M1833俱乐部惊艳亮相 深圳国际教育交流又添新阵地
2023-06-30 21:26:00




Midsummer in Shenzhen and everything is flourishing. In addition to the wanton growth of vegetation, a strong cultural force is spreading, infiltrating people's hearts. On June 18, the Shenzhen Merchiston International School (referred to as MIS) M1833 brand launch Event and the signing ceremony of The Elephant House in China were held in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, attracting the attention of experts and scholars in the field of international education and parents of international students.

Exquisite China, mellow black tea, dignified etiquette, classic Scottish school uniform... The meeting officially unveiled the first international education club in the Greater Bay Area. The authentic British style adds a solid global color to the city name card of the "sports culture" of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center.

In the future, Shenzhen MIS will rely on the substantial cultural and sports resources and profound cultural heritage of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center and build the M1833 Club into the leading position of Shenzhen MIS brand display, to further enhance and extend the international cultural exchange and sharing, and devote the authentic British holistic education to the citizens of the Greater Bay Area.

Specifically, the M1833 Club of Shenzhen MIS will adopt a membership service mode and is committed to providing multiple authentic British, high-quality, and caring membership services for the students and parents of MIS. Among them, M1833 City Members Club provides authentic English afternoon tea for parents and students at MIS. It regularly provides activities such as British etiquette, parent-child yoga, coffee tasting, and so on...

M1833 Sports Elite Club will inherit the excellent sports culture gene of MCS, our mother school, rely on the four sports colleges of MIS and rich CCA resources, and carry out multi-dimensional, multi-level and multi-angle comprehensive cooperation with Shenzhen Bay Sports Center to provide more quality and comfortable sports experience for children. Let every child feel frustration and courage in sports, experience bravery and tenacity, and appreciate the charm of sports.

Mr.Lyu Jianjun, the founder of Shenzhen MIS and chairman of Shenzhen Times Lighthouse International Education Group, said in his speech that the education of MIS is warm and the teachers of MIS are caring. We hope to rely on M1833 City Members Club and M1833 Sports Elite Club to show the profound cultural heritage of MIS and, at the same time, bloom the brilliance of MIS children through sports so that Shenzhen citizens can deeply appreciate the charm of British international education, and jointly witness the development achievements of Shenzhen MIS in the past five years.

In Edinburgh, England, The birthplace of Shenzhen Man School, there is a must-check point for Harry Potter fans and tourists worldwide, which is the birthplace of Harry Potter novels - The Elephant House from Edinburgh. Author J.K. Rowling is here with unimaginative imagination for global fans to create a magical world full of miracles, so The Elephant House is affectionately known as a "magic cafe."

As an essential part of the press conference, Shenzhen Times Lighthouse International Education Group and The Elephant House also signed a strategic cooperation memorandum on the scene, which marks that the two sides will work together to bring the magical story of The Elephant House to China. In the next step, the two sides will deeply explore the co-branding potential between The Times Lighthouse international education brand and the Harry Potter IP, opening a series of dream linkage and promoting the exchange and communication of global culture.

Summer camping, with music and beautiful food, is one of the essential carriers of British culture. In the "British Midsummer Night" music buffet held later, Shenzhen MIS specially invited the well-known Zhuhai Golden Jazz Band to recall British culture with gentle and musical jazz performance and draw the impression of Britain for the audience so that everyone can enjoy food and wine at the same time, review the classic and experience the unique charm of British



仲夏深圳,万物勃兴。除了肆意生长的草木,更有一种蓬勃的文化力量正在蔓延开来,浸润人心。6月18日,深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校M1833品牌发布会及大象咖啡馆(The Elephant House)进驻中国签约仪式在深圳湾体育中心举行,吸引了一众国际教育领域专家学者和国际学生家长的关注。






在深圳曼校的诞生地英国爱丁堡,有一家令全世界《哈利·波特》影迷和游客趋之若鹜的必去打卡点,它便是《哈利·波特》小说的诞生地——来自爱丁堡的大象咖啡馆(The Elephant House)。作者J.K.罗琳便是在这用天马行空的想象力,为全球的影迷创造了一个充满奇迹的魔法世界,因此大象咖啡馆(The Elephant House)也被大家亲切的称之为“魔法咖啡馆”。 

作为发布会的重要环节,深圳时代灯塔国际教育集团与大象咖啡馆(The Elephant House)也在现场签订了战略合作备忘录,此举标志着双方将携手将大象咖啡馆(The Elephant House)的魔法故事带到中国。下一步,双方将深度挖掘时代灯塔国际教育品牌与《哈利·波特》IP之间的联名潜力,开启一系列的梦幻联动,推动国际文化的交流传播。