Scholarship Criteria

Merchiston International School

A-level & IGCSE Scholarship Programme 2022-2023

Various scholarships (academic, music & sports) on offer


At Merchiston International School we believe in providing deserving students with the opportunity to experience the best British international education in a culturally diverse environment. We also believe that excellence is achievable through hard work and dedication. Thus, as part of the MIS Scholarship Programme, we are now accepting applications for A-level and IGCSE scholarships for 2022-2023.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Students entering Year 12 (A-level) & Year 10 (IGCSE)
  • Students holding foreign identification
  • Students who demonstrate high academic / music / sports achievement and English fluency
  • Students with good communication skills and leadership attributes
  • Students with active participation in co-curricular activities including sports, performing arts and other events


Award amount

  • The various scholarship amounts may vary, but will include highly discounted places. Scholarships will be awarded for the duration of the student’s education at MIS, providing the student fulfills the requirements to maintain the scholarship as outlined in the “Expectations to maintain scholarship.
  • Students are eligible for only one scholarship .


How to apply

Step 1 – Contact MIS for the application form and gather the necessary documentation.  Before you begin to complete the application, make sure to prepare the following documents which you will submit in the first section of the application form.

Required Documents:

2 Years of School Reports 

Personal Statement – a 300-word essay

Standardised Testing Results (if any)

Copies of any awards received

Official Transcript

Recommendation forms from English and Maths Teacher

Student and Parents ID

Passport size photo

Application Fee 

Step 2 – Write your personal statement, a 300-word essay on “Ready Ay Ready” (the Merchiston motto). What does this mean to you?”

Step 3 – Complete the application form and attach your personal statement as a PDF file.

Step 4 – FOR SHORTLISTED APPLICANTS ONLY – Shortlisted applicants will be invited to visit MIS to sit the scholarship assessment and attend an individual and family interview.


When should I apply?

25 February:  All completed applications must be submitted by Friday 25 February 2022.

4 March:         Shortlisted candidates will be informed of date for interview.

10/11 March: Candidates to sit scholarship assessments and attend an individual and family interview.

18 March:       Candidates will be notified of the status of their scholarship application.

25 March:       Successful scholarship awardees and their families will sign a letter of acceptance.


Selection Process

MIS is looking for academically strong students who are well rounded and who will contribute positively to the school community.  Candidates are evaluated based on their past academic performance, awards received, participation in leadership and extracurricular activities and their personal statement. Final scholarship award decisions will also take into consideration the results of the candidate’s assessments and interview.  All applicants will be notified of their scholarship status and those students who do not receive a MIS scholarship may elect to apply for admission without a scholarship award.  The scholarship award decision made by the school is final and may not be appealed.


Number of available scholarships

The number of scholarships that will be awarded will vary from year to year taking into consideration the number of available places in that year group, the quality of applications received and the funding available to support scholarships.


Expectations to maintain scholarships

Scholarship awards are intended for the duration of a student’s Year 12 to Year 13 or Year 10 to Year 11 school attendance at MIS. Students must meet the following conditions in order to continue receiving the scholarship:

  • Student must maintain a high academic standing
  • Student must consistently demonstrate a positive attitude and maximum effort in their learning
  • Student must participate in the full school programme including school trips and after school activities
  • Student must show exemplary personal behaviour and appropriately represent the school’s image
  • Student must meet the school ‘s attendance requirements, not missing more than 10% of school days
  • Parents or guardians are expected to be positive school community members


Deferring the scholarship

The scholarship is non-transferrable and the term of study cannot be deferred.  Should a student withdraw, the scholarship will be terminated and cashing out for the remaining value of the scholarship is not permitted.

For further queries please contact Admissions:  or by phone 400 867 0177.