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The MIS University Counselling Team helps students build upon their positive experiences to gain admission into universities all over the world. We have an excellent University Counselling Team which supports and prepares student in advance.

Marion Muetzelfeldt (British)

Educational Consultant of MIS / Former Deputy Head of MCS

Marion worked at MCS for over forty years. During this time, Marion was responsible for all the MCS boys' university applications with five out a cohort of 60-70 each year being offered places at Oxford or Cambridge University.

Simon Smith (British)

Head of boarding & Pastoral Care at MIS

With vast experience in UCAS applications, Simon has guided and advised our MIS students with their university applications during their time at MIS. A staggering 100% of MIS students all received offers from the world's TOP 100 ranked universities.

Elsa Jian (Chinese)

University Counsellor

Elsa graduated from Durham University in the United Kingdom and has over six years of experience in international school education. Elsa has assisted 16 of her students to successfully obtain admission to Oxford and Cambridge University.

Outstanding results for our outstanding students. With the exam results having just been released as we opened to start the new term, our students were delighted to receive their results.

MIS is proud to announce that our IGCSE and A Level students have achieved far higher results in comparison with UK based students (reference: Ofqual 20 August 2020).

Now our academic performance has been verified, we are confident our MIS students and future graduates will become excellent citizens of the world with amazing academic accomplishment.

A Level Achievements
AS Achievements
IGCSE Achievements

A Level Achievements

Our Year 13 graduates have achieved 90% A*-A , 50% A*, and 100% A*-B compared with 14.3% A*, 38.1% A*-A and 65.4% A*-B in England. Among them, students got 100% A* and A in Business Studies, Chinese, Computer Science, Economics, English Language, Further Mathematics, Further Mathematics Subsidiary, Global Perspectives & Research, Music, Physics and Pure Mathematics.

These high academic results are important when universities are considering applications. ALL of our Year 13 leavers have been offered a place at their preferred choice university! We will publish the university offers our graduates accept soon.

University Destinations

  • Peter

  • A* A* A* A (AS Further Maths)

  • Unconditional at UCL

  • First choice

  • Vicky

  • A* A* A* A (Chinese 2019)

  • Unconditional Manchester  Opted for HKPU finally

  • First choice

  • Polly

  • A   A    A   A

  • Unconditional UCL

  • First choice

  • Charlotte

  • A   A*  A*

  • Unconditional Manchester

  • First choice

  • Sam

  • A* A*  A   A (AS Further Maths)

  • Durham

  • First choice

  • Selina

  • A* A*  B

  • Manchester

  • First choice

  • Lynne

  • A* A*  A   A (AS Physics)

  • University of British Columbia 

  • First choice

  • Lina

  • A    B    B

  • University of Fudan

  • First choice

AS Achievements

Our AS level grades pave the way to another amazing set of results next year, by achieving 85% A*-A and 100% A*-B. 

Among them, students got 100% A* and A in Chinese, Computer Science, Decision Mathematics, Economics, English Literature, Further Pure Mathematics, Global Perspectives & Research, Physics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics.

IGCSE Achievements

Our IGCSE students' efforts have paid off with incredible results: 53% A*-A, 74% A*-B and 97% A*-C. This included 100% A* in Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese.

With MIS entering it’s third academic year, these results mirror the tremendous efforts from all of the students, teachers and MIS Community.

Our counselling programme guides and supports students throughout the university application process, formally beginning in Year 9 and continuing throughout Year 13. Some highlights of the programme include: 1-1 application guidance, University Application Planning Lectures, Sharing Sessions from graduates and teaching team, Parents Forums, University Fairs, IELTS mock exams, family individual interviews and pre-university cooking lessons.