Entrance Assessments

Juniors (Early Years- YEAR 6)

Children entering the Juniors undertake baseline assessments to ensure that they can access the curriculum with reasonable ease. Children who cannot access the curriculum can become demotivated and demoralised. As a result they do not make the progress of which they would be capable in a school better suited to their needs. We use standardised Cognitive Abilities Tests (CAT4) consisting of verbal, quantitative, non-verbal and spatial assessments. These tests are taken online.


Admissions Criteria

Required scores for automatic consideration of acceptance.

  •     Quantitative – 100    
  •     Non-Verbal – 100
  •     Verbal – 100
  •     Spatial – 100 

English as an Additional Language

If a child has English as an additional language and for example,

  •     a Non-Verbal score of 120+
  •     a Quantitative score of 110+
  •     a Verbal score of 90

They will be considered favourably for entry according to the availability of support and the percentage of EAL children already within the Class/Year group. Parents will be advised to secure external support for their child and will be asked to agree to their removal from the Mandarin Programme – during which EAL lessons take place. Where applicable the Head of Section can insist that the admission of the child is dependent upon the student entering the intensive English programme.

Special Educational Needs

If a child applies with certain learning needs, they may be considered for learning support on receipt of an educational psychologist’s report. These applicants will be approved on an individual basis.

Children with behavioural difficulties will, similarly, be considered on an individual basis.

Seniors (Years 7-13)

Students applying to the Seniors at MIS must undertake a series of assessments to determine their suitability for the programme offered at the school. These assessments are as follows: Standardised Tests (CAT4): Verbal, Quantitative, Non-verbal and Spatial.

Admissions Criteria

The primary indicator of a student’s suitability for a place in the Senior School is the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). Statistically, students who achieve an average of 100 or more for the four tests will score A*, A, B or C for their IGCSEs. In fact students scoring 120 or more will tend to achieve A*, A or B. Generally, as English is the language of instruction at MIS, the Verbal component of the assessments carries the most weight. Moreover, a number of the students who apply to the school have English as a second language. A table guide to the criteria for acceptance can be seen below:

Score Action
Non Verbal scores 100 and above Accepted
Non Verbal scores below 80 Rejected

Please note that the CATs have a margin of error of three points either way.

Score Action
Non Verbal scores 100 and above Accepted
Verbal 90 - 99 (other scores 100+)

Provisional acceptance. EAL support will be provided.

Verbal 90 - 99 (other scores < 100)

Individual cases considered by the Head of Section.  

Admission will depend upon the student agreeing to enter an accepted intensive language programme and an appropriate package of other subjects being available.