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Application information
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Please complete the Application Form and email to together with your supporting documents and proof of payment of the Application Fee.  


School Fee Payment Policy

Application Fee
• A non-refundable non-transferable application fee must be submitted at the time of application.

Security Deposit 
• The school requires a security deposit, in order to confirm the placement of any children.
• One deposit per child is required.
• The deposit is fully refundable when the student leaves the school, without any interest on demand, if all accounts have been settled in full, all school property returned without damage and required written notice submitted one full term in advance of the child's last day of school (holidays excluded). Details refer to Security Deposit Policy.
• If a student does not enroll in the school while the school have reserved a place for him/her, or if the student's remaining tuition fees are insufficient to cover the cost of study for one term notice period, the student's security deposit will not be refunded.

Tuition Fees
• The tuition fee varies according to grade level as shown in the tuition fee chart.
• Tuition will be calculated on a percentage basis for new students who enroll after the commencement of a term.
• Once a student joins the school full fees are charged until the student leaves the school. If a student is absent for any reason, the fees will not be refunded, except for any additional fees (if permitted by any additional fee notice).
• If a student intends to withdraw from the school, parents shall give written notice to the school one term in advance, indicating the date of the student's last day at school (except holidays). If the notice is not given as scheduled, the school will charge the cost of student's tuition fee for the rest term. Parents must ensure that the school receives written notice of the student's withdrawal.

Other Fees
These include but are not limited to:
• School Lunch Fee for day students

Additional Fees
• Exam Fees for IGCSE & A-level students
• Text Book Fees
• Fee paying CCAs
• Individual Music Lessons

Optional Bus Fees
• Once a term commences, there are no refunds for that term whether a student is leaving school on a temporary absence, or no longer requires the bus service.

School Reports
• One copy of the student's school report, teacher's reference letter and/or school recommendation form will be given only if all accounts have been settled before the student leaves the school.    
• Additional charges will be applied for each extra copy of school reports.

School Refund Policy

Fee Refund and Withdrawal Policy Additions 
• If written notification of withdrawal is received on or before 31 July, 100% of the tuition fees paid to date will be refunded, less 20% of the annual tuition fee.
• If written notification of withdrawal is received on or before 31 August, 100% of the tuition fees paid to date will be refunded, less 50% of the annual tuition fee.
• If written notification of withdrawal is received on or before 30 September, 100% of the tuition fees paid to date will be refunded, less 70% of the annual tuition fee.
For further clarity, if a student is not officially withdrawn in writing prior to 1 October, there will be no refund of that year's tuition fee paid.

Boarding fee refunds
• If a student no longer requires to board written notice must be given one full term in advance. Should a student leave boarding during Term 1, the cost of Term 2 & Term 3 will be refunded.
• Should a student leave boarding during Term 2, the cost of Term 3 will be refunded.
• Should a student leave boarding during Term 3 no refund will be made.
• The original tax receipt (Fapiao) must be returned to the school when refund is requested. No refund can be made without returning the original tax receipt (Fapiao).
• Refund will be reimbursed to the parent or company in the same way the original payment was made, except: * Where the original payment was made by a company cheque, the refund will be processed directly to the drawer who issued the cheque through bank transfer;
• Where the original payment was made by a personal cheque, the refund will only be processed directly to the drawer's nominated Chinese bank account through bank transfer;
• Where the original payment was made by cash the refund will only be processed directly to the parent or company's nominated Chinese bank account through bank transfer;
• Where the original payment was made by the parent him/herself from overseas, the refund will only be processed directly to the parent's nominated Chinese bank account through bank transfer.
• Refunds are only payable when the academic year ends. Fifteen working days (holidays excluded) for a refund.

Tax receipt (Fapiao)
• Once the new academic year starts, the school cannot issue the tax receipt (Fapiao) for previous academic years.
• Tax receipts (Fapiao) will be issued once the school receives the payment.
• Tax receipts (Fapiao) can be collected at the Finance Office or sent by mail if an address is provided.
• Lost tax receipts (Fapiao) cannot be reissued, but a chopped copy could be offered.
Fee Payment Schedule
• Tuition and all other fees must be paid by the due date as stated on the school's invoice. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if fees are not paid by the due date.

Fee Payment Method
• Fees should be paid by our online school portal School Pal system. All payments must include the invoice number and/or the name of the student.
• By Credit Card: Credit Card payments can be made only in person at the MIS Finance Office's. MIS will apply a surcharge to each transaction amounting to 1% for domestic cards and 3% for foreign issued cards.

Fee Payment Notice
• The invoice is issued in RMB only;
• All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the payer.
• If the fees are paid by an employer this should be by bank transfer. However, it is always the parent or guardian's responsibility to ensure that the fees are paid before the student starts school.

Late Payment of Fees (this doesn't happen)
• Payments not received by any due date will be considered overdue and the school will charge a 1.5% monthly late payment penalty. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure all fees are paid before any student starts each school term. If fees are not paid on time, the school has the right to refuse attendance of the student at school and/or to withhold student reports.

• The School reserves the right to amend its policies and fee structure whenever considered necessary and appropriate. The school makes these policies available to parents through the school website. It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to ensure that they are informed and aware of basic school policies.


Admission to the School depends upon a prospective student being able to demonstrate that they can meet the educational and general standards that apply to all its students. The School must also feel reasonably sure that it will be able to educate and develop the prospective student to the best of their potential and in line with the general standards achieved by the student's peers so that there is every chance that the student will have a complete, happy and successful school career and emerge a confident, well-educated and well-rounded adult with a good prospect of a satisfying life.

These criteria must continue to be met throughout the student's time at the School. Students who apply to the school must fulfill the School's academic entrance requirements. This is usually done through entrance assessment (or by public examination results). This allows us to ensure that Merchiston is the right school academically for each student, and to tailor our academic programmes to the needs of our students. Assessment for each point of entry is different, and details of the assessments can be found on the School's website. The School requires parents to complete the appropriate section of the Application Form (available on the website) at the time of application, and to declare any additional support needs, medical condition or disability, which could require specialist support, treatment or equipment. This information is essential to assist with any interview or other pre-assessment screening. All students are screened for additional support needs at the time of initial assessment and undertake a medical examination on entry. The School's policy is to apply the same criteria to all current and potential students regardless of any disability or need of which it is aware, subject to its obligation to make reasonable adjustments so as not to put any disabled student or potential student at a substantial disadvantage compared to any student who is not disadvantaged because of his disability. In addition to assessments, we will normally take up a (confidential) report from a student's current school, which will provide information on their academic progress to date, and their general behaviour at school. Merchiston is committed to providing equal opportunities for students irrespective of race, religion, socioeconomic background or disability, and we strive to maintain and apply admissions policies which do not discriminate against candidates on these grounds. If you have questions regarding this Policy Statement or any other aspects of our Admissions process, please contact the Admissions Department.


Children entering the Juniors undertake baseline assessments to ensure that they can access the curriculum with reasonable ease. Children who cannot access the curriculum can become demotivated and demoralised. As a result they do not make the progress of which they would be capable in a school better suited to their needs. We use standardised tests and these tests are taken online.

Admissions Criteria

Required scores for automatic consideration of acceptance.

    Quantitative – 100    
    Non-Verbal – 100
    Verbal – 100
    Spatial – 100 

English as an Additional Language

If a child has English as an additional language and for example,

    a Non-Verbal score of 120+
    a Quantitative score of 110+
    a Verbal score of 90
They will be considered favourably for entry according to the availability of support and the percentage of EAL children already within the Class/Year group. Parents will be advised to secure external support for their child and will be asked to agree to their removal from the Mandarin Programme – during which EAL lessons take place. Where applicable the Head of Section can insist that the admission of the child is dependent upon the student entering the intensive English programme.

Special Educational Needs

If a child applies with certain learning needs, they may be considered for learning support on receipt of an educational psychologist's report. These applicants will be approved on an individual basis.

Children with behavioural difficulties will, similarly, be considered on an individual basis.


Students applying to the Seniors at MIS must undertake a series of assessments to determine their suitability for the programme offered at the school. These assessments are standardised assessments and these assessments are taken online.

Admissions Criteria

The primary indicator of a student's suitability for a place in the Senior School is the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). Statistically, students who achieve an average of 100 or more for the four tests will score A*, A, B or C for their IGCSEs. In fact students scoring 120 or more will tend to achieve A*, A or B. Generally, as English is the language of instruction at MIS, the Verbal component of the assessments carries the most weight. Moreover, a number of the students who apply to the school have English as a second language. A table guide to the criteria for acceptance can be seen below:

Score Action
Non Verbal scores 100 and above Accepted
Non Verbal scores below 80 Rejected


Please note that the CATs have a margin of error of three points either way.


Score Action
Non Verbal scores 100 and above Accepted
Verbal 90 - 99 (other scores 100+)

Provisional acceptance. EAL support will be provided.

Verbal 90 - 99 (other scores < 100)

Individual cases considered by the Head of Section.  

Admission will depend upon the student agreeing to enter an accepted intensive language programme and an appropriate package of other subjects being available.