Parent Quotes

Whilst educating our students is the top priority, it is important that our parents support and understand what and why we do things at MIS. We hold regular “Open House with the ALT”, Parent Information Sessions, Parent Forums, Parent Workshops and of course the crucial parent teacher conferences.


During our first year at MIS, we have begun to form good relationships with our parents, build trust and develop understanding. Our doors are always open, we welcome parents to come in and discuss any concerns they may have (because we can’t always get it right and we will never stop trying to improve)


Here are what our parents say:

“Charles’s first year at the school has been great, we saw our son improving well in terms of education and the desire for learning. The relationship between parents and teachers is really close - like a family. We feel secure and we know that Merchiston International School is the right choice. The whole team are always welcoming, understanding and professional. A big thank you to our son’s teachers from Y3, and also to the other teachers and staff who care for him. We really appreciate your professionalism”.

Mr Ralph Woodcock – Father of Charles Year 3

“We attend many meetings at school and have a more solid understanding of the school management concept and the original intentions. MIS deserves our respect and support!
Our two children study in MIS and I'm satisfied with their studies and well being. Ultimately we chose MIS because of the systematic education and the attention to children’s needs. We live in Nanshan District and the distance to MIS is quite far, but we want to support our children and MIS has many campus activities so we are very willing to participate because we see our children getting more confident and better each time. We really want to acknowledge all the MIS teachers as they are very responsible and encourage all the students to be enthusiastic and participate in all aspects of learning and sports!”

Ms Sophia – Mum of Michael Year 5 and Sabrina Year 3

“MIS means for my family a brave new world where my 13-year-old son Alan can explore and experience the path of life as a whole individual. As parents, we are proud to partake in the robust growth of MIS. Ready ay Ready. Are you ready to be part of the MIS community?”

Professor Zhang – Mum of Alan Year 8

“MIS is not just a school for my kids, as parents we always wanted them to grow up in a healthy environment and MIS is their second home, full of love just like a family. Knowledge is not the main requirement for my children but for them to learn to give and love is the most important goal in the path of their growth. We are very lucky that Chloe and Anabelle can study in MIS”.

Ms Polly – Mum of Chloe Year 7 and Annabelle Year 5

“Challenge Week was a huge benefit for the MIS students, I really appreciate what the school does to help my daughter Anna in her studies and learning to be an independent young woman”.

Jane – Mum of Anna Year 9

My daughter joined MIS at its founding school year in 2018-2019 as a Year 9 student. During this school year, Jenni has made a lot of good friends across different year groups from the Y1-6 Juniors to the Y7-12 Seniors, and in her words, she feels she is living with a big family in her boarding house. As parents, we are glad that she has enjoyed so much staying with the School.
Academic wise, Jenni joined MIS with her particular interest in Art because it has always been her plan A to develop herself in this discipline. Teachers at MIS know each of their students well, and have thus meticulously guided our children to choose by passion in their IGCSE courses.
Next year Jenni has chosen her four selective subjects of Art, Business Studies, Global Prospective and EAL. We wish that with the support and guidance of MIS she will continue to strive for herself, learn hard and play hard at school. The English department have really nurtured Jenni to improve her English”.

Summerine Chan – Mother of Jenni Year 9

“We are really satisfied with the hard work of all the MlS teachers and their compatibility with the school. Sun and Rain have fun and smiling faces every day at school. MIS has organised many trips and activities out of the campus which helps students learn more about love and friendship with others”.

Ms Ho – Mum to Sun Year 7 and Rain Year 6

Thanks to all the teachers and their great efforts and help for assisting my son at MIS. I am gratified to see the growth and change in my child. And I deeply realise that it is the most correct choice for me to him join Merchiston. We are looking forward to the new term at MIS”.

Ms Wu – Mother of Ocean Year 8

Our two children have studied in MIS for a year now, as parents we can see how they have improved as young adults. They are politer, can stay calm and can do many things by themselves. Over the year they have both became much confident in themselves and have learned to fully listen to explanations given to them. I hope they both continue to enjoy studying in MIS with an open mind, thank you for all your help this year.

Mr John Zhang – Father of King Year 7 and Susie Year 10

My daughter has just graduated from Year 13 and will soon begin her learning journey at university. After studying her A Levels for the past two years I would like to thank the Head of School and the teachers for their care and education during the past two years. MIS is going from strength to strength!

Ms Wang - Vicky's Mum

Please let me start by thanking you for the two fruitful years that Lina has spent in MIS. It was really a great experience and I am sure that she has learned a lot and met wonderful people whom she will remember for the rest of her life. Being an MIS student is such a privilege and a great addition for her C.V. Thanks again for giving her such a great opportunity.

Akmal Soliman - Father of Year 13 Graduate Lina