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Mark Bridgeman

Head of Seniors

Dear Parents,

As we continue our commitment to fostering excellence in education at Merchiston International School (MIS), we believe it is essential to keep on track with the most effective tools and strategies to support your child's learning journey.  One way in which we do this is to provide CEM testing for all Senior students.

What is CEM testing? 

CEM, which stands for the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, is an organization, operated by Cambridge, specializing in educational assessment. CEM tests are designed to measure a wide range of skills and abilities in students. These tests offer valuable insights into a student's cognitive abilities, academic progress, and areas that may require additional attention. At MIS, we have incorporated CEM testing as a valuable tool to help tailor our teaching methods to suit the unique needs of each student.

By organizing for students to participate in a short online test, we a re able to gather data to assess a variety of cognitive skills, including verbal, non-verbal, and numerical reasoning, which are essential for success in academics and beyond. These tests also gauge a student's ability to think critically, solve problems, and apply knowledge in real-world situations. By measuring these skills, CEM testing provides a holistic view of a student's academic potential and helps us identify their strengths and areas that may need improvement.

Once we have gathered this information, at MIS we are able to tailor our teaching methods to address the specific needs of each student. By understanding a student's cognitive abilities and learning preferences, we can create a more personalized learning experience. This approach fosters student engagement, enhances academic performance, and helps build the skills necessary for a successful future.

In addition to supporting students at school, parents and family members play a crucial role in their child's education, especially in developing reasoning skills. This can be done in a variety of way:

1. Encourage Curiosity

Foster a sense of curiosity and wonder in your child. Encourage them to ask questions, explore new topics, and seek answers independently.

2. Read Together

Reading with your child is one of the most effective ways to develop reasoning and critical thinking. Discuss the story, characters, and plot to encourage analytical thinking.

3. Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Engage in puzzles, brain teasers, and board games that challenge your child's thinking. These activities make learning enjoyable while enhancing problem-solving skills.

4. Real-World Application

Encourage your child to apply their knowledge and reasoning skills to real-life situations. Discuss current events, scientific discoveries, or ethical dilemmas to stimulate thoughtful discussions.

5. Promote Independent Learning

Give your child the opportunity to explore topics of interest independently. Provide access to educational resources and encourage self-directed research.

6. Encourage Debate

Promote healthy debates and discussions at home. Encouraging your child to articulate their thoughts and opinions helps develop reasoning and communication skills.

7. Learning Support

Stay engaged with your child's education and communicate with teachers regularly. Understand their strengths and areas where they might need additional support.

8. Be Patient

Developing reasoning skills takes time. Be patient and provide positive reinforcement for their efforts and accomplishments.

To sum up, CEM testing is a powerful tool that enhances our ability to support your child's educational journey. By measuring cognitive abilities and learning preferences, we can provide a more tailored and effective learning experience. Combined with your active involvement as parents, we can help your child develop strong reasoning skills that will serve them well throughout their academic and personal lives.

At Merchiston International School, we are dedicated to working in partnership with parents to provide the best possible education for your child. We appreciate your trust and support in our commitment to excellence in education.


Mark Bridgeman

Head of Seniors

Mark Bridgeman


对很多孩子来说,成功申请英式梦校是一个艰难的征途,每一轮的考试考核都至关重要。而首轮考试是获得入场券的第一道关卡。为了帮助新生提前规划,做好布局。本文中,我们特别邀请到了MIS中学校长Mark Bridgeman先生进行解读,《MIS为什么将CEM测试作为高年级学生入学测试?》以飨读者。




所以,你的第一个问题很可能是,什么是CEM测试?CEM是英国评估与监测中心(Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring)的缩写,是由剑桥大学运营的一个专门从事教育评估的机构。CEM考试旨在衡量学生广泛的技能和能力。这些测试对学生的认知能力、学业进步以及可能需要额外关注的领域提供了有价值的见解。在MIS,我们将CEM测试作为一种有价值的工具来帮助定制我们的教学方法,以满足每个学生的独特需求。


CEM自适应测评共包含6款测评产品,包括为幼儿和小学阶段的学生提供测评的ASPECTS, BASE, Cambridge Primary Insight (InCAS的新版本),以及为初高中学生提供测评的MidYIS,Yellis, 以及Alis (或CEM IBE)。

MidYIS和Yellis可以预估剑桥IGCSE™(或GCSE)成绩,Alis可以预估A level成绩,CEM IBE可以预估IB Diploma成绩。










1. 鼓励好奇心


2. 一起读




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6. 鼓励辩论


7. 学习支持


8. 要有耐心