MIS Children's Day | 你笑起来真好看! 曼校与你 “童”欢乐共成长
2024-06-01 12:31:00


Children's Day

- Happy Children's Day -

Today, MIS transformed into a sea of joy for Children’s Day! The kids finally welcomed their long-awaited non-uniform day—everyone wore their favorite outfits and arrived at school with a spring in their step. Greeting them at the gate was our beaming Head of School Mark, who also broke the norm by donning various playful costumes, joining the children in the grand celebration.


Vicky, the secretary of the MISPA, along with other parents, put in a lot of effort for this special day. They carefully prepared custom-designed school uniforms for the juniors students, with each grade participating in the design process. Vicky and Head of Juniors Priscilla took turns visiting each class, personally delivering these unique outfits to the children. The kids were overjoyed to see the clothes they had designed themselves, eagerly putting them on and absolutely loving them!

The KS1 students were also treated to a special movie screening. After a fair vote, they chose “Ratatouille.” Teachers thoughtfully prepared cheese and caramel popcorn, and the children happily enjoyed the delicious treats while watching the movie. Meanwhile, older students enjoyed extended free time. Despite the rain, they had a blast playing basketball, badminton, and soccer in the indoor sports hall.

At lunchtime, the cafeteria went all out, offering a variety of ice cream flavors, with colorful Children’s Day balloons decorating each table. After their meal, each child received their favorite ice cream. Staff members Zhang Dui and Doris dressed up as adorable MIS lion mascots, warmly welcoming every child. The kids were thrilled to see the mascots, asking for hugs, and the entire dining hall was filled with a festive atmosphere.




In the upcoming 2024-25 academic year, the MIS Shekou Campus in Shenzhen will join forces with Wang Kam Fai Primary and Secondary School affiliated with Hong Kong Baptist University to launch a Hong Kong-Macao student class. This program will creatively integrate the Hong Kong primary school curriculum with MIS's traditional British curriculum, while also emphasizing courses featuring China's intangible cultural heritage and arts. 

We look forward to establishing a magical school in Shekou, at the forefront of China’s reform and opening-up, that enlightens minds and overflows with joy for the children.

On this special day, MIS demonstrated its commitment to the educational philosophy of “Excellence in Education, Warmth in Care.” We not only focus on the academic growth of our students but also their happiness and well-being. Through activities like this, MIS aims to create an environment where every child can grow up healthy and happy, surrounded by love and care.

Let’s look forward to every day at MIS being as joyful and full of laughter as today!

Children's Day

- Happy Children's Day -