A Strategic Cooperation With Tencent!丨 重磅!曼校与腾讯达成战略合作!
2021-09-08 14:45:01


Merchiston International School and Tencent reached a strategic cooperation.

Co-creating innovation demonstration sites for science and technology education

On 23 June 2021, Merchiston International School (hereinafter referred to as " MIS") and Tencent Youth Science and Technology Learning Centre held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in technological innovation practice that is of great and far-reaching significance for both parties.

At the ceremony, the management team of the two parties discussed the content of "education + technology" in the youth field and will focus on Tencent Mini Goose series innovation training projects and creative programming as the core of cooperation and integrate with the school’s international curriculum to promote the practice of scientific and technological innovation.

Group photo at the signing ceremony

Xi Dan, Senior Vice President of Tencent, Ling Yun , Director of Tencent Youth Science and Technology Learning Centre, Zhuang Junlian, Director of Tencent Youth Science and Technology Learning Centre Creative Space, Guo Bijian , Director of  Tencent Youth Science and Technology Learning Centre Content and Service Product Development;  Jianjun Lyu; Chairman of the Board of MIS, Dr Murray Tod ; Head of School, Simon Smith; Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care, Daniel Hilton; Head of Seniors, Sonia Buchan; Director of Admissions, Communication & Marketing, Denny Yao; Director of Co-Curriculum Activities. Leaders from MIS investor, Lighthouse International Education Group also attended the ceremony, Zhang Zhaofeng, the  Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Zhao;  Vice Director of Human Resources.

MIS is the first overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, a top-ranked independent school located in Scotland, UK with a glorious history of over 188 years. 

MIS is also the first purely British international boarding school in Shenzhen with a consistent K13 system. MIS has not only inherited the high-quality British education of Edinburgh Merchiston Castle School, but also integrating Chinese and Western excellent education. The school's international curriculum system and "Ready Ay Ready" philosophy have nurtured many students with outstanding academic performance and outstanding character. At the same time, MIS is committed to providing pastoral care for students, paying attention to the holistic development of students, and is committed to cultivating international innovative talents who can actively respond to future challenges.

Tencent Youth Science and Technology Learning Centre, as Tencent’s window to export youth science and technology education, uses Tencent’s cutting-edge technology and rich talent training experience as a starting point to develop and form a complete internet technology talent training system. Self-developed professional internet science and technology courses, diversified innovative science and technology practice projects, and the industry's top professional mentor team provide the most advantageous resources, the most professional guidance and the most authentic science and innovation environment for youth science and technology education.

Murray Tod, Head of MIS

Dr Murray Tod; Head of School, expressed his welcome and thanks to Tencent. He said that the management team of MIS was invited to visit Tencent headquarters on 6 June. Today, Tencent came to MIS. There is an idiom in China called Li Shang Wang Lai. He hoped that the arrangements of MIS would make Tencent feel at home. He said that he is very happy that MIS has such a precious opportunity to establish a close strategic partnership with Tencent. As a teacher with many years of teaching experience, Murray Tod believes that digital technology and technology need to be used to promote innovation in education. As a leading company in the global Internet industry, Tencent has outstanding technology and technical expertise and advantages. He is very grateful for the sharing of science and technology by Tencent Group, and sincerely hopes that in the future, MIS will cultivate more innovative talents in return for Tencent's investment in this cooperation. He looks forward to future co-creation and cooperation.

MIS student representatives shared their experiences

At the ceremony, student representatives from MIS shared their experiences of participating in science and technology projects at Tencent. In the project, they have not only improved their professional knowledge and skills, but also gained enlightenment in the choice of university majors and the direction of future career development.

Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care Mr. Simon Smith

Simon Smith, Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care of MIS, praised the experiences shared by the student representatives. From the perspective of global student development, he shared his view of high-quality education, that is, holistic education, focusing on all aspects of cultivating children. This is exactly what MIS in practice. He said that we live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. We are not sure what the future of us and our children is, so we must help them to prepare for it. What is needed in the future are " creative thinkers" and "inventors". Many industries will be technology-centric. MIS has realised this, so MIS is very happy and honoured to cooperate with Tencent to provide opportunities and experience for students to understand the true language and application of science.

Jianjun Lyu, Chairman of the Board of MIS

Jianjun Lyu, MIS Chairman of the Board, said that Tencent and MIS share common mission and vision. Tencent advocates "Science and Technology for Good" and MIS insists on "Education for Good." Both parties are working towards the same goal of "bringing the best education and technology to our children". Jianjun Lyu expressed high recognition of Tencent’s scientific and technological history and business achievements. At the same time, he also introduced the seven characteristics of MIS: adhere to the high-quality education in the UK, take advantage of the excellent curriculum of Scotland, inherit MCS’s good genes, combine excellent culture with advanced educational concepts, use technology to empower education, integrate the college system with international courses, and focus on cultivating students' pastoral care and social responsibility.

Mr Jianjun Lyu said that MIS’s mother school MCS has a long history and MIS has inherited its excellent traditional genes, and Tencent is the most dynamic world-class enterprise, the strategic cooperation between the two parties is a good combination and excellent model of historical inheritance and innovation of the times.

Xi Dan, Senior Vice President of Tencent

Xi Dan, Senior Vice President of Tencent, expressed his high recognition of MIS's advanced education model, high-quality educational resources, and unique pastoral care. He said that for Tencent, during business development and scale expansion, attracting talents from all over the world is a very important foundation, and it has also accumulated a lot of experience and practice in the cultivation of scientific and technological talents. He believes that the basic education stage has a profound impact on the growth of children. Letting children learn and be exposed to knowledge in multiple fields during the basic education stage will help children improve their independent learning ability and innovative thinking.

He is very much looking forward to the Tencent team dedicating to the development of youth scientific and technological capabilities and work together with the school’s elites in the education sector to integrate resources from all sources, jointly explore and practice the educational path of international innovative talents and cultivate more comprehensive and creative talents with international vision and innovation. At the same time, he said that MIS has been established for more than three years. Although it is young, it has made a lot of achievement. This is very similar to the city of Shenzhen. Although young, they are committed to innovation and facing the future. Shenzhen is not only a model window for China in the Internet, finance, modern logistics, technology services and other industries, but also a pioneer in education. It is hoped that the multi-level cooperation between Tencent and high-quality schools can help Shenzhen develop prosperity Education ecology. Based in Shenzhen and facing the world, he hopes MIS and Tencent will work together to embrace future development and cultivate more outstanding innovative talents.

Ling Yun,director of Tencent Youth Science and Technology Learning Centre, reviewed many exchanges and cooperation between MIS and Tencent since 2019, and thanked the school team for their continuous support and help. She said that in the next, the two parties will use Tencent's Mini Goose series innovation training project and Tencent Creative Programming as the core of the cooperation. The Mini Goose series innovation training project will provide students with technology platform of creative output, project actual combat, work speeches, and charity exhibitions; Creators Programming will authorize MIS to give priority to the use of Creative Programming content products and services covering programming, artificial intelligence, game design, digital art and other fields. Innovative experience and learning models will bring higher quality to science and technology learning.

Tencent & MIS representatives

The strategic cooperation between MIS and Tencent Youth Science and Technology Learning Centre combines Tencent’s scientific and educational resources and projects with the MIS’s curriculum system to jointly explore and catalyze the production of higher-quality content and teaching models that are more in line with the international system . Continue to derive diversified science and technology themed practical activities, the two parties will use innovative courses and learning scenarios to inspire students' interest in science and technology, and shape innovative thinking. The cooperation between the two parties will be a perfect blend of Chinese and Western cultures, and will also be committed to the integration of global talent training and human resources, and together write an innovative paradigm of international education + technology empowerment.



腾讯高级副总裁奚丹、腾讯青少年科技学习中心总监凌云、腾讯青少年科技学习中心创想空间负责人庄俊莲、腾讯青少年科技学习中心内容与服务产品研发负责人郭必坚;曼校董事局主席吕建军、校长Dr. Murray Tod、寄宿及德育校长Simon Smith先生、中学校长Daniel Hilton、市场及招生总监Sonia Buchan、增益课程总监姚晓东、曼校投资方灯塔教育首席财务官张赵峰、人力资源副总裁赵景和等出席了签约仪式。



曼校校长Murray Tod

曼校大校长Murray Tod博士对腾讯一行的到来表示欢迎和感谢。他说,曼校领导层于6月6日受邀访问了腾讯总部,今天腾讯来到曼校,中国有个成语叫礼尚往来,希望曼校的安排能让腾讯一行宾至如归。他表示,非常高兴有这样宝贵的机会同腾讯建立紧密的战略合作关系。作为有多年教学经验的老师,Murray Tod认为在当今时代需要运用数字科技和技术助力教育行业的创新,腾讯作为一个全球互联网行业的前沿企业拥有卓越的科技和技术的专业能力及优势。他非常感谢腾讯集团的科技分享,也真诚希望未来能以创新型人才回报腾讯在此次合作中的投入,期待未来的共创合作。



曼校寄宿及德育校长Simon Smith致辞

曼校寄宿及德育校长Simon Smith对学生代表分享的经历给予赞赏和肯定,并从全球学生发展的角度讲述了他认为的优质教育,即全人教育,注重培养孩子的方方面面,这正是曼校在践行的。他表示,我们生活在一个易变的、不确定的、复杂的、模棱两可的世界,我们不确定我们和我们的孩子的未来是什么,所以我们必须让他们为此做好准备。未来需要的是“创造性思想者”和“发明家”,很多行业将以技术为中心,曼校已经意识到这点,所以我们非常高兴和荣幸地参与到与腾讯的合作中来,为我们的学生了解科学的真正语言和应用提供机会和经验。












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