Zhao Yinyin Masterclass

Students, teachers, staff and parents were delighted to welcome world famous Zhao Yinyin to MIS on Monday 21 October.    Having performed the evening before at Shenzhen Concert Hall to a sell out audience, Zhao Yinyin stopped in past MIS to share his expertise with our students.  Aimee Xia in Year 9 played Waltz in A Flat, Op. 39, by Brahms for Mr Zhao and Mr Zhao explained the importance of the weaker hand taking the same pressure as the right – encouraging Aimee to firstly play again only using her left hand, then to play again, it was incredible to hear the difference.   Cici Liu in Year 9 Gigue from Sarabande and Gigue, 4th & 6th movements from English Suite No. 2 in A minor, BWV 807. Mr Zhao explained that whilst performing live to an audience a pianist may be nervous, their heartbeat will speed up and their brain will make them play faster.  He asked Cici to play to a slower beat than normal the second time round, which sounded fantastic.  Finally Michael Zheng from Year 7 played Study in C Minor Op. 299 by Czerny.  Mr Zhao said “Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!”  His words of advice to Michael were to play whilst reading the music even though he knows the pieces by heart, to focus on the third finger which is the weakest in everyone, to circle these notes on his music sheets to see how he can strengthen them.   The students were delighted to receive a signed copy of Zhao Yinyin’s latest album.



A world class pianist, Steinway artist and leading figure of pianist who was born in the 1970s.

Yinyin has graduated from The Juilliard School in New York with a Bachelor degree and a Master degree. Having learnt piano from piano master and educationalist Martin Cannin he has received over 40 international awards and appeared on some of the most prestigious platforms in the world.

Zhao YinYin is the only pianist to join the “World Chinese Elite Association”, With a solo concert in the Carnegie Hall, New York, Authority Magazine Music Comments called him “an excellent young pianist in the 21st century”. Zhao YinYin released “Yin Yue”, his piano solo album in 2016 which was a top seller of classic music album in 2017. With “Yin Yue Ⅱ” released in 2018 it quickly became the top classic music album in 2018.