Welcome to the Merchiston Library!

Collection Information

Our Collection presently stands at 12,000 physical books with 70% in English and 30% in Chinese, our collection is always growing.

Database Links

Encyclopedia Britannica  Hundreds of levelled articles and the world’s best websites created solely for student use.

To login Britannica students will be issued a password by either the library staff or their teachers.


Library Services

Book Borrowing and Circulation

Juniors students (Early Years to Year 6) may check out up to 2 books per week. Students in the Seniors and parents may check out four books every two weeks.  All items may be renewed if no reserve request has been made. If you lose or damage a book you will be charged for it

Library Assistance

The role of the library staff is to aid both students and staff. This includes providing assistance with the selection of books for pleasure reading, or the provision of books, and electronic resources to assist with assignments.

Additional Library Services

From 3.30-4.00pm Monday to Friday the Library hosts a Homework Help Club for students who require additional assistance with their homework. Every day at 12.45-13.30 students can come to the Library to read, socialise or study. Library staff are also available to provide research lessons on request and can offer one-on-one research assistance for students.


Library Tutorial Videos

Video 1
Introduction to Dewey Decimal System

Video 2
The Dewey Decimal System

Video 3
Fiction and Non-Fictions

Video 4
Shelving Books

Video 5

Video 6
Keywords and Boolean Searching

Video 7
Happy Christmas 2018

Video 8
Introduction to Information and Media Literacy

Video 9
The Job of the Media

Video 10
Why is Media Important

Video 11
Media and Copyright

Video 12
Introduction to Encyclopedia Britannica Part 1

Video 12
Introduction to Encyclopedia Britannica Part 2

Video 13
Introduction to the Library Management System


Universal Slideshow