic Year and celebrate all the great work that has occurred.

That applies especially to traditional events like Prize Giving: we had hoped that all of our Year Groups might be able to congregate together, with parents too, and enjoy that final day of Term with a customary Prize Giving celebration.

However, it is not to be & we have been advised not to host bigger gatherings (of more than 50 people in reality).

BUT – we did not want to end the year without noting the achievements of every Year Group. And therefore we will be running brief mini-Prize Giving events all week, for the separate Year Groups.

It is very important that we do this: I believe passionately in celebrating student achievement & also holding up examples of good academic work that we can all aspire to.

Merchiston, MIS, is a rich community of people, all with different beliefs and aims. However, we need to be bound together in our desire to LEARN and progress as much as we can in our academics. That must always be our Number 1 Priority and I want to help build upon the great foundations at MIS, and reach higher for every young person.

Prize Giving is one such academic moment – noting those who deserve commendation. Well done to all of them. But, equally, for those who have not won Prizes, do not worry and be proud of what you have personally achieved & start to target your own academic aims for next year.

We are a community and I want us all, and I do mean ALL of us, to celebrate the academic success of the Prize Winners & to believe in the culture that we will be trying to build here.

Well done to you all &, in advance, I wish everyone a great summer break when it comes !

Sports Awards Ceremony


Director of Sport Mr Nowak congratulated each and everyone of our sporting athletes for their contributions and efforts during the last year.  MIS students have really risen to the challenges and have competed fiercely but with good sportpersonship.   We are proud of how they have grown and excelled in their field and how their teamwork and team spirit has continued to enhance their daily lives.   Each and every member of the MIS Lions are to remember to always do their best, strive for excellence and continue to ensure sport and fitness is a key part in their lives.    Let’s congratulate our Sporting Stars of 2020-2021.

Sports Awards

Most Improved

U11: Kenrick, Lea

U14 Boys: William

U14 Girls: Annie

U19 Boys: Ivan

U19 Girls: Alice

Players Athlete

U11: Henry

U14 Boys: Dexter

U14 Girls: Amy

U19 Boys: Alexander

U19 Girls: Crystal

Lion of the Year

U11: Daniel, Ruby

U14 Boys: Jeff

U14 Girls: Jojo

U19 Boys: Alexander

U19 Girls: Crystal

Half Colour Award

U14 Boys: Andy K,  Jeff,  Sun Ho, William, Dexter, Dino

U14 Girls: Karry, Tanya

U19 Boys: Ivan

U19 Girls: Esther, Pearly

Full Colour Award

U19 Boys: Alexander, Jeffrey, Jinny,  Henry, Tony, Tommy

U19 Girls: Alice, Crystal, Betty,  Mackenzie, Jenni, Ena


Juniors Awards Ceremony






学前班: Albert

1年级: Sugar

2年级: Ding Ding、Chloe

3年级: Manyan、Louis

4年级: Mike、Bella

5年级: Peter、Amy

6年级: Summer、Sophia 


6年级:Henry、 Amy

Seniors Awards Ceremony


中学的颁奖礼持续一整周,由校长Tod 博士为中学们颁奖。









Sports Awards Ceremony





U11: Kenrick, Lea

U14 男子: William

U14 女子: Annie

U19 男子: Ivan

U19 女子: Alice


U11: Henry

U14 男子: Dexter

U14 女子: Amy

U19 男子: Alexander

U19 女子: Crystal


U11: Daniel, Ruby

U14 男子: Jeff

U14 女子: Jojo

U19 男子: Alexander

U19 女子: Crystal


U14 男子: Andy K,  Jeff,  Sun Ho, William, Dexter, Dino

U14 女子: Karry, Tanya

U19 男子: Ivan

U19 女子 Esther, Pearly


U19 男子: Alexander, Jeffrey, Jinny,  Henry, Tony, Tommy

U19 女子: Alice, Crystal, Betty,  Mackenzie, Jenni, Ena



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