Napier History Museum

MIS has built a historical museum in Napier Hall.

On the walls of the school buildings, illustrated information panels have been hung in prominent places, giving details of the history of that particular building or room, such as when it was built, the function for which it was designed, who was responsible for its creation, and how its function might have changed in the course of its existence.

Many of Merchiston's buildings are named after people who have played a significant role in the School's history, and so the panels explain who the person was and give details of that person's contribution to the life of the School.

We very much hope that this booklet of all the panels will give you a fuller understanding of the history of Merchiston Castle School, and provide a useful source of information for future generations of Merchiston pupils, staff and visitors.

Who is Napier?

John Napier(1550-1617)

Napier's birthplace was within the medieval tower house of Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh, which was the original site of Merchiston Castle School. Today this building forms part of Napier University.

Napier became famous for his invention of logarithms. This new method of calculation allowed people to solve long, laborious arithmetical problems much more quickly and easily. He invented a portable calculating tool known as 'Napier's Bones.'

Schools and workplaces universally used Napier's logarithmic tables right up to the 1970s when electric pocket calculators were widely adopted. He is, therefore, the father of the slide-rule and the grandfather of today's calculators.

  • Merchiston Castle School
    Bruntsfield 1833-1930

  • Brithplace of John Napier

  • The Ruins of Colinton Castle
    built in 1450 are situated within the school grounds

  • Colinton House
    built in 1800 and it was part of the 96 acre Colinton Eatate

  • Thomas Harvey
    Headmaster, 1856-1863

  • Charles Chalmers
    Headmaster, 1833-1850

  • John Rogerson
    Headmaster, 1863-1898

  • John Gibson
    Headmaster, 1850-1856

  • Painting by George Straton Ferrier

  • George Smith
    Headmaster, 1898-1914

  • Cecil Stagg
    Headmaster, 1915-1936

  • Merchiston Castle School
    Colinton, opened Autumn Term 1930

  • Centenary Celebrations
    Monday 26 June 1933

  • Pringle House

  • Memorial Hall

  • Alan Bush
    Headmaster, 1958-1968

  • Cecil Evans
    Headmaster, 1936-1957

  • The Honourable
    Lord Robertson TD,QC,BA,LLB
    Chairman of the Board of Governors, 1970-1996

  • Donald Forbes
    Headmaster, 1969-1981

  • Forbes Bowl and McLeod Cup
    Music Trophies which are competed for annually

  • The Grieve Pavilion
    opened on 16 June 1975

  • David Spawforth
    Headmaster, 1981-1998

  • 150th Anniversary Celebrations
    Tuesday 28 June 1983

  • Weatherill Sports Hall,
    opened on 27 September 1986

  • Miller Rifle Range
    opened on 17 May 1986

  • The Rev’d Professor Norman Drummond (Mershitonian 1965 to 1970) and Lady Elizabeth Drummond at the ‘Laying of the Foundations’ of the Pringle Centre, June 2002

  • Mappa Mundi Schools
    This building is named after the presentation of a replica of the famous Mappa Mundi.

  • Andrew Hunter
    Headmaster, 1998-2018

  • Lord Irvine Laidlaw of Rothiemay
    Merchistonian, 1956-1960

  • 1914-2014 World WarⅠ
    Centenary Pavilion

  • Spawforth Library

  • Mount Olympus
    Merchiston's classrooms for Classics, Economics and Geography are named after Mount Olympus.

  • Ready Ay Ready – the school Song

  • The official signing ceremony between MCS and MIS took place in Edinburg, Scotland

  • The first board of governors meeting was held in MCS, Edinburgh 

  •  The Mayor of Edinburgh presented a souvenir to Mr Lyu Jianjun

  • The third board of governors meeting was held in MIS, Shenzhen

  • The fourth board of governors meeting was held in MCS, Edinburgh

  • Merchiston Day, 2018

  • MIS student, Lili Mei, received the letter from The Queen

MCS History Museum

  • Merchiston Castle, Bruntsfield 

  • John Napier(1-1617) 

  • Colinton Castle

  • Colinton House

  • Chalmers West House and Chalmers East House

  • Gibson House

  • Harvey H

  • Rogerson House

  • George Straton Ferrier ( 1852 - 1912 )

  • Smith

  • Cecil Stagg Society

  • Colinton Castle,Colinton

  • Centenary Celebrations

  • Memorial Hall

  • Evans Hous

  • Pringle House

  • Alan Bush

  • The Honourable Lord Robertson TD,QC,VA,LLB 

  • The Forbes Bowl

  • The Mcod Cup

  • The Grieve Pavilion

  • David Spawforth

  • 150th Anniversary Celebrations

  • The Weatherill Sports Hall

  • Miller Rifle R

  • Andrew Hunter

  • Spawforth Librar

  • Mappa Mundi Schools

  • Laidlaw House

  • Mount Olympus

  • Pringle cen

  • 1914-2014 World War I Centenary Pavilion

  • Ready,ay Ready - the School Song

  • Merchiston and Cameron of Erracht Tartans

  • 2G Floodlit Astro Turf

  • Merchiston International School,Shenzhen

  • Merchiston International School,Shenzhen