《闪闪发光的少年》第三期 在温润的土壤上开出梦想的花
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Recipient of a full school scholarship and winner of prestigious international competitions such as the World Scholar's Cup, AMC (American Mathematics Competitions), and the Australian AMC, Owen is not just the child parents admire but also a cheerful and friendly individual, making him the heartwarming "Big White" in the eyes of teachers and peers.

Knowledge, resilience, international perspective—MIS, since its founding, has witnessed Owen's journey from a naive child to a vibrant youth. As a pioneer student in the academically renowned MIS community, Owen continuously absorbs the nourishment of holistic education, shining brightly in his passion, pursuing excellence, and embarking on an expedition filled with glory and dreams.

As a founding student, reflecting on the initial emotions of transferring from Dongguan to join the MIS community, Owen still can't conceal his excitement. "I have always had diverse interests, enjoying exploring new things. The energy emitted by MIS resonates with me. Here, every talent and hobby is respected and encouraged, allowing everyone to freely explore and pursue their passions."

In addition to the inclusive campus culture, Owen had a subtle "plan" when choosing MIS as a young and inexperienced student.

 "Robust faculty, combined with a rich historical background and an exceptionally high student-to-teacher ratio, allows me to enjoy full attention, ensuring my academic and personalized development, guiding me toward constant pursuit of excellence." It was this choice that allowed the seeds hidden in Owen's heart to sprout excitedly and grow in this nurturing soil.

From the World Scholar's Cup to the AMC and other international competitions, Owen sees the infinite potential bursting from within, coupled with the resilience honed on the challenging path. Every day is a step towards growth, small though the strides may be, from the perspective of lifelong learning, they are the most worthy achievements to be proud of.

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Discussing his feelings during competitions, Owen chose the phrase "effortlessly adept" to summarize. "It's precisely because of interdisciplinary learning in daily classroom study and extensive exploration after class that accumulated and flourished on the competition stage. Although some still need to look up to me, and some heights are still out of reach, through continuous learning, competition, and reflection, I have gained the same energy and charm as them."

MIS's learning rhythm is smooth and clear, with half an hour of daily reading time, a "reserved space" in Owen's schedule. "The school encourages each student to self-study and think independently, enriching theoretical knowledge across disciplines and shaping a more independent spirit of inquiry through contemplation."

At MIS, the soil for independent growth also provides each student with the space to explore and self-grow. Owen says, "Everyone has a clear goal and is willing to strive for the passion in their hearts. This has made me more aware of how crucial it is to become the person you want to be and how essential it is to find that beam of light you want to chase."










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