At Merchiston International School we understand the significant impact that Physical Education and sport can have on the development of our students in a number of ways. We are therefore developing a curriculum that engages all students, from Year 1 to Year 13, and caters for their specific needs and interests.

We understand that Physical Education isn’t simply about learning how to play a range of sports and competing against each other. We aim to develop the skills and characteristics that can support the development of the whole student and help them to live healthy and active lives. Values such as respect, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication, fairness and enjoyment will be at the core of all our lessons and activities to ensure that students grow up to be valuable members of society and reach their full potential.

Physical Education lessons will follow the British National Curriculum where students will experience a broad range of sports and activities, including dance and swimming. Academically, students will also have the option of choosing IGCSE PE and International A Level PE where they will be able to extend their knowledge and skillset further.

Our founding school in Edinburgh has a fantastic sporting reputation which has been built over many years. Here at Merchiston International School, we aim to work towards achieving similar standards. However, we understand that this will take time and patience as we slowly build our competitive teams. We aim to do this by providing a range of extra-curricular opportunities that will engage all of our students. Provisions will be available at a recreational level where those students that simply enjoy participating in certain sports and learning, will be able to do so. Provisions will also be available for those students that want to compete and develop further by representing the school as we begin to compete locally, nationally and further afield over the years. These activities will include, golf, basketball, swimming, football, badminton, and many more.

As a department, we are very excited about supporting the growth of our students throughout their time at Merchiston International and beyond, and we look forward to putting this in place from day one. Please feel free to contact myself if you would like any further information regarding sport and physical education at Merchiston International School.

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