MIS Shekou Early Years
MIS Shekou Juniors

At MIS Early Years we use the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for England (EYFS) as the basis for planning and facilitating engaging, autonomous and appropriate learning experiences for our youngest children. The curriculum is play-based and sets the standards for the education of all children under five years old in England.  Additionally, we blend the IPC curriculum as an enquiry-based framework that supports Continuous Provision and provides a guideline on the topics covered in Nursery and Reception Years.


The emphasis is on child-led and play-based experiences which are meaningful, encourage independence and give young children the chance to become happy and confident learners. It also gives them the opportunity to develop their language skills before entering Year One the following year.


The EYFS consists of seven areas of learning. The Prime Areas being 'Communication and Literacy', 'Physical Development' and 'Personal, Social and Emotional Development' and these are considered fundamental for underpinning all other learning areas.  The other four Specific Areas are 'Literacy', 'Mathematics', 'Understanding the World' and 'Expressive Arts and Design'.


Sample Early Years Timetable:



Key Stage 1 = Years 1&2
Key Stage 2 = Years 3-6


At MIS Juniors, children learn through a bespoke curriculum framework that blends the UK National Curriculum standards for English and Mathematics with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for Humanities and Arts and the Cambridge Primary Curriculum for Science. This unique blend provides opportunities for students to develop not only their understanding of academic concepts but also their creativity, inquisitive skills and their international mindedness and growth as global citizens.


Our Juniors curriculum combined with our nurturing learning environment develops confident and inspired learners, who are able to work both individually and collaboratively. During their learning journey at MIS, children will explore topics from multiple perspectives and make meaningful connections between subjects.


Additionally, our wide range of co-curricular activities provide perfect opportunities for MIS students to discover their talents, take risks and further develop their social and emotional skills. We are committed to provide nurturing whole-person education, through an academically challenging curriculum that encourage students to be life-long learners.