Our mission & vision


Through an innovative curriculum blending the essence of the best of both western and eastern cultures, we aim to inspire young people to become global citizens in the pursuit of personal excellence in all things and a passion for life-long learning.

Mission Statement

To give every student the capacity and confidence to live in a diverse, uncertain world, and to make that life as rich as possible. More specifically we aim to encourage diligence, pride in achievement, honesty and independence, to face challenge, to accept responsibility, to show concern for others and the environment and to develop wider skills and interests.

Our main objective is always to motivate students to try their best and to strive to achieve the highest levels possible in all areas – academic, cultural, sporting, service, leadership – and simply to live together as part of a nurturing, inclusive community.

Merchiston International School (MIS) students are encouraged to make the most of their talents, and to look after one another in a safe, caring environment, to ensure that school life is a happy time for all.

In the pursuit of excellence, we place great emphasis on two critical relationships namely – the relationship between students and staff and the relationship between school and home. Thus, together as one harmonious community, we can prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


To provide the best possible student support and pastoral care in a first-class international boarding and day school, with high quality child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures.

  • To achieve the highest possible academic standards, in an environment where lifelong learning is fostered.
  • To develop an appreciation of art, drama and music for life.
  • To instil a lifelong love of sport.
  • To develop an awareness of environmental issues.
  • To nurture students to be caring, respectful and tolerant, enterprising yet service focused and prepared for whatever their chosen field of endeavour may be.

Statement of Values

Our community of students, teachers, support and administrative staff and parents, fosters all aspects of education including the sciences and the arts. We encourage a spirit of philanthropy, understanding and citizenship and the attributes of bravery, creativity and high moral standards and ethics.

"Ready Ay Ready" - Motto of Merchiston International School