Happy New Year - Out with the old and in with new!
2021-01-01 16:00:00

As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in the new year of 2021 we look back on what was a somewhat unusual year for the whole world!   Will 2021 be a year for new hope, good health, happiness and love? We hope so!

Often we begin each new year with a resolution, a pledge to make this new year better in some way.

A New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life.

At MIS we have reflected on 2020 and look forward to 2021:

Mr Andrew & Mrs Barbara Hunter

Interim Head

Despite the pandemic difficulties around the globe, 2020 has given Barbara and I the opportunity to become involved in the day to day running of MIS, to enjoy and watch from afar the many joys and successes of the students within the MIS community, to witness the pulling together of staff and leaders through some challenging times to keep MIS open and for us both to learn more about the international world of education. 

Looking ahead to 2021, with the amazing scientific possibilities of world vaccinations against COVID-19, our hope is that we can return worldwide to a more “sociable world”, where we can once again enjoy visiting friends and family and have opportunities to travel freely across the globe.  We hope too that we do not forget how hard 2020 has been for many people, with separation and loss and that 2021 brings a little more kindness and tolerance. And finally for MIS, we hope that Project MIS/ Team MIS continues to grow. We wish Dr Murray Tod all the very best as he joins us as our Head. And returning to that all important theme of kindness and tolerance, let’s all of us as teams of staff, students and parents really ensure that we are all “rowing in the same direction”, and genuinely looking after each other and our individual wellbeing as human beings. For then truly we can say that we are “Team MIS”.

Best wishes.

Andrew and Barbara  

Sonia Buchan

Executive Leadership

Director of Admissions, Communications & Marketing

2020 has been a year where the world has faced many difficulties, but to be here in Shenzhen, China I am delighted by how MIS has continued to grow as a family and community during these unusual times.    The school was one of the first to re-open due to the amazing efforts of the Operations & Facilities team which meant students could recommence face to face learning!  I’ve watched our students take on challenge after challenge and I am very proud to be part of this journey.

2021 – Well I don’t believe in making new year’s resolutions as they are easy to break. However, I am looking forward to helping our students enjoy fitness more.  With morning runs, gym sessions and new aerobics sessions I can’t wait to start!  I will continue to exercise daily and read and finish a new book each week.  My daughter and I hope to be able to see her dad and her big brother again very soon in 2021.

Simon Lambert

Executive Leadership

Director of Business

2020 was certainly a challenging year but I am proud of the way the administration teams of the school faced the challenges head-on. The Operations Team prepared the campus professionally for the re-opening of the school and the students were able to return to a safe environment despite all the difficulties in the face of the pandemic. At the same time the hard-working HR team managed to deal with the problems of returning all of the teaching staff enabling the school to re-open without having to rely on technological solutions to deliver the curriculum to the students.

In 2021 we will continue to deliver a first-class service to the students, teaching staff and parents whilst ensuring that the school moves forward as it strives to provide the best educational outcomes for the students.

On a personal note, I aim to complete my Diploma in Applied Health and Safety, read the complete works of Charles Dickens, cycle 1000kms and eventually re-acquaint myself with my family who may, or may not, have forgotten what I look like!

Sophie Brookes

Executive Leadership

Head of Juniors

2020 was a challenging year for many, many people and different for each, as such I choose not to reflect too heavily on the past. Equally, although New Year is traditionally a time for making resolutions for the future, I prefer to think about the present and reflect on the things I have to be thankful for and to remember that when things seem difficult that there are always others facing greater challenges.

Murray Tod

New Head of MIS (April 2021)

In recent weeks I have succumbed to overuse of the word ‘remarkable’, in both its positive and negative sense. In every regard the word ‘remarkable‘ encapsulates so much of 2020; it has been both a year to remember and one to instantly forget.

2020 has been a year of unbelievable challenges and unquestioned hardship. Indeed, one can perceive it also as an era of missed opportunities. Certainly, that applies in educational terms,  with an immediate impact of Coronavirus/Covid-19 in the school environment being that it has curtailed some of the superb and rich opportunities that emanate from superb institutions like MIS. 

However, despite all the overt challenges and unbelievable difficulties encountered in 2020, I prefer to focus on a few of the ‘remarkable’ positives that the global pandemic has also illustrated. These may range from a greater understanding of one’s environment to a fuller appreciation of the importance of the dynamic of social interaction amongst all societies.

2020 has also ushered in a new era of learning and I, for one, have been continually bowled over by the supreme fortitude of pupils and their undiminished willingness to simply embrace learning.

In the UK it has become customary to highlight that 2020 is a year to forget and that 2021 is one to be keenly anticipated! My hopes for 2021 centre on the concept of new beginnings, both personally and professionally, and ensuring that all in the MIS community take full advantage of the splendid opportunities that are on offer. I hope that 2021 will witness a greater awareness by everyone, myself included, to bask in the simple glories of life and to never take for granted the essence and virtues of education. A fully rounded, and happy, education is one of life's great gifts and it is our role in 2021 to ensure that the MIS pupils revel in every moment of it! Roll on 2021!

From us all at MIS we wish you a very happy and healthy 2021, may it be filled with love and laughter.

As we say in Scotland “Lang may yer lum reek”   (Long may your chimney smoke!)




Mr Andrew & Mrs Barbara Hunter



展望2021年,随着针对新冠疫苗的快速应用,我们希望能够尽快回到那个更“友好互通的世界”,希望我们可以再次在全球范围内拜访亲友、自由旅行。同时,也希望伴随着我们迎接更宽容、美好的2021年,我们仍可以铭记对多数人来说有些艰难、失落的2020年。最后,希望曼校日新月异,进一步发展壮大。我们共同期待新任校长Murray Tod博士加入曼校 的那一刻。




Sonia Buchan





Simon Lambert






Sophie Brookes




Murray Todd










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