Undertaking its mission of education for almost two centuries, Merchiston Castle School (Edinburgh) understands the importance of teaching a broad curriculum, sports, arts, sciences and technology, languages and other co-curricular activities. Similarly, its new international school in Shenzhen, MIS caters to the unique gifts of each individual student and encourages all students to participate in various specially designed co-curricular activities, so that all students can achieve their full potential.

Merchiston Edinburgh’s strong sporting tradition is mirrored by our international school and will be customised to fit the climatic conditions in Shenzhen. To ensure that students have sufficient access to exercise every week, one of our school’s essential elements will be a focus on sports education. Sports on offer include badminton, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming and tennis. We will collaborate with local providers in Shenzhen to golf and other opportunities for outdoor activities. We believe that providing ample opportunity for participation in sport encourages students to develop a strong physique and also teaches them the merits of perseverance, courage, teamwork, facing fear of failure and going beyond themselves.

MIS has a team of excellent teachers of music, dance, drama, and the arts and is equipped with specialised facilities for the highest quality education in arts, including music practice rooms, dance and performance arts studios, visual art room, black box theatre, pottery room, etc. Here, children's artistic passions can be ignited!

In addition, we offer other co-curricular activities, including cultural courses such as poetry appreciation and calligraphy, frontier technology courses such as Robotics, Environmental Protection, community service. We also hope to offer internships to suitable young people and gap students to work in our school.