Andrew Hunter
Executive Master of Merchiston China

Nationality: British

Andrew was born in Nairobi, Kenya and was sent to the UK for his education. He has a degree from the University of Manchester in English and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. He has over 37 years’ experience of working in schools. In August 2018, he retired from the Headship of Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, (founded in 1833) having led the school for twenty years since 1998 by teachers and students and parents of praise and love. Prior to this, he was a Housemaster at both Worksop College, Nottinghamshire and Bradfield College, Berkshire. Andrew is married to Barbara and they have three young adult children. Together Andrew and Barbara have been involved from the start in the setting up and opening of MIS, Shenzhen in 2018. Since then, Andrew has acted as an educational advisor and Deputy Chair to the MIS Board of Governors.