Performing Arts & Music

Music is one of the fundamental creative instincts of human beings everywhere. Today, technology makes music ubiquitous as never before. Ask yourself when you last spent a day without hearing some kind of musical sound. This unprecedented exposure to music can be enriching, but it also leaves us in danger of becoming passive listeners; people who allow music to wash over them and even to manipulate their emotions almost without being noticed. To learn to perform music together is to become more aware of the world around you and it is, by far, the most rewarding way to experience this art form.

At Merchiston, a broad range of co curricular musical activity is offered to students of all abilities and a love of music is strongly encouraged in all our students. In many styles of music, we aim to be the best that we can be. Thus, through musical performance, our students form habits of striving for excellence, calculated risk taking, and preparing to give their best when it really counts, that translate to the exam hall, the sports field, the job interview and other situations. The music department is committed to nurturing a love of music through greater understanding.

Vocal Music

School Choir, SATB. This important group will not be auditioned but will perform some of the masterworks in the choral repertoire at important events in school and around the region. There will be opportunities to travel within China as well as abroad on tour. Through this group, it is hoped that many students will discover that making music is great fun, and more rewarding than they ever imagined.

Schola Cantorum SATB. This will consist of more advanced members of School Choir who wish to attempt more difficult repertoire that will usually be performed without ‘a cappella’, without accompaniment.

Clan Choirs These student – led choirs will get together to compete for glory in the annual Clan Music Competition.

Pop Music

School of Rock student led bands will have opportunities perform at regular events throughout the school year, and even to broadcast over the internet! They will benefit from state of the art equipment including a brand new recording studio and our magnificent auditorium.

Buskers’ Corner will find a spot outside where students like to gather at break times and students can entertain each other in a casual way. The open microphone is available to all members of the school community and they will be supported by the school’s technician.

Music Technology Club students can learn to use the latest digital technology to manipulate and create sounds in avant garde and club styles.

Instrumental Music

Orchestra and Training Orchestra students will play music ranging from film scores to some of the famous works of the classical repertoire. Both groups will have chances to perform at key moments in the school’s calendar throughout the year.

Chinese Orchestra all students are encouraged to treasure our school’s cultural context through engagement with China’s wonderful musical traditions.

Solo opportunities for specialists in all styles of music will present themselves on a regular basis in assemblies, special events and in regular concerts.


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