MIS Duke of Edinburgh丨曼校爱丁堡公爵奖励计划:曼校学子探险之旅
2022-01-14 19:56:00


Our Duke of Edinburgh students began their new year by taking on new challenges.

Six Days AJ


The students set out with a map and a compass and had to be completely self-sufficient on their forest trek. For students who have lived their whole lives in the city, this was a whole new experience.

Duke Of Edinburgh


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was founded by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh KG, KT in 1956 in conjunction with Kurt Hahn, a German educationalist. Both were concerned that young people’s development was lacking in certain key areas, and they resolved to create a programme that would be a ‘do-it-yourself kit in the art of civilised living.

The ambitious programme was arranged for 10 students from MIS to undertake the Practice and Qualifying journeys back-to-back over the school’s winter holiday. 


Intensive Training

30-31 December 2021

Two-day intensive training before setting foot on any mountain or trail, the students spent this time undertaking the necessary training to provide insight into the skills required for successful completion of the journeys.

Mr Sean

MIS D of E Leader

The D of E Adventure Journey was completed under the leadership of MIS teacher Mr Sean and two professional coaches, Colin and Frieda. The journey included pre-camp training, preparation, exploring points, planning routes and emergency measures. A total of 13 students were successfully selected for the Love Award in Term 1, each instructor who participated in the training only can allocate 20 student places. 10 students participated in the Adventure Journey project, 6 males and 4 females. This is a required journey to participate in the Love Awards.


Day 1 

1 January 2022

Participants set off early from MIS on the 1 January where they started by exploring the valley to the north of Xitoucun. In two groups they used the skills learned in training to navigate a series of checkpoints taking in a scenic waterfall along the way. As this was a practice journey the group supervisors continued the lessons from the training days, putting classroom lessons into real-world situations. Using a map and compass the 2 groups successfully negotiated a self-planned route covering over 10km whilst exploring the area and seeing the wonder of the outdoors. They worked as a team to overcome navigational challenges and in many sections, trail blazed on their successful completion of day 1 before heading to camp to set up camp and prepare their evening meals.

The Adventure Journey took place in the Conghua region of Xitoucun a mountainous area that boasts many of the highest peaks in Guangdong, 6 of which are over 1000m. The area features the most colourful concentrations of trees, waterfalls and flowers in the seasons> The great density of plants and the height of the peaks, the multi-hued lakes and mountains display the unique natural surroundings of the area.  The animal and plant species are an encyclopedic reservoir; serow, sambar, hill ox, civet, masked civet, camphor, fragrant nanmu and cuckoo are just a small selection of flora and fauna that can be seen.  In the last 100 years, many endangered species have been introduced here.

Hao’s Parent:

We knew it would be a hard trip earlier, but I am sure the child can make it. DofE can fully exercise children's willpower and enable them to feel the charm of nature, which is conveyed by the poem "being the top of the mountain, one can get a bird's-eye view of small mountains below"


Day 2

2 January 2022

Day 2 had a different feel to the day as groups were tasked to head into the mountains via a few checkpoints. After a night under canvas the two groups headed out of camp early to journey through two villages; Yaolaoshe and Apoliu, this meant a significant climb. Although not reaching the peak of Yapo Liu Mountain 960m, the groups traveled to a height of 800m on a single track to the south of the peak. The trail required good navigation as there were multiple choices to be made at many times, due to the difficulty of parts of the trails the groups also had to work well as a team to keep motivation up and successfully negotiate obstacles they met on the way.

Reaching the endpoint of the journey of nearly 30km over the two days the groups were treated to a night in a simple village hotel and a delightful locally prepared meal with some specialties of the area. Following a debrief, participants were pleased to have the basic utilities of a shower and bed which had been missing during the camping the night before.

Michael’s Parent:

We will attend the next DofE, and Michael is also very happy to participate in the continuous exploration of the unknown world. Through the DofE, he gets a different understanding of the future.


Day 3 

3 January 2022

The rest was short-lived as the Qualifying journey was looming in everyone’s sleep that night, preparations were made; routes planned, bags packed again, before rising early to hit the trails again. The groups had studied the maps earlier and were aware of the bigger challenge, their supervisors were there to ensure safety, the rest was up to the students. Decisions would not be questioned by the supervisors unless it was safety-related, if groups were navigated, they would have to live with the consequences; a longer hike than planned, packing and meal planning was solely the decision of the groups, if mistakes were made, they would have to work together to form solutions.

Heading out for the qualifying journey the groups navigated their way towards Jigong Rock a peak of over 1100m, the trail was unclear due to the reduced footfall from the last two years of restrictions in travel and trips. This made journeying difficult as errors in navigation were unavoidable, however through discussions the groups successfully managed to reach the ridgeline to the peak. Time however was against them as the trail was steep and slow in places, so the groups managed to reach the false peak itself over 1100m; but not quite as tall, before heading down the west side of the mountain towards Tou Wei Cun and the journey in the valley back to camp. This day was over 20km with over 1000m ascent; a very tough day but the groups showed fantastic spirit, skill and teamwork to overcome the challenges. Reaching the camp after dark, they prepared the camp and meals before everyone got their heads down for a well-earned rest ahead of the next day’s journey.

Mr Sean

MIS D of E Leader

This 20km hike was a new experience for most of the students and to climb a mountain with an altitude of 1000 meters is not an easy task. The students fell again and again and stood up again and again. They encouraged and helped each other, we proudly watched them return to the camp each night with a sense of achievement and joy spread across their faces. Coach Colin at the beginning explained that hiking and mountaineering exercise is a spiritual baptism. All the coaches were tired, but the students did not give up and completed the entire journey.


Day 4

4 January 2022

The final day was an easier challenge for participants as they stayed within the valleys exploring the villages, local customs and economic challenges of the local area. The recently built Shenzhen Expressway has brought both positive and negative effects with it. The  groups spent the day visiting businesses and speaking to locals to discover what these effects were and to draw conclusions as to the ‘pros and cons” of such a major construction project and how this impacted the scenic area, local population and the wider population. This exploration will form part of the group’s presentation.

Colin Wildy

D of E Assessor & International Trainer 

All the participants achieved the goal of completing the Adventurous Journey Section of the Award. They showed great spirit and energy to overcome the challenges that they faced as a group; although errors were made, lessons were learned, they leave the mountains knowing that they can overcome anything that life throws at them.

The Award Equips Young People For Life And Work


MIS is a British school that focuses on quality education to cultivate world talents. D of E is also known as the World Youth Achievement Award. The four categories of D of E are Sports, Skills, Social Service, and Outdoor Adventure. All the elements of the Love Award perfectly fit the teaching philosophy of MIS.

Mr Denny

MIS Diector of CCAs

“Not all learning happens in the classroom.” Mr Denny, Director of CCAs explained, “Young people need experiences outside the classroom to become committed, responsible, and fulfilled citizens of the world ”.

At this stage, there are two Award Leaders (Ms Faye and Mr Nick) and one Award Coordinator (Mr Sean). The three teachers are fully trained by Love Award and are eligible to enroll students. MIS has successfully become the executive centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in China in May 2021 and assist teachers to participate in professional training to be fully certified.

The awards are divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They are voluntary and non-competitive and are open to any youth between the ages of 14 and 24 to participate. The awards encourage young people to challenge themselves and serve others. After successfully registering, students should complete the goals set by themselves on time every week and finally complete their ultimate goals. The current registration method for D of E is part of CCA enrichment courses. Mr Sean and Ms Faye jointly assist students to register and conduct weekly tests.

Please follow CCAs WeChat account for further detials of MIS DofE.

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Six Days AJ




爱丁堡公爵奖于1956年由爱丁堡公爵和德国教育家库尔特·哈恩(Kurt Hahn)共同创立。 两人都担心年轻人在某些关键领域的发展不足,于是决心将此奖项打造成“锻炼文明生活能力的平台”。








此次爱丁堡公爵奖“冒险之旅”项目(Adventure Journey)在本校老师Sean和两名专业爱奖户外教练Colin和Frieda的共同带领下完成,领队工作包括营前培训、准备、探点、规划线路和紧急预险措施等等。第一学期曼校共计13名学生成功获得爱奖候选资格,每名参加过专业资格培训的导师手下只有20个学生名额。此次有10名学生参加AJ项目,其中6男4女。AJ是参与爱奖的必修项。




1 月 1 日上午,师生一行早早从曼校出发,前去探索溪头村以北的山谷。大家分为两队,各自使用集训中习得的技能挨个搜寻检查站,沿途欣赏风景秀丽的瀑布。由于这是一次实践学习之旅,领队老师边走边培训,将课程内容融合实地情况传授给队员们。手持地图和指南针,两支小队都成功挑战了一条超过10公里的自行规划路线,既探索了山地路况,又欣赏了沿路的户外奇观。队员们坚持团队合作,克服了途中遇到的种种挑战,在许多路段中,他们都展现了砥砺前行的决心和能力,成功完成了第一天的行程后,他们前往营地集合,安营扎寨并准备晚餐。























Colin Wildy



The Award Equips Young People For Life And Work


曼校是一所注重素质教育培养世界人才的英式学校。爱丁堡公爵奖又称为世界青年成就奖。 爱奖的4个大项分别为:运动,技能,社会服务,和户外冒险。所有爱奖的元素完美的契合了曼校的教学理念。所以我认为,每一个到达年龄的曼校学生都应该被鼓励参加爱奖。




现阶段有2名Award Leaders(Faye,Nick)和1名Award Coordinator(Sean)作为爱奖培训过并且有资格注册学生的三位老师。MIS成功在2021年的5月份成为爱丁堡公爵奖项在中国的执行中心。并输送老师参加专业的培训拿到证书。

奖项分为三个级别:铜奖、 银奖以及金奖,具有自愿性与非竞争性,提供给任何14岁-24岁的青年青年参加。鼓励年青人自我挑战、 服务他人。学生要在成功注册账号以后每周按时完成自己设定的目标,最后完成自己的终极目标。目前爱奖的报名方式是放在CCA增益课程里面由Sean和Faye共同帮助学生注册并进行每周的检测。


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