Drama and Theatre Arts

Our Drama and Theatre Arts courses at Merchiston aim to foster a

greater appreciation of the world by cultivating a lifelong love of the arts.

In Drama, students enjoy a diverse range of performance

based activities, developing their creative and artistic talents. Theatre Arts are studied by exploring performance history and dramatic techniques - improvisation, mime, masks, and acting styles such as comedy, tragedy, tragicomedy and melodrama.



The Juniors Drama course focuses on assisting students in their

personal development (self-confidence, communication and performance skills) and includes two showcases. Each showcase is scripted and gives students the invaluable opportunity to perform in front of their family and peers.


Overview of Units

Unit 1: Movement and Physical Theatre

Unit 2: Improvisation skills

Unit 3: Commedia dell'arte and clowning

Unit 4: Voice and how to use it

Unit 5: Duologues and scene study



The Seniors Theatre Arts course develops performance skills and

appreciation of theatre, by learning about the history of the performance

arts (Greek theatre to present day). Students also explore several well

known plays and playwrights and take part in various projects that

stretches and extends skills in performance, collaboration, play analysis and project management. Seniors students also perform in two showcases that focuses on the playwrights explored during the term.


 Overview of Units

 Unit 1: Improvisation skills

 Unit 2: Theatre Styles through history

 Unit 3: Voice and monologues 

 Unit 4: Designing for the Stage

 Unit 5: Directing Skills

 Unit 6: Theatre Production


School Play or Musical: We aim to produce a play or musical at the end of each school year. All students in Year 4 and above have an opportunity to audition for a role, or to take responsibility for other aspects of the show, such as scenery, costume, make up and direction. Taking part in a school show is an unforgettable experience for students.