MIS Seniors


Key Stage 3 = Years 7-9
Key Stage 4 = Years 10 & 11
Key Stage 5 = Years 12 & 13 (Sixth Form)

Our Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) is the time for your child to consolidate knowledge and skills in preparation for the high school: for IGCSE in terms of foundation subject knowledge and A Level and university entrance in terms of international mindedness, as well as independent and critical thinking skills.

Our Key Stage 3 programme offers depth of study and room to develop independence. Therefore, our MIS curriculum, combining elements of the Merchiston Castle School Edinburgh Curriculum and the National Curriculum of England, provides an ideal way to guide your child forward and focuses upon honing the skills that your child will require for future success. We have refined these aspects and introduced our own skills programme to ensure we offer the greatest opportunities. Your child's developing adolescent brain deserves a special approach, so that is why we have devised such a special curriculum.