MIS Orientation | 为未来而来 将心注入 以心迎新
2023-08-25 22:24:00


On August 25th, the spirited young souls adorned in new attire and riding on fiery horses come together. With stars gleaming in their eyes and hearts filled with aspirations and excitement, these youth from all around the world converge at MIS Shenzhen Campus, infusing a century-old institution with newfound vitality.

"Ready Ay Ready." During their time of study here, they shall imbibe the essence of MIS's pure British-style holistic education, ceaselessly pursuing excellence. From this platform, they shall step onto the world stage, embarking upon a vibrant and kaleidoscopic chapter of life.

To welcome the arrival of the newcomers, every corner of the campus has been meticulously adorned by various departments, from welcome signs to the wall of admission offers, from enrollment consultations to CCA trial activities, all radiating the spirit of MIS culture: "Pouring hearts in, nurturing with love."

During the introductory meeting with school ALT, Head of MIS Marion and Executive Head of MIS Kate took the stage to deliver welcoming speeches on behalf of the entire school community. They congratulated and warmly welcomed the new students who are about to embark on their learning journey at MIS. They encouraged them to harbor lofty ambitions, pursue excellence, and swiftly mature into outstanding global citizens with sound health and character.

In the audience, the freshmen could hardly contain their excitement, as for them, this signifies the commencement of their educational journey at MIS.

Guided by the teachers in an orderly manner, the newcomers followed the designated route to explore the campus, which is imbued with Scottish charm and often referred to as the "Hogwarts School of Shenzhen."

Health Lunch from MIS

Fencing, frisbee, rugby... The CCA experience activities set up on the welcoming day thrilled the newcomers, filling the air with laughter and cheer. The art room, language classroom, and other distinctive spaces provided a glimpse into MIS's aesthetic and linguistic beauty, fostering limitless anticipation for the upcoming semester.

Ready Ay Ready!


“Ready Ay Ready,为未来而来”。在此求学期间,他们将汲取曼校纯英式全人教育的滋养,不断追求卓越,从这里走向世界舞台,开启璀璨斑斓的人生新篇章!







Ready Ay Ready,让我们一起为未来而来!