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2023-02-10 22:13:00


Fortune Rabbits spread the good news throughout the Spring Festival, setting sail into a refreshing future. As the top universities overseas begin to announce their rankings, the first wave of early applications for students of MIS Shenzhen has arrived as promised. In 2023, under the leadership of the new teaching management team, MIS continues to optimize and improve our teaching staff, strengthening the academic foundation and showing the vitality of the MIS Sports Academies. Soon, MIS will launch the inaugural International Education Club in the Greater Bay Area. It has been developing this foundation for five years and will be revitalized and fully developed in the New Year. MIS will continue to fully demonstrate a new outlook for creating high-quality, International, and British whole-person education.


Top School Offers come in a wave!

Good news about Academic Competitions keeps arriving.

According to the early application results of MIS, the offers from Imperial College London, the University of Hong Kong, the University of Manchester, King's College London, and other top International Universities have been coming in one after another. After the New Year, with the "ranking" of other top overseas universities, it is believed that there will be more offers coming to MIS. The students of MIS are eagerly awaiting more exciting news.

In addition to the rising grades year after year, the students of MIS have also achieved fruitful results in various academic competitions. In the 2022 World Scholars Cup Shenzhen Regional Competition, 32 students of MIS won 126 medals, ranking first among all International Schools in Shenzhen. In addition, the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), the world's largest and oldest inter-school mathematics competition has also been announced. Students of MIS have won a second prize, seven third-placed awards, and a total of sixteen Mathematics Skills Awards among more than 300,000 contestants worldwide.


The teaching management team has been upgraded

Top teachers support students in realizing their dreams

To analyze the "passcode" for the students' promotion and competition in MIS, we can't get around the professional and rigorous top teaching team with a broad vision behind it, as well as the increasingly rich and perfect teaching management and academic curriculum system. In the Autumn of 2022, MIS welcomed a new British leader, Ms. Marion, the former Academic Deputy Head of MCS in Edinburgh, who has been teaching for nearly 40 years. While at MCS in Edinburgh, Scotland, she guided students through the UCAS application process, which significantly improved the success rate of MIS's application to Oxford, Cambridge, and other top international universities. Marion, over 70 years old has come to Shenzhen to teach with her rich global education concept, experience, and passion for education. It is precisely to promote the excellent whole-person education concept of MIS to take root in Shenzhen so that more children in Shenzhen can experience a pure British International Education. The Executive Head of MIS is Ms. Kate Cui, who has over 20 years of experience in International Education and School Management. The Academic Director is Mr. Paul Joseph, who has 22 years of experience teaching at Dulwich College Seoul and Heard Experimental School in Ningbo, China, and has served as Deputy Head Academic and Whole School Assistant Principal.


Extend CCA to 6:30 pm.

Lower ages and multilingual lessons 

on the Shekou campus are featured.

It is worth mentioning that to meet the parents' demand for high-quality International Education resources in the Qianhai District of Shenzhen, MIS has opened a new campus, Shenzhen MIS (Juniors), in Nanshan Shekou District in the Autumn of 2022. The new campus is in the Jingshan Villa District (the former site of Shekou International School) and adheres to the concept of whole-person education and the British Curriculum System. It will be innovatively integrated into the early multi-language enlightenment education courses for infants and toddlers and take high-quality preschool connecting lessons and after-school co-curricular activities as its school-running features. It is dedicated to providing high-quality International Education services for younger children and parents in the Qianhai and Shekou District.


Establish IELTS Learning Center

Perfect CCA System 

Language is often the first hurdle for many new students entering an International School. To help new students with relatively weak English skills adapt to the EAL courses of MIS as soon as possible and to achieve their language learning goals and further study goals step by step, MIS has established an IELTS Learning Center in January this year. Senior English teachers lead this important teaching with many years of IELTS teaching experience. The center can meet teachers' and students' diversified English learning and assessment needs and promote students' language learning step by step.

When the bell rings, students can choose their CCA according to their diverse interests. The enriched curriculum covers nearly 100 academic disciplines, including art, physical education, and calligraphy. It will create a more enriching and exciting campus experience for students, enhancing their theoretical knowledge and helping them acquire valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

To enable more senior students to achieve their essential learning goal of "taking G5 and studying for Oxbridge", to successfully cross the "last mile" of the entrance examination, so that their admission offer results can be upgraded from ‘good enough to best,’ the Royal Mile Global Elite College was officially established in 2022. With its million-dollar scholarship, it is open to recruiting elite students from all over the world who meet the program's requirements. The school also specially recruited many senior teachers with more than ten years of A-level teaching experience from all over the country to join the school so that students can achieve both the effect of "British whole-person education and core entrance examination results" scientifically and efficiently and send these students to the top International Universities.


Establish MIS Sports Academies including Golf Academy

Sportsmanship has become the gene of MIS.

Sports and sportsmanship have always been the strengths and characteristics of a traditional British education and an excellent way to develop children's leadership, perseverance, and endurance. In Shenzhen, MIS has always taken physical education as a core component of whole-person education, hoping to build children's resilient character through the subtle influence of sports culture and absorbing the whole-person education concept behind sports.

Since the autumn of 2022, Shenzhen MIS has established four international sports academies, including golf, basketball, water & ice & snow sports, and Football & rugby, in collaboration with well-known sports institutions in China. In 2023, Merchiston Global Elite Sports Club will also appear in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center to provide international professional sports training for more young people.

Golf originated in Scotland and shared a common cultural gene with MIS. Our mother school, MCS in Edinburgh, has come second place in the 2021 National Golf Competition. To better inherit the Scottish culture and the wonderful sports tradition of our mother school, MIS and Palm Springs International Golf Academy founded the MIS Golf Academy. It launched the "One million Scholarship incentive program for Golf Exceptional students," which selects excellent students to form the golf team of MIS and includes golf in the compulsory physical education course of the school. It allows students to have professional golf training under the guidance of coaches in Juniors. In 2023, the Golf College of MIS will also prepare to launch the Greater Bay Area youth golf events.

The successful holding of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has successfully conveyed the charm of ice and snow sports to most young people and has become the most popular winter sports activity for more and more children and parents in southern China. To enable more children in the Greater Bay Area to experience the charm of ice and snow sports in the Olympic professional venues and to pass on the Olympic sports spirit of "faster, higher, and stronger." By the end of 2022, Shenzhen MIS and Zhangjiakou Sports Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the Bay Area International Youth Winter Sports Center, bringing more children from the Greater Bay Area to the Chongli Winter Olympics venue to learn ice and snow sports. In addition, the Basketball Academy and the Football and Rugby Academy will also rely on the high-quality field resources of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center to introduce professional coaches to improve the overall level of the academies and the teams.


The first international education club

in Shenzhen enables "MIS+Parent Club"

To provide better "membership" service for students and parents of MIS, the MIS Elite Club and M1833 Member Club will be set up in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center this spring which can make more families aware of the International Education Culture and taste the pure English afternoon tea. At that time, the two clubs will cross the physical space and hold the British whole-person education sharing meeting with the characteristics of MIS from time to time, which will become the "bridge" and "window" for MIS to show its image to the outside world. Parents can also invite friends to enjoy pure English afternoon tea in the club for free. Children can also sweat freely on the sports field to release their brains after a period of intense study.

With the commencement of 2023, MIS will keep up with the development trend of talents and education in the Greater Bay Area. At the same time, MIS will continuously integrate first-class education resources at home and abroad. It will inspire, deepen the cause of international education, strive to become a new benchmark of innovative international education in China and help the construction of the Greater Bay Area to be a global education demonstration zone with high-level talents and potential.



名校Offer纷至沓来 学科竞赛喜讯连连




教学管理团队再升级 顶级师资助学子圆梦

要解析曼校学子升学与竞赛实现双提升的“通关密码” ,则绕不开其背后专业严谨、视野开阔的顶级师资团队,以及日益丰富完善的教学管理体系和学术课程体系。2022年秋季,深圳曼校迎来新任掌舵人。英方校长由躬耕教育近40载、前爱丁堡曼彻斯通城堡学校(以下简称:曼校母校)学术副校长Marion女士担任。在曼校苏格兰爱丁堡母校执教期间,她负责指导学生完成UCAS申请流程,大大提升了曼校的牛津、剑桥等国际顶尖院校的申学成功率。年过七旬的Marion校长带着她丰富的国际教育理念、经验和对教育事业的满腔热情来到深圳执教,正是为了推动曼校卓越的全人教育理念在深圳落地生根,让更多的深圳孩子能够实现零距离感受纯正的英式国际化教育。执行校长则由拥有20多年国际教育以及学校管理经验的崔晶(Kate Cui)女士担任,学术总监由拥有22年教学经验的Paul Joseph先生担任,他曾先后执教于德威国际学校首尔校区和中国宁波赫德实验学校,并担任过全校副校长、中学校长等职务。






建立雅思学习中心 完善课后课学习体系



为了让更多的高年级学生实现自己“考G5、冲牛剑”的重要学习目标,顺利跨越升学考试的“最后一英里”,让他们的入学offer结果能从“足够好”升级到“最好”,2022年曼校正式成立了“皇家一英里全球精英学院”,以其百万奖学金面向全球公开招募符合该项目条件的精英学生。学校还特意从全国招募了多名拥有10余年A Level课程教学经验的资深教师加盟学院,让学生科学、高效地实现“英式全人教育+硬核升学成绩”两者效果兼得,将这些学子输送进国际顶尖名校。





2022年秋季以来,深圳曼校携手国内知名体育机构,成立了高尔夫、篮球、水上&冰雪运动、足球 & 橄榄球等四大国际运动学院。2023年,曼校精英运动俱乐部也将亮相深圳湾体育中心,为更多的青少年提供国际专业运动培训。








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