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MIS Ready Ay Ready

In this vibrant season of renewal, the Greater Bay Area's international education sector welcomes its first prestigious school principal of the year. Mr. Shiguo Peng, a nationally renowned educator with 30 years of experience, has officially assumed the position of Principal at Shenzhen MIS, the first full British-style boarding international school in Shenzhen. Mr. Shiguo Peng, a co-founder of Beijing No.4 High School International

 Education and former Principal of Beijing No.4 High School International

 Campus and Hainan Blue Bay Future Leadership School, brings a wealth of experience to the international education field. 

Recognized for his advanced educational philosophy and personalized curriculum system, he has consistently guided students to admissions at top global universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, and Cambridge.

Taking on the role of Principal at Shenzhen MIS and concurrently serving as the Academic Principal at Dongguan MAS, Mr. Shiguo Peng's arrival is set to inject stronger academic concepts and innovative vitality into both institutions. His expertise in AP and A-level programs, coupled with years of international school management, emphasizes the integration of humanities and technology, arts and sports education.

Seizing the opportunities presented by the Greater Bay Area's push for an international education demonstration zone, Shenzhen MIS is set to establish the "Ivy League Academy," focusing on the AP curriculum for American college preparation in its high school section this year. The school aims to achieve a "dual-cultivation, dual-promotion" teaching and learning model, steadily advancing towards becoming an academically excellent and warmly nurturing high-quality boarding international school.

Formerly served as the head of

 Beijing No 4 High School 

International Campus

Graduating from the History Department of Capital Normal University in 1994 with a Bachelor's degree in History Education, Principal Shi began his teaching career as a history teacher at Beijing No. 35 High School. He received honors such as the first prize in education and teaching in Beijing's Xicheng District. After five years of teaching, he pursued further studies in educational leadership and school development at Acadia University in Canada, earning a Master's degree in Education from 2001 to 2003.

In 2003, Principal Guopeng Shi joined Beijing Four High School, where he held various positions, including history teacher, class advisor, deputy director of the teaching department, director of the international curriculum program, and head of the international school campus. Engaging in teaching research, he contributed to city-level projects like "The Application of Foreign Language Materials in History Teaching" and district-level projects like "The Practice of Oral History in Secondary School History Teaching." His relevant papers and research received recognition from the Beijing municipal government. Notably, he won the first prize in the national New Curriculum Reform High School History Teaching Competition and actively participated in co-authoring sections of the new curriculum standards published by People's Education Press, such as "History Elective III - Wars and Peace in the 20th Century."

Known as the "Top High School in Beijing," Beijing Four High School has gained a reputation for academic excellence. Principal Guopeng Shi, one of the founders of the international education program at Beijing Four High School, contributed significantly as the head of the international campus. He dedicated himself to exploring innovative approaches in localizing international education, advancing the school's internationalization in curriculum design, talent development, university admissions systems, and international academic exchanges.

In 2017, Principal Guopeng Shi led a team to Hainan, taking on the role of founding principal at Blue Bay Future Leadership School. There, he continued to explore, practice, innovate, and develop on the path of future-oriented international education.

Guopeng Shi: Focus on Education with Emphasis on the "Inheritance" Principle, Continuing the Philosophy of "Warmth Education"

"I have a preference for Shenzhen, a city that embraces innovation. At the same time, I highly appreciate MIS's advanced educational philosophy. These two reasons led me to the decision to stay in the Greater Bay Area and become the Principal of MIS," Guopeng Shi candidly stated. In his approach to education, he particularly emphasizes the word "inheritance." MIS is the first overseas branch of the renowned British private school, Merchiston Castle School, with nearly 200 years of history. It inherits the culture and educational philosophy of its mother school, also attracting a batch of education elites from top global institutions, which are important reasons for his decision to join MIS.

Guopeng Shi expressed that, in the future, he plans to introduce "high-quality frontline educational resources" to Shenzhen MIS and Dongguan MAS, optimizing the integration of the two schools' excellent educational resources. He aims to continuously practice the philosophy of "academic excellence with the warmth of an international school" while actively participating in the comprehensive development of faculties at Dongguan MAS and Shenzhen MIS. This includes the establishment of two new projects, "Ivy League Academy" and "Bauhinia Academy," to realize the concepts of "internationalization" and "personalization" in education. Guopeng Shi seeks to explore the true essence of future education and provide even more outstanding international education services for Greater Bay Area families.

Furthermore, Guopeng Shi has always emphasized the combination of humanities and technology, arts, and sports education. This aligns with MIS's philosophy of encouraging and respecting the personalized development of each student. In recent years, MIS has developed an educational path that is "small but exquisite, specialized yet refined, and pure but optimal." The school inherits Scottish culture and the pursuit of excellence in sports from its mother school, offering a variety of sports academies and numerous extracurricular courses to fully explore students' potential. Additionally, MIS adheres to inspiring creative thinking through arts education, enhancing students' overall literacy. Guopeng Shi emphasizes, "I have always believed that art and sports are lifelong companions for children and important entry points for shaping their character."

Shenzhen MIS Embarks on a New Journey, Committed to Building Academic Excellence and the 

Warmest International School

Affiliated with the Lighthouse International Education Group, Shenzhen MIS was established in 2018, providing authentic British-style education from kindergarten to 12th grade. The school, belonging to the Edinburgh MCS, a prestigious British private school with almost 200 years of history, is the first and only overseas branch.

Currently, three campuses have been established in Longhua, Songshan Lake, and Shekou, forming a global "one school, four zones" teaching layout with its mother school in the UK. 

In 2023, MIS graduates held an average of 5 offers from prestigious universities, with a 100% acceptance rate into the world's top 100 universities, and an impressive 85% acceptance rate into the top 50 universities. The 2024 graduates continue this excellent tradition, having received offers from top institutions such as Imperial College London, University College London, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Tsinghua University. The students' acceptance rate into the "Russell Group," comprising 24 leading research-intensive universities in the UK, often likened to the UK's Ivy League, stands at a remarkable 80%.

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