MIS Love behind of a letter | 一封感谢信背后的曼校文化
2023-09-16 19:12:00


Be grateful

"...It is thanks to your silent dedication and loving guidance that many researchers have been able to focus wholeheartedly on advancing in the field of scientific research, achieving a series of significant research outcomes..."

On the eve of the 39th Teacher's Day, Shenzhen MIS received a special letter from the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, filled with scientists' recognition of MIS's holistic education and gratitude towards the teaching management team.

Ready Ay Ready

The letter stated:

Your school, adhering to the educational philosophy of “Ready Ay Ready,” not only strives to provide students with moral care and attention to their overall development but also aims to cultivate and produce internationally innovative talents who can actively respond to future challenges for society. This has earned the respect and trust of the children, as well as the affirmation and praise of the parents. Many children of researchers from the laboratory have learned here, improved their qualities, and achieved growth. Once again, heartfelt thanks to your school for its support and assistance to the laboratory.

As an important part of Shenzhen's international development, Merchiston International School has been committed to providing authentic international educational services for international talents rooted in Shenzhen and has explored a new model for cultivating international talents. To date, dozens of children of scientists from Shenzhen Bay Laboratory have flourished under MIS's holistic education philosophy.

Be kind

⬆️ MIS students visit Shenzhen Bay Lab ⬆️

Joint education is a significant feature of talent development at MIS. Since cooperating with Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, both sides have carried out a series of academic exchange activities. Under the guidance of teachers, MIS students have visited laboratories, gained insight into cutting-edge scientific knowledge, attended scientific lectures, and engaged in face-to-face discussions with world-leading scientists about their expertise within their field.

Once the seed of scientific dreams is planted, it grows freely. This summer vacation, several MIS students voluntarily gave up their vacation rest opportunities to sign up for internships at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, where they learned advanced research methods from scientists, conducted research projects, and invented and created alongside them. While enhancing their academic backgrounds, their dreams have become reality.



"Shenzhen Bay Laboratory is a top domestic research institution. Here, I have access to the world's most advanced research equipment, have made connections with industry-leading experts, and learned cutting-edge theories in the industry. More importantly, this internship experience has solidified my determination to pursue a career in the field of scientific research and clarified my future research direction," said Alex, a 13th-grade student. Upon learning that Shenzhen Bay Laboratory had opened internship opportunities to MIS, he immediately chose to apply, turning his enthusiasm into practical action to engage in frontline research.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity provided by MIS because it is a school that truly nurtures every student's dreams," Alex said. Learning and thriving under the guidance of world-class scientists is something a high school student would never dare to imagine, but MIS has been able to turn its ambition into a successful venture.

As an English-style international school that consistently incorporates the concept of "holistic education," the cultivation of children's innovative spirit and scientific literacy has always been MIS's pursuit. For different individual students, the school has developed different learning plans and created a good learning space and harmonious and inclusive campus environment for children who love science. This connects scientific literacy with education and teaching, thus stimulating students' maximum learning potential and inspiring creative thinking.

Be grateful






贵校秉承“为未来而来”的 办学理念,不但致力于为学生提供德育关怀,关注学生全面发展,而且致力于为社会培养和输送能积极应对未来挑战的国际化创新人才,赢得了孩子们的尊敬与信赖,受到了家长们的肯定和赞誉。实验室许多科研工作者的孩子在这里学习了知识,提升了素养,实现了成长,再次衷心感谢贵校对实验室的支持和帮助。


Be kind

⬆️ 曼校学子参访深圳湾实验室 ⬆️









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