World Scholar's Cup 又㕛叒获奖了 | 曼校团队世界学者杯上大放异彩!
2023-12-10 19:26:00


Recently, students from Shenzhen Merchiston International School shone brightly in the World Scholars Cup competition, achieving remarkable results and adding new joy to the school's honor roll.

MIS students demonstrated outstanding teamwork and collaboration at the World Scholars Cup, showcasing exceptional cooperative abilities. In the team debate segment, students not only displayed profound academic literacy but also conquered international judges with their eloquence and debating skills. Moreover, during the Scholars Show, MIS students captivated the audience with their unique talents, earning recognition and applause from various sectors of society.

With over forty students participating, MIS became a highlight of the competition, garnering a total of 157 medals, including 69 gold medals, 88 silver medals, and 3 trophies.

Throughout its history, MIS has actively encouraged students to participate in international competitions, aiming to cultivate academic excellence, global perspectives, and hone teamwork and leadership skills. This commitment lays a solid foundation for students to become future leaders.

Behind this victory is the continuous pursuit of excellence by MIS students, showcasing their achievements. It is hoped that such a spirit will inspire more MIS students to shine on the international stage.

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World Scholars Cup

The World Scholars Cup, as a globally influential international academic event, gathers outstanding students worldwide and witnesses the rise of numerous academic talents. Its developmental journey carries the brilliance of academics, continually expanding its international influence. The competition covers a wide range of content, including team debates, collaborative writing, knowledge challenges, team quizzes, providing students with an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents.






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