MIS Arts Graduates | 给予发现美的眼睛 曼校艺术作品赏析
2023-05-19 21:59:00


Art education gives us a pair of "eyes to discover beauty." From the early years, the focus is on stimulating children's artistic interests and talents, to the later grades, where the emphasis is on comprehensive artistic skill development and training. At MIS, art is not merely "taught," but rather "nourished" and "enlightened." Through art education, we aim to cultivate students' aesthetic literacy, inspire their creative thinking, foster their humanistic qualities, and lay a solid foundation for their lifelong passions.

Education is like planting a tree, and the school is the soil, while art education is the branches and twigs of the tree. With nurturing and lasting care, the seedlings thrive and bear surprising flowers and fruits. In the application season of 2023, students from MIS have once again received offers from world-renowned art institutions such as University of the Arts London, University of Leeds, University of Southampton, embarking on their path of hope and glory on the world stage!

Below are selected outstanding student artworks.




🔼 Y5 Elsa 🔼

🔼 Y10 Tina 🔼

🔼 Y10 Tracy 🔼

🔼 Y10 Lisa 🔼

🔼 Y11 Andy 🔼

🔼 Y11 Annie 🔼

🔼 Y11 Edwen 🔼

🔼 Y11 Rachel 🔼

🔼 Y13 Ena 🔼

🔼 Y13 Jenni 🔼