Drama, like Dance, Music, and Art, is an expression of an individual’s assessment of their reflections on the world around them. It is through Arts subjects that we can see the individuality, creativity, and maturity of our students and fully acknowledge how their own experiences shape their views about the complex world. It is a chance to challenge their understanding, the preconception’s they have and their world view by asking them to consider – how does this make me feel?

The enrichment programme works alongside the curriculum delivered to students but will involve students from Year 3-13. All students will be given the opportunity to explore the subject of Drama and performance, however, there will also be chances to develop public speaking skills.

Productions – These will occur at various times in the year and will involves students taking a pre-existing text and ‘making it their own’. Students will audition for main cast roles by learning a short scene and performing in front of their peers. Additionally, students may be involved in some of the other aspects of production and can elect to create a design or technical team – working alongside Art and the in-house Technical Director Mr. Reeves, and the Head of Art Ms. Mclaughlin to create the lighting, sound, backdrop, props for the production.

Devising – This is where students have to create a play of their own choosing. They will create the story, characters, and structure – with support. This will expand on the skillset valued so highly within the curriculum; creative thinking, collaborative learning, learning through role play, directing skills, effective planning and use of time.

Public Speaking – At Merchiston we value the development of all the skills needed to effectively utilise the voice to present oneself. The enrichment offered prepares students for LAMDA exams. LAMDA (London Academy of Modern Dramatic Arts) is a world renowned organisation that credits students in a number of fields (Poetry, Public Speaking, Acting, Musical Theatre etc.). Students create speeches based around such topics as; current media, a historical person they admire, or the last time they felt inspired. These speeches are leant – focusing on the qualities in the voice; volume, pace, pitch, tone, stress. The physical presentation of body language, posture, gesture is also worked on throughout the enrichment activity.