Visual Arts

Fine Art, Textiles, Photography, and Digital

Everyone is an artist these days; with images flooding into our subconscious, we are all more sophisticated in our visual language than ever before. Technology allows us to have a computer, usually more powerful than our desktop computer, on our phone. We are all image-makers and images takers; but do we understand what we are seeing? Here at Merchiston International School we are committed to ensuring all students are visually literate and can understand the context and meaning of the images that surround us. The making of art is essential to us as expressive creative people. Art, Craft and Design contributes significantly to our wellbeing and our social, economic, emotional and cultural development. Regeneration is key to our development as people. Regeneration needs creative solutions, and the Art space is a safe place to experiment with new, different and exciting materials, skills, ideas and ultimately solutions. With our large, bright, modern studios and industry level equipment, we will be championing excellence in our art studios, giving students the optimum opportunity for progression into well-rounded, critical and visual young people.


We all want to make our images stand out, to make them say what we want to say, and to do this well we need skill, focused understanding, and context.  To appreciate that there is never just one answer, one perspective is an essential part of the critical and analytical approach to creative thinking. Here in Merchiston’s art studios we will encourage students to surrender to the process rather than take the first solution; this is the first step to creative problem solving.  Art can teach us that small changes can have a large impact and we plan to fill the hallways and rooms of the school with all our amazing creative art. In our co-curricular activity clubs, we will be offering (at least) the following:


All students will be welcome across the age groups regardless of GCSE options. We will develop programmes alongside our expertise and the student’s interest, while adding new and exciting techniques and processes in along to way.


Both 2D and 3D, such as:



  • Watercolour: not only the traditional approach, but we will also be experimenting with text and landscape.
  • Portraiture: we will be experimenting with realism and more expressive personal responses to the ‘selfie’.
  • Collage and decoupage: experiments into found and acquired images and the messages you can create with contrast and conflicting images.



  • Clay: with our electric wheels and new kiln we will be experimenting with building, throwing and sculpting.
  • Textiles: soft sculptures to include knitting, crochet, applique, shibori, and felting. We have a wide variety of machines and dyes to inspire any imagination.


Variety of responses to the urban community and our school community using the space we live and work in. We will be creating different atmospheres within the school using colour and images to denote different functions for different areas. We will take on commissions from different departments as we grow into a creative and visual school. Everything from murals to time-based installations will be on offer championing the fantastic creatively here at MIS. Look out for our first mural in Pringle…



Our images are taken in hi-res and with our professional standard printers and are yet another fantastic example of creativity at MIS.

  • Photography: focusing on composition and light, how to turn a snap into art. 
  • Digital manipulation: taken and acquired images are transformed and manipulated using state-of-the-art software including apps and platforms like Photoshop. 
  • Virtual Reality: explore the world and create your own as we explore together the limitations of this technical city.


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