Our Mission & Vision

—    MIS Values

Merchiston International School - “A School of Character”


To inspire academic excellence and strength of character. We instill integrity and courage in our young people so that they will become authentic, ethical, global citizens and the best possible version of themselves.


We blend 'the best that has been thought and said' with the knowledge necessary for success in the 21st Century. The only British boarding school in Shenzhen, and the only overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, we draw on close to 200-years of academic excellence, but we are driven by timeless values.

MIS students learn to understand and to value human achievement in the arts, science, and in public life. We seek to ignite the curiosity common to life-long learners. We teach students to value evidence, never to settle on an easy answer but to search rigorously for truth. Such training does not merely yield strong examination results; it produces the unmistakable authenticity of leaders.

Belonging is fundamental to the development of character. Our unique pastoral and boarding provision develops individuals by emphasising kindness and ethical decision making as duties for all.

Beyond the classroom, our co-curricular programme develops courage alongside skills. The courageous risk making a vigorous tackle in sport, they dare to appear before an audience, or to submit a picture for public exhibition. Through calculated risk, the courageous learn where their strengths and weaknesses lie and, thus, the ground beneath their feet is firm. This is true confidence.

By these means, MIS students are prepared for the tests of life, rather than a life of tests.


Our MIS values are central to achieving our mission and vision. As a moral compass, they guide us from day to day in our learning, thinking and decision making. The impact of our MIS values is evident in the daily life of the school.

Our values ensure that your child is:

Adaptable and resilient, gaining the confidence and leadership skills to succeed in a dynamic and global world, constantly striving for the highest standards.

Enquiring and collaborative, becoming an enthusiastic and curious learner committed to excellence in all that they do, in order to flourish as an individual and contribute meaningfully to a flourishing society.

Principled and respectful, developing compassion and humility, assertiveness and integrity.

Responsible and internationally minded, understanding and respecting the needs of others to develop tolerance, within and beyond our community.

Expressive and positive, balancing modesty with confidence in pursuit of happiness and fulfilment.