Welcome from Executive Master of Merchiston China

It is a great pleasure and huge privilege for us to welcome you to Merchiston International School, Shenzhen. Coming from Edinburgh we bring with us our enthusiasm for everything that the name Merchiston stands for plus the excitement of playing an important role in the 'sister school' located in Shenzhen, this amazing, cosmopolitan, cultural, modern, young city in China.
Since opening in 2018, MIS has already established high academic expectations, an excellent ethos and identity in Shenzhen, blending the very best of the east and west, with a real belief in the pastoral care and support of every student. We believe in two partnerships: the first between the staff and the students in and out of the classroom and secondly, the relationship between the school and the parents of each student at MIS. 
So, what do we think is so special and unique about Merchiston International School, Shenzhen and how do we achieve this?
What our highly qualified members of staff are trying to do every day at MIS is concentrate on the development of the whole person, developing the mind of each student within the classroom through our first class international curriculum plus developing the character and personality of every student. We fulfil this part within the co-curricular activities outside the classroom everyday using our state-of-the-art school facilities and campus, in addition to our approach to boarding. 
This wonderful way of life, every day, inside and outside the classroom, gives every student the chance to succeed and to feel a sense of belonging to the community. Essentially what we are trying to do is "that confidence thing" ; we are trying to find those hidden nuggets of ability that we all have and develop them. What we want is for every student to get that sense of "Yes, I did that well" and I don't mind where a student is saying this as long as it is being said somewhere on the campus every day. Ultimately it is that "confidence thing" that will then set each young person up for life and help them discover their place in the world.
We are great believers in saying certain catch phrases to help guide the students on a daily basis. Sayings like, "Look after each other; strive to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be; try your hardest and make the most of your talents." But equally the students have to learn that they are not always going to come first and be the best. Thus, in that area, we believe in, developing resilience to keep trying, if at first, we don't succeed. 
As a school, we also have a deep belief in the importance of notable values such as courtesy, honour, humility, integrity, respect, perseverance and kindness. These are real life skills; the school community always endeavours to echo these values for life.  
We warmly welcome prospective families to explore our school either through the website, or by visiting our campus in Shenzhen. 
Ready Ay Ready!

  • Andrew Hunter
    Merchiston International School