Student Success Center

Teaching Staff

The Student Success Center aims to provide high quality, evidence-based, ESL, Maths, Sciences and Social Studies learning support to students of the MIS community. We accomplish this mission by offering outstanding one-on-one or small group tutoring services. 

Out Pathway Programme is for eligible new students who require intensive ESL training to catch up and fully participate in our British academic programmes. 

Our English Tutoring is custom-made for individual students or a small group of students with similar needs in English learning,which include speaking, listening, reading, or writing.

Our ESB and IELTs programmes enable students to meet the English proficiency requirements and obtain these valuable certificates successfully. 

In association with a cohort of highly experienced master teachers from inside or outside the campus, we can provide examination (IG & Alevel) as well competition preparation help for a variety of subjects.  

We are in close cooperation with organizations such as ASDAN, TenCent, PWC, SKT, SIMCC, Energetic, and EPQ China Center, to provide beneficial extended activities to our students. Examples of these activities include business and investment simulations, maths and science competitions, essay writing competitions, speech & debate competitions, summer schools and winter schools, laboratory programmes, and social and academic practice programmes. 

We are currently running media production and EPQ CCAs. The former encourages students to interview teachers and to record and produce video programmes. The latter can earn UCAS marks for students applying to college as well as helping student gain research, academic writing and project organization experiences.

MIS students can get into the SSC Channel underneath the Seniors Students Teams group to know more about our programmes and activities. We will also publish information regarding upcoming major events in the Activities column on this website.