MIS Juniors


Key Stage 1 = Years 1&2
Key Stage 2 = Years 3-6

To help your child become an able, confident and inspired learner, we focus on skill development. Working individually and collaboratively, your child will consider topics from multiple perspectives and make meaningful connections between subjects.

Your child deserves more than that which is traditionally taught in a primary school, either local or international. Merchiston International School offers that extra-special curriculum. Our active, meaningful and inspiring programme is designed to lay a solid foundation for your child.

In our Juniors section, children use a unique combination of the Merchiston Castle School Edinburgh Juniors Curriculum, the National Curriculum of England, and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), offering structure in core subjects as well as creativity, personal development and developing international mindedness.


The National Curriculum of England is valued by thousands of schools around the globe for its well-conceived structure. It allows your child's progress to be tracked individually, freeing our teachers to offer your child both the support and the challenge they need. It also creates an environment in which your child becomes an integral part of the learning journey.

Our core subjects of Maths and Literacy are taught using the National Curriculum of England.


The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is one of the fastest growing curriculums in the world, used in more than 1,600 schools and 92 countries. Rooted in an understanding of how your child's brain is developing, the IPC lays a foundation for future success and an appreciation of the greater world.

The IPC uses a thematic approach, which weaves together a variety of subjects in an integrated and interesting way your child will love. Topics such as "Chocolate", "Myths and Legends", "Brainwave", "Going Global", and "Making the News" bring learning to life as your child studies history, geography, science, art, music, technology and more through these themes.

With international mindedness imbedded throughout, this program also allows your child to develop a deep awareness of other cultures and heritages. Equal focus is given to the development of individual qualities essential to 21st century success, including morality, respect, adaptability and perseverance.

Rounding out your child's learning experience will be specialized lessons in Chinese Language and Culture, physical education, music, drama, and computing skills. The opportunities to learn additional languages also exist including French, Spanish and Japanese as well as English Language support learning.