Admissions Policy Statement

Admission to the School depends upon a prospective student being able to demonstrate that they can meet the educational and general standards that apply to all its students. The School must also feel reasonably sure that it will be able to educate and develop the prospective student to the best of their potential and in line with the general standards achieved by the student’s peers so that there is every chance that the student will have a complete, happy and successful school career and emerge a confident, well-educated and well-rounded adult with a good prospect of a satisfying life. These criteria must continue to be met throughout the student’s time at the School. Students who apply to the school must fulfill the School’s academic entrance requirements. This is usually done through entrance assessment (or by public examination results). This allows us to ensure that Merchiston is the right school academically for each student, and to tailor our academic programmes to the needs of our students. Assessment for each point of entry is different, and details of the assessments can be found on the School’s website. The School requires parents to complete the appropriate section of the Application Form (available on the website) at the time of application, and to declare any additional supp ort needs, medical condition or disability, which could require specialist support, treatment or equipment. This information is essential to assist with any interview or other pre-assessment screening. All students are screened for additional support needs at the time of initial assessment and undertake a medical examination on entry. The School’s policy is to apply the same criteria to all current and potential students regardless of any disability or need of which it is aware, subject to its obligation to make reasonable adjustments so as not to put any disabled student or potential student at a substantial disadvantage compared to any student who is not disadvantaged because of his disability. In addition to assessments, we will normally take up a (confidential) report from a student’s current school, which will provide information on their academic progress to date, and their general behaviour at school. Merchiston is committed to providing equal opportunities for students irrespective of race, religion, socioeconomic background or disability, and we strive to maintain and apply admissions policies which do not discriminate against candidates on these grounds. If you have questions regarding this Policy Statement or any other aspects of our Admissions process, please contact the Admissions Department.