《闪闪发光的少年》第四期 在MIS我找到了属于自己的那束光
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He is a devoted explorer of the intricacies of mathematics, a lifelong learner filled with the spirit of exploration, an investigator skilled at blocking out external noise to focus on his passions, and also a football prodigy who loves to gallop on the green field... At this week's values award ceremony, ninth-grader Charlie was honored with the 'Principled' Star by MIS.

'I hope to immerse myself in the boundaries of immersive learning in the soil I have selected.' When communicating with Charlie offstage, whether discussing the profound charm of humanities, the subtle mysteries of mathematics, the tactical strategies of competitive sports, Charlie can eloquently discuss each topic. We can easily capture confidence and determination from the clear eyes of this big boy in front of us.

This determination and confidence largely stem from a choice made two years ago.

At that time, as Charlie puts it, he hadn't found the light he wanted to pursue. Each day seemed routine, as if time were pushing him forward, and in the blink of an eye, he was lost in the crowd.

To reclaim the 'light in his eyes,' Charlie chose to transfer schools. Coincidentally, a longtime acquaintance was studying at MIS, and after a long separation, Charlie marveled at the changes and radiance emanating from his friend. This is how MIS entered Charlie's field of vision. After extensive consideration with his family, the educational philosophy advocated by MIS – 'laying a foundation for a lifelong passion for every child' – struck a chord with Charlie.

'This is it!'

MIS provides students from different cultural backgrounds with the freedom to explore and inclusivity. Teachers, always with a sense of responsibility and love, work together with students, continuously trying to break through themselves, and pursue excellence. I am very pleased with this, and I have adapted well to the pace here.

Officially becoming a member of the MIS community, Charlie quickly regained his passion for learning and the desire to explore in this diverse and vibrant learning space. Thanks to MIS's refined curriculum system and its consistent commitment to holistic education, no matter how high the stage, Charlie can achieve impressive academic results, showcasing his own brilliance.

"It can be said that MIS is very eager to discover the hobbies and shining points of each student and fully respects them. This ensures that our learning is not limited to the classroom but extends beyond it." Charlie explained. Outside the classroom, MIS offers nearly a hundred diverse CCA courses, allowing students to freely try and explore, and this resonated deeply with Charlie.

Football has always been Charlie's favorite sport. At that time, the strong strength and excellent record of the school team made him eager to sign up, but faced with stringent age and skill selection criteria, the 14-year-old Charlie hesitated in front of the registration desk. When he shared his thoughts with the teacher, the teacher's surprised expression greatly encouraged him.

This is also a lesson that MIS has taught me deeply. "If you hesitate to move forward because of fear of failure, it's better to try bravely first."

The harvest of this lesson is that Charlie, relying on his outstanding predictive ability and flexible positioning, was selected as a member of MIS's U19 team, becoming the youngest player in the school team, undergoing professional enhancement training and real game tempering.

Eight in the morning is the pre-class sign-in time at MIS, and every morning at 5, Charlie will get up early, actively seeking to absorb the nourishment of the morning sun.

"I like this vibrant and upward state, progressing every day. I cherish every minute at MIS."

Charlie was awarded for his unwavering commitment to integrity and moral values. Throughout their academic year so far, he consistently demonstrated honesty, fairness, and a strong sense of ethics in all his actions. He showed integrity by always choosing to do what was right, even when faced with difficult decisions or peer pressure. His principled behavior extends beyond the classroom, ensuring that he conducts himself respectfully throughout the school day.




















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